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  1. hello guys i'm in a bit of a pinch this week. i am struggling to go on for my exploration. all i decided was that i wanted to do on cryptography. my teachers encouraged me to do so and i can be a little enthusiastic about it. however, that's all i have! i don't know where to start really. does anyone have any advice to give me on how to proceed? (i have minimal knowledge about cryptography) thank you peeps
  2. I'm looking to write an IB Math HL AA IA (Exploration) related to Probabilistic Language Models (like predicting future words with n-grams) or anything related to linguistics. I'm having trouble picking a topic though that will have the correct mathematical rigor and sophistication and are able to be structured like an IA. Are there any topics within the field that could make a good IA question that I could research? Thank you so much!
  3. I want to do mathematic in music and I found that Fourier is basically the only HL option, any recommended scientific work I can use? Any other HL topics for maths in music?
  4. I'm beginning to brainstorm ideas for my upcoming math IA and I'm very interested in exploring the topic of music in the context of mathematics. I've played the guitar for nearly 5 years so I would like to focus more on that instrument. I initially wanted to discuss Fourier transform but my teacher advised me not to due to the topic's depth given that this was only an IA and not an EE. I've been thinking of simpler topics I can tackle in that domain but have so far come up fairly empty-handed. Other topics that I've done some mild exploration in have been Pythagoras ratios in guitar frets or b
  5. Hey all, So I am starting my math HL IA soon and I'm thinking of exploring beats created when two sound waves approach the same frequency but are only slightly out of phase. I potentially want to tie this back to the guitar though an experiment. I have an electric guitar with me but I don't know what to discuss with my results. Any advice? Thank you
  6. Hey, The rq for my math ia is finding the ideal volume and surface area of lifebuoy ring. By ideal, i meant where a person won't be slipping through it and he/she is able to fit though it. I know that oi need to find the formulas for surface are and volume of a torus. for personal engagement or doing something new, i thought why not find this ideal surface area and volume of lifebuoy ring. Could anyone suggest me how to proceed from here and is this rq enough unique enough for ib not to cut down the marks?
  7. I want to do my IA on calculus or differential equations but any idea i have (e.g. Game theory, SIR modelling) is too simple for AA HL and i want to score full on exploration. I did consider Riemann Hypothesis but it seems like differential equations score well, and I'm a mediocre HL student. Anything about differential equations that lies within the scope of math AA HL?
  8. Hello people, so I am writing my math HL ia on the option discrete mathematics. More specifically on graph theory, and the traveling salesman problem. Does anyone know of any useful algorithms I could use in order to find the most efficient route between different points in the map. I just need the algorithm, everything else is ok. Would really appreciate the help, since the one I was going to use seems to have been taken down from the web. Anyways, thanks
  9. Hello, I have chosen to do my math exploration on Non-Euclidean Geometry but i have a hard time finding a specific topic to explore. I would love some help and ideas of problems i could solve. i have thought of showing that the earth is round and also doing something with GPS signals. I am really lost, i just need a path to follow. Thank you
  10. Hi everyone, I need help!! So I have to submit my first draft for MathsAA IA soon and Ive been thinking about this. My idea is to model a queue behaviour at a service counter like at a government counter or banks. So basically how many counters should be opened to meet a certain maximum queuing time for each customer? Please give some advice and tell me what mathematical concepts you think is the best I'd appreciate it a whole lottt
  11. Hi Everyone, I'm in the middle of IA season right now, and Maths has really got me in a pinch. I'm working on my exploration at the moment, and the topic that I have chosen is using linear regressions to predict the outcome of elections. The case specific case that I'll be using is the upcoming Spanish elections on the 10th of November, so that I can compare my results to the final ones. However, I don't really know how I can include exploration and not just proofs an theory. An idea I had was seeing how the timespan of the polls (when I begin taking data points and where I stop - so the
  12. Hi! I am going to calculation the volume of the air in 330ml Coca Cola can for my Math IA ( I am in MATH HL). I am wondering whether if it shows personal engagement. How can I apply this knowledge more widely. The idea in my mind is there any ratio between the volume of the liquid and the air in the can. But honestly I am not sure if it would be creative or interesting enough. I am not sure what the IB is looking for in terms of the IA. The last question is ,what should i say in my introduction!
  13. I started my IA on the topic of Graph Theory. I tried to find the shortest distance path to go around 10 cities in Europe using the Prim's and Dijkstra's Algorithm. I have submitted my IA, and my math teacher told me that it is too easy for Math HL. Is there any suggestion that I can do to increase the complexity of my IA? Thanks!
  14. Has anyone done their Math IA on TSP? I'm planning to do one and I plan on doing it to optimize a path for our school bus. How can I limit the number of nodes in a big road network? Maybe you could also share what you did for yours. Thanks!
  15. Hello, I am doing my Maths exploration on complex numbers and I am about half finished and I want to explore the trigonometric and hyperbolic functions of complex numbers as well as the integration (and possibly logs) however I don't quite know what to do with it. As I can find the cos of a complex number but what then? Roots can be shown on an Argand diagram but the trigonometric functions usually just give rise to triangles with legs longer than the hypotenuse and complex angles. Could anyone advise me on how to proceed?
  16. I have been trying to find any idea at all, I want to do it on Calculus. I have tried looking online for ideas but I never really know how to go about doing it on that topic. For example, I saw something on e but I could not think of what to do, the site mentioned that its infinite series contained both sine and cosine, but I couldn't see where I could take that. I appreciate any input or ideas, thank you.
  17. I am currently thinking about Math IA on the topic of graph theory, but I don't know what to choose from there. I would like to do Dijkstra's algorithm and would like to know whether it would be complex enough for HL. I am thinking about the question of geographical traversal and finding the shortest path from London to Moscow using roads and cruises to cross the sea.
  18. Hey guys, I'm thinking of doing my HL math IA on modelling the annual population growth rate of Germany, I thought that would be cool since it already gives me a personal motivation (I'm German). Do you think this is a suitable topic, if so , or if not, please give suggestions. Thanks guys.
  19. Hi, I am going up to IB2 this year and have been working on my IA this summer. I have already decided what my IA is going to be about and the other day, I decided to ask my friend living in another different country, who has graduated this summer, what her IA was about and she did almost exactly the same thing. The topic was the same and the things that I was going to do was also really similar to what she has done already, like graphing and statistical testing. If I continue working on my IA with the same topic and not change what I am going to do, does this mean that I am breaking the
  20. Hi, two days later, I need to confirm my math IA topic. I thought of measuring the accuracy of weather forecast. So I would be collecting data and use Bayes theorem (the probability to rain given it was forecasted, etc) as a means of checking the accuracy. Since my teacher said merely this might be basic, I thought of using Poisson distribution as well. I think I can use it in a way to see for how many days it offers the right forecast. But I was wondering if it sounds fine. Or do you recommend any other ways to improve this idea?
  21. Hello Everyone, I am writing an IA on math about the spread of disease in my country. I am little worried that the examiner that checks my IA might give me bad mark because of my choice. If he/she writes me bad mark for this what can i do?
  22. ---Author's Note--- This is the third draft of a concise guide I'm working on in regards to the new mathematical exploration IA; this started as an HL guide but has now been generalized to include the SL curriculum as well. Please do let me know if there are any improvements you can suggest, or any questions you have after reading through this. I plan to keep this updated and add to it as I work though my own IA. Thanks for taking the time to read through! ------------------------ Table of Contents Preface and Introduction to the Exploration The Process (to be added) Formatting (to be added
  23. Hi, I need some help in finding a good Maths HL IA topic. For the past few weeks I have been looking for a good Maths Hl exploration related to discrete maths however I failed to find one good one. Some of the things I looked at were the Chinese postman problem, the four color theorem and Travelling salesman problem, however the problem with these is that, I don’t think there is enough content to write 10 pages on them. I would really appreciate if someone could suggest some topic or even some areas that I could look at for Maths Hl IA, preferably related to discrete maths. Thank
  24. So I've been trying to find a topic for my IA but my teacher keeps recommending me to find something new because he says my problems are too unoriginal and seem taken out of textbooks or stuff like that. The thing is seeing the examples and the marks they got it doesn't seem like you have to be completely original to get good marks, so I'm a bit confused. Originally I wanted to do something with a torus, examining the universe being a torus shape and stuff, but I did realize that perhaps that was too overdone so I tried to find other ideas. For example, say I found the distances betw
  25. I need help in my exploration topic I decided to do it on Newton's Law of Cooling, but i cant find anything new to do in it so that i can show my understanding of maths if you have any idea on how to do that can you tell me ASAP please help
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