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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, so my friend was doing her IA on a company called Godrej Interio. But she just now found out that she was collecting data from their franchisor, not from the company itself. The 2nd draft is submission in another 2-3 days. Can anyone suggest on how to tackle this even if she could extend the deadline by 3-4 days? That would be really helpful
  2. Would emailing chief admin. be primary data because primary data is first hand data right ???
  3. Hey! I urgently need help with finding a (new) RQ for my IA in Business (HL) since the one I came up with originally is far too complex to be answered within the wordlimit, so I was thinking to do something simpler instead and wondered if there is anyone who can give me any ideas?
  4. Hi, I'm planning on doing my IA on an indoor playground that has been open for about 7 months and they are thinking of expanding, i was thinking of doing whether it would be good if they expand or i should find an issue within the business to do my ia on? All help would be greatly appreciated! x
  5. Hey Guys, I have shortlisted a company for my BnM IA which produces fancy steel utensils for use in the restaurants and hotels. It exports its products in many other companies. It sells to other businesses and not directly to the consumer. It employs around 2000 people and uses machines too for the production I am keen on doing an IA which is concentrated mainly on the Marketing unit. However, I just cannot find a Research Question. Can someone please help me!!!!!! Thanks!
  6. I have a topic/subject/question ish, but im not sure how to tacle it? Or how to even write the IA? Like how do i use supportive docs and the marketing mix, or the BGC matrix, etc?
  7. I am having trouble in deciding which documents to use for the next research question: should company X change their method of payment to improve workers efficiency?
  8. I'm really confused in choosing a firm for my business management IA. I wanted to know on what basis should the firm be chosen. And I also thought this post will help others too. Thank You
  9. For HL Business I have chosen a company (public limited) who is developing a resort; trying to get investments. I need a research question urgently!! Any ideas/suggestions?
  10. Hey guys, I've been struggling with my B&M IA for a while now. I just can't seem to find a suitable topic or an appropriate organization to base my IA on. I need to hand in the research proposal by Monday, 11th August. Any tips, articles or topic suggestions etc. are welcome. Thanks in advance, Nishant
  11. Background: For my IA I have selected a sole-trader business of a distant relative. We don't talk often but he agreed to give me some info on his business (It's a sushi restaurant). Since the IA requires the candidate to make use of a lot of methods of primary research. However, I cannot use as many primary research methods (e.g. interviews or focus groups) mainly because of the geographical and emotional distance between myself and my relative (He's in Missouri and I live in New Mexico). That brings me to my question - Can a candidate cook stuff for his/her IA (for e.g. fill up questionnaire
  12. Please can you all complete my survey? I'll be using this for my Business And Management internals and require the answers to be honest. I would love it if you could spend two minutes of your time and help me out! http://www.surveyshare.com/s/AQA67RC There's the link, and you'll have to give in your ids. Don't worry, no e-mails are sent to the id given and even I wouldn't get to know your id. So without hesitation, please give it in! Thank you so much!
  13. What should restaurant X do in order to get more clients? Suggestions?
  14. I'm having trouble deciding on a research question for my business that incorporates using quantitative techniques in my analysis as my teacher emphasised the importance of this. So I wanted to get more ideas and was wondering what research questions you guys have investigated? I'm thinking of 'How can company X change its promotional mix in order to boost its brand awareness?'. Not sure what quantitative techniques I can use for this though. Any help is highly appreciated. Thanks
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