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Found 14 results

  1. Hi! I am desperate for help! I am writing my history SL IA on Mao’s 100 flower campaign and I am first off suffering from look for primary and secondary resources, secondly IN DESPERATE need of having an sample of an IA on the same topic. I just transferred during the middle of Y1 Ib into a new IB school, I have a lot to catch up and IA is one of them. I’ll really appreciate it if anyone could help me.
  2. I need help choosing a Research Question for my History IA topic. So far I have brainstormed the following: - To what extent was Stalin's First 5 Year Plan successful? - To what extent was the Stalin's First 5 Year Plan motivated by political/economic/ideological reasons? ( I will choose one of the factors) - To what extent were the methods employed in Stalin's First 5 Year Plan successful in meeting its aims? - To what extent was collectivisation successful in increasing the industrial output/meeting the aims of Stalin's First 5 Year Plan? - To what extent was the Mar
  3. Hi everyone, I am researching for my history EE, and I am having troubles with finding the evidence for an event. The event consists in a conversation between the king and Mussolini, which is mentioned in multiple books but without any reference to a primary source, but always to other secondary sources (other historians' books ) or no reference at all. My supervisor was bemoaning this, however it seems fair that there is no "transcript" of a private conversation. Is it common\acceptable? How can I back this event better? Thank you in advance
  4. Hey, I was really confused about how I should start my IA and about the research involved. Can someone please help me? My research question is "To what extent was Hitler's economic policies helpful in revitalizing the German economy from 1933 to 1941?". Thanks, Payas
  5. French Revolution History IA Formulating my question for my HL History IA... The American Revolution played a significant role in starting the French Revolution. To what extent were its ideological influences greater than its economic influences? I'm really interested in the link between the American and French Revolution, the influence figures like Jefferson and Franklin had on France. But I know that this topic is still huge and also not talked much about...I can find lots of primary sources but not secondary ones or historiography. Can anyone give me some advice on it???
  6. Am I allowed to use a source that is used in my History IA in my Extended Essay?
  7. Hi! This is for the new 2017 syllabus IA (just a heads-up, though I'm pretty sure it doesn't change the RQ format). I've already done part 1/3 of the IA (the source identification and evaluation part), so while I'd appreciate phrasing and diction help, I'm sticking with this topic. I had already changed from 1870s US reconstruction policies to WWI US neutrality, and then from that to this. I have a penchant for Canadian history, which we study as much as US history in our Americas HL topic, so here it is: How was Prime Minister Borden’s leadership responsible for deepenin
  8. I'm supposed to finish my history IA rough draft tonight. I want to do it on the Rwandan genocide but I cannot come up with a specific question. So far I have come up with "What were the leading events to the Rwandan genocide".
  9. Hello, so I'm not sure wether my research question seems interesting or if it's narrow enough, I really need help. My question is,"In what ways was the 1953 Cuban revolution influenced militarily and ideologically by the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution?" Should I change topics or try to be more specific? Any thoughts?
  10. Is this a good question for my 20th Century IA? How did Belgian culture in Rwanda lead to the Rwandan genocide in 1994? Advice/criticisms welcome
  11. My topic that I would like to focus on for the history IA is the Rwandan Genocide in 1994. So far, my question is... What caused the tensions between the Hutu and Tutsi ethnic groups in Rwanda in the early 1990’s to increase and lead to genocide? I'm afraid that it is too broad and the answer can easily be found in the textbook. (Teacher said not to ask a question that can be easily answered by reading a textbook)... Can anyone suggest any improvements that I could make? And how specific is too specific?
  12. elihid98

    History HL IA

    Hello, I am new to the forum and I'm loving it so far. History HL is mandatory at my school, and I have absolutely no idea how to go about this. I was thinking of doing something related to Spanish, Finnish, or even Russian history. I've been thinking I could compare Santiago Carrillo with Stalin, yet I am guessing I would have to narrow this a bit. How could I go about doing that? Do you think it would be a good idea? I am quite lost to be honest, so I do not know how to approach this. Maybe I could analyse a historical movie and see how well it portrays an event or conflict? Any a
  13. I am writing my history IA on the war reparations imposed on Germany post WW1. I am struggling to write Part B, the Summary of Evidence, because it isn't supposed to have opinions in it, but my topic is the French verse the British beliefs. Below is the last two paragraphs. Can you give me some ideas on what I'm doing wrong or right?
  14. Can someone please give me a title for my history IA to do with Edith Carvell? I have to give in an IA topic for history very soon and i would really appreciate it if someone could help me come up with a question to do with Edith Carvell's assassination during world war one and how to cause many people to side against germany. The IA question should begin with "to what extent.." "To what extent did Edith Carvell's death lead to ..." I just have trouble putting the words together, Thank you!
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