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Found 14 results

  1. 1,823 downloads

    Economics guide 2022 (1).pdf
  2. 2 downloads

    The Basic Economic Problem Opportunity Cost Market and Planned Economies Positive vs Normative Economics
  3. 2 downloads

    The Production Possibilities Frontier Model
  4. I've tried the May Paper 1 questions for HL econs and found them to be doable but quite tricky as compared to the previous years. Does anyone have any random predictions on what may be tested for the November paper? I'm thinking Economic Growth for one of the macro questions...
  5. Hey all, I need help with my econs EE. Its about finding the breakeven point of a fast-food company. I have data on most of the variable costs as well as their revenue and am working on getting data on fixed costs. however, i was only able to get data for all of these on a 2 hour basis. Would this be enough to ensure a good ee on breakeven? also, is this topic 'econs' enough? do tell me if y'all need any more information on this
  6. I was completely oblivious to the fact that my IB exams were yesterday and I attended class like normal. What happens to me now? Will I still graduate this year?
  7. Hello IB Econ students, I've recently started this Facebook page for all IB Econ students out there. I'm sharing great articles for commentaries and other useful resources to help you ace the subject. My aim is to create a place where you can turn to IB Economics teachers and examiners with any IB Econ related questions. Any comments are welcome about what you'd like to see there - I really want to make it social. If you found it useful, hit a like and share it with your fellow IB classmates. You can also have a look at our blog, where you can search the shared articles by the syllabus
  8. Hello! I will be starting my first year of IB in a couple of weeks, and I am still stressing about my courses, whether I have chosen the right ones yadda yadda. I am not sure what exactly I want to pursue in university, but I believe that it'll wither be something within law (human rights, particularly women's rights) or medicine (pediatrics). I have enrolled in courses that (I hope) will keep my options open. I shall be taking: ~IB Engligh ~IB French ~IB Biology ~IB Chemistry ~IB Economics ~IB History ~IB Math The reason why I am taking 7 IB courses is because (in case you haven't figured it
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