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Found 6 results

  1. My school only offers AA, and as someone who doesn't like math, I'm scared. Hopefully I can handle AA SL Math is my weakest subject, and I plan on studying International Law or something along those lines in university. Does anyone have advice, is AA SL really that hard? I know you can't use a calculator on the first paper so hopefully, you don't need strong mental maths skills in that section. I know you can take courses online but I think that will be even harder for math, plus I'm already going to take French & English Lit online. Anyone who has done AA SL please let me know abou
  2. Hi everyone. I'm having a little trouble with my Math IA., I would like to do the topic "The Mathematics behind Medical Testing", where I would speak about false positives / false negatives and the probability of getting them. However, I don't know where to get data from. Am I supposed to make up a hypothetical situation / disease and then make fake numbers for it ? Is that even allowed..? I would be using conditional probability to find the probability of a student testing positive for the XYZ disease, actually having the disease. I would be using the conditional probability
  3. Ok. You ahve to find an quadratic equation using the graoh. I know how to solve it, but I don't know what I'm doing wrong. If u could please show your work, and post it on here, that wouold be great. The graoh I'm looking at is in the bottom row, middle. Thanks!
  4. I'm currently taking IB Math SL as a junior at my high school and will be taking IB Math HL next year. My teacher is suggesting that I sit for the AP Calculus AB Exam in May, and she said that she will be giving me work to make up for the lack of calculus in SL Math that AP Calc AB covers. Is this something that is advisable? Calculus in Math SL comes very easily to me, but I know that it's very surface-level material. If the AB exam is advisable, does anyone know the extra calculus topics I should be focusing on to get prepared? Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, I'm a junior starting this year and this is the some of the courses I chose: Lang Lit hl History hl Bio hl AP Psych Math Studies As you might have noticed I chose AP Psych so I am not doing full IB. I want to major in Psych but I'm worry that math studies might affect my university application but I'm worry that if i move, there will be too much work for me to handle. I'm considering staying but I'm not sure. Help please?
  6. Hi! I am trying to choose a topic for my first ib math ia topic and I was considering doing one involving probability because we just learned a lot about it. I was thinking about doing my paper about the probability involved in card counting for blackjack but am having trouble finding what formulas (if any) I would actually be using because the whole thing can't just be probability without replacement. Any suggestions? Or maybe should I just stick with doing a statistics type of IA paper? Thanks!
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