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Found 12 results

  1. Hi, I'm currently choosing my Maths IA topic. I thought of doing something connected with skiing like measuring the length of different trails on a slope using calculus. Do you think this is a good topic to get a high grade? Or should I add some other calculations to it? Thanks
  2. I just wanted to know if y'all think this would be an acceptable Research question for a biology IA, I'm just doing data analysis from sources. To what extent does a country’s average life expectancy affect the suicide rate within that country? Just a quick yes or no will do, thanks.
  3. Gia

    Math IA

    I have decided to have my Math IA revolve around the probability behind the prisoner's dilemma. I need help deciding on three simple maths and one sophisticated math to explain the game (besides a tree diagram and expected prison sentences). I am afraid that I won't have much numbers/math to work with. Thank you in advance.
  4. Hey, I need help with my Math IA. I am interested in Math and art topic to write about. More into the body proportions and how an artist uses it but I don't know what mathematics is behind it. What mathematics do I use to get a higher score?
  5. Hi, I was wondering if the Pythagorean comma is a viable topic for my standard level math IA. It's related to tuning in music but does not have any particular equation that I would need to put and solve. Perhaps it's a bit of a small topic? as I can only talk about the theory and the circle of 5th. Thank you! Please help, my topic deadline is soon~
  6. Hi, so Im was writing my ia for Math HL when I began to reconsider my idea because I don't know if it falls under HL content. Could someone that knows tell me My topic: Exploring e as base for the natural logarithm function. Thank You!
  7. Hello everybody, I will be starting my Math Studies IA soon and I thought of a couple of topics for the IA. If you could give your views on whichever is the most viable I would really appreciate it. 1. Relation between gender and their choice of movies. 2. Relation between gender and reaction time. 3. Relation between gender and the grades they achieve in math. I would really appreciate your help. Also, would 20 results be enough in the 2nd topic, that is the reaction time experiment? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi all, I am having a trouble with choosing my topic for the IA. Since I am doing the Americas for Paper 3, I would like to write my IA on the paper 3 topics - great depression & new deal, the cold war and the civil rights. These our some research questions I came up with, I would really appreciate if I could get some help and I really want to hear your opinions! To what extent does Charlie Chaplin’s The Great Dictator accurately portray Hitler’s personality? How successfully did the New Deal programs resolve the economic crisis? What was the purpose of the bombing in Hiroshima
  9. My IA topic is 'Exploring the 17 plane crystallographic groups in Alhambra Palace' I visited AlHambra Palace, that is located in Granada Spain last summer, and was really impressed by the complexity of its architectures and wall patterns. And the influence of math in art really struck me. I also really want to major in Architecture so that added to my interest, and Islamic Architecture is a big interest of mine. Alhambra palace has been said to contain all 17 crystallographic groups (wallpaper patterns): which is the classification of two-dimensional patterns, based on the symmetries in the
  10. Okay, so I currently trying to figure out what I should name my topic for my IA. I know what my topic is going to be based on but it's too broad at the moment and I'm trying to dumb it down a little bit. The topic is in sports, and I was going to compare the statics of one football (soccer) league with another. I was going to choose the EPL and then Ligue 1. But I don't know how to make it more simple. Or do you think if I formulate a good question it'll be fine just like this?
  11. Hey everyone, I'm new to these so forgive me for my newbie-ness. My first question was recently rejected by my teacher so I had to re-do plan A and B. The research question was: "To what extent can Tituba's confession of being a witch be considered the main reason of the Salem Witch Hunt in 1692?" Fail. So now I chose the most overdone topic so it wouldn't be rejected because I'm REALLY short on time. Propaganda and WWII. I don't know which question to do or which country's propaganda (to narrow it down). I was thinking maybe Germany's, Britain's or American's propaganda. OR maybe two of them
  12. Are IA topics about the Korean War too overdone? Originally, I was going to do an ia topic about what was the primary cause that led to the fall of the Joseon Dynasty in Korea; however, I'm having slightly a hard time attempting to find books at my library about this topic, and I was debating about switching my question to something that still interests me and would be a tad easier to find.
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