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Found 18 results

  1. To what extent can technological advancements be used to measure the difference between progress and change in natural sciences.
  2. Hi everyone, I need help from all of you. I am in year 2 right now, I changed my school, I moved to a new school last year and started the IB in July. I haven't done my best in the units and all, and our end of year exams were cancelled due to COIVID-19. My anticipated grade is a 31/42 I understand that my teachers barely know me and can't predict too high anyway. These are my grades MAA SL: 5 Physics HL: 5 Chem HL: 5 Economics HL: 5 English A Lit SL : 6 French B SL: 5 My grades are extremely underwhelming, and I know I can do better,
  3. Hey so I have a question. If lets say I do my IA in biology and follow an experiment that has been done before but I change a few things to make it my own? e.g the effect of temperature on seed germination but instead of copying the exact temperature conditions, I come up with my own. Is it plagiarism? Do you have to come up with your own experiment?I'm freaking out
  4. Hey so I have a question. If lets say I do my IA in biology and follow an experiment that has been done before but I change a few things to make it my own? e.g the effect of temperature on seed germination but instead of copying the exact temperature conditions, I come up with my own. Is it plagiarism? Do you have to come up with your own experiment?I'm freaking out
  5. Hello, I've done a cas project which began in January till may of 2016. The teacher who supervised it left the school in that time, but only wrote down 4 hours in total for the project. Is this a problem? I've done a design of the front page of the yearbook, is that enough or should I find another project?
  6. Hello, I heard from someone you need 24 points in the first term of IB2 to do the end of year exams, I was wondering if this is true?
  7. Guest


    Hi,I have to complete my first IA draft by the end of this month and would like to know if its possible to use the topic from a preveious IA(one that has been submitted to the IB in the past). Meaning, can I use the same topic and method, but different variables and data (its a physics IA) , and a different research question?
  8. Hello! I have to decide on a math exploration topic but I'm not sure what I should do. I'm very confident in the binomial theorem, arithmetic and geometric sequences so doing something concerning this would be great. I know the rules are very strict for what others are allowed to say, but do you have any suggestions on things that are possible to investigate in these topics? Also do you have general tips and tricks that could help me with the math exploration? Thank you so much!!!
  9. Hello, So at our school we have a website where are schedules are posted months in advance. This Thursday and Friday we have holidays, and our schedule said that we did not have lessons on Monday and Tuesday either, so i rebooked my flight back home to Tuesday after having asked one of my teachers if I didnt have lessons that day, which he said I did not. 2 days ago i find out that our coordinator has added lessons on that day, and i message him and get this answer: "It is true that some of the lessons in week 22 have been shuffled around somewhat, but if you look in y
  10. Hey guys, Very soon I'll start to the 2nd year of IB and I'm very anxious, terrified and a bit excited. All the University applications stuff, IAs, preparations to the exams, TOK presentation and essay, CAS and EE are like the nightmares. Do you have any tips about these? Like making the list of things that I should do or avoid. Thank you in advance!
  11. How long did you start revising for IB? And how long do you revise daily? I started revising for this exam 4 months ago, and I revise around 8 hours each day, (8am - 12pm, 1pm to 6pm, but i take breaks in between)
  12. Like, i have the exams starting in 10 days and I feel like I miserably failed all my self-study plans. In order of importance for my U admission: Math HL probably the only one I would finish, if I dedicated all my time to it. Physics SL my teacher came one year ago and had no idea of what all the IB thing was about and we literally haven't even touched topics 5, 6, 7, 8 and Relativity. Spanish Lit HL - got to analyze one book and read and analyze another English L&L HL - got to read as much as possible of one book and finish the course companion (manageable) His
  13. hi guys, I am really confused as there are different information about this everywhere. On the EE and TOK matrix where it says Failing condition, does that mean we wont be getting our diploma? Or We still get the diploma if we have more than 28 points? I am submitting my EE soon and really stressed about it.
  14. Hi, y'all. I'm gonna be in my second year of IB and I want to spend some time over the summer to prepare for my English class. I hope to do really well in class so that my teacher will get me one more grade for my Predicted Grade (our school has given us a draft of PG grades to sort of motivate us) but I'm not sure how I should prepare to the fullest. So far I've done some research on the contextual background for the books/texts we'll be studying in the first semester. What else can I do to ensure I will be ready for group discussions as well as answering questions in class? Thanks!
  15. Hi, I'm doing IB all the way from Nepal and this is my second year. I have planned to do my E.E on theatre, I would appreciate some inputs on where to start and how to go forward. Thank you.
  16. Hello all , I am a student who is in IB2 and who has recently decided to take up HL Maths due to the fact that I believe I made a very wrong decision by taking SL Maths due to the fact that HL Maths is more or less required everywhere in the UK for engineering. The reason for this very bad decision was mainly due to the fact that I was encouraged to get as much points as possible not focus less on requirements for courses. I have now been told by the HL Mathematics teacher that I will have to sit a test on the 13th of October for Complex and Imaginary numbers and I will be able to join t
  17. Hey there So yeah, I'm about to embark on my IB2 journey in about a day and I'm feeling really stressed out since I didn't put any effort(on purpose.. didn't want to stress myself out) into IB1, so I didn't get good results. This year is all different and I plan on putting as much effort as I can into it, hopefully getting the grades that I sought after. My question is, has anyone else had a similar experience? What grades did you get on your diploma and what sort of tips would you give me? Thing is, I'm starting to feel stressed from worrying too much, and I believe this will help give me co
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