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Found 18 results

  1. im doing english a EE in Hemingway's short stories. i want to research about Nick adams, but i dont have any idea about research question, can anyone suggest me any ideas? ASAP
  2. Hi Guys, I chose to write an essay on, 'To what degree did the acculturation of European standards into the arts of the Yoruba people during British colonial rule destroy their indigenous visual culture depicted through their sculptures?'. First of all, I am not sure on whether this is a valid example to focus on essay on. My supervisor who is also an examiner said it was, but honestly I'm not sure. what do you guys think? Also is anyone willing to proof read my essay and crosscheck to see whether everything is in check because I kind of do not trust my feed up and I really
  3. Hey. Now that the ib Extended Essay marking has changed from previously being out of 36 to now out of 34, what's the passing mark for the EE? And what are the grade boundaries for it?
  4. It's my first year at IB and I took English, Biology, Chemistry and Geography as HL, but I wasn't good enough on my math test so the teachers assigned me into math studies without any chance to even shift to SL. I was wondering, are there any unis that accept you for having a high level of sciences, but a low level of math? I was researching some stuff and most of it is terrifying for me since they require to have a minimum of SL. I was looking around Western Europe and Canada and I don't know what to do. Please help me ;-;
  5. I am writing my math studies IA and am super behind. My topic is on mortality rates in men and women between 1960 and 2010. If anyone could help me with running the data analysis using a chi-squared test I would be eternally grateful!! Thank you!!
  6. I am half japanese and I can barely write japanese However, coma, coma, coma, stupid ol me decided to take JAPANESE A sl .... and English B....thinking meh japs gotta be ezy I CANT FREAKING WRITE THE LANGUAGE what am I supposed to do.. btw I have japanese passport with Japanese citizenship so when I apply to the university I have to take the returnee test which is in JAPANESE, i cant read or write japanese. IM REPEATING MYSELF Here so yeh Im taking Computer science hl 6 history hl 5 english b hl 6-7
  7. Hey! Thank you for clicking this to help me. My extended essay draft is due on Friday and I need more data. Please fill in this survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/VWMDWDR Thank you so much for the help. All the best to those who are doing theirs,.
  8. Guest

    Uncertainty Calculation

    A burette reading is recorded as 27.70 cm3 +/- 0.05 cm3. Which of the following could be the actual value? I 27.68 II 27.78 III 27.4 A I and II B I and III C II and III D I, II, III I'm not how to solve this, but I used the total error equation to dtermine which one had less of an error - that would be the actual value and I got C. Not sure if it's right?
  9. Hi everyone, I just got my letter of acceptance for the I.B program, which I will be attending next year for grade 9 (I'm going to be doing the french immersion program as well!!) I really want to start off on the right foot, so I was wondering if any of you had some tips you wished you had known going into the I.B program? I know it's a very difficult program to be in, but I really want to do well and succeed so I would really appreciate your help! Thanks!!! P.S, Thank you all so much for your advice and tips for I.B! I've been really freaking out lately about the
  10. Hey! I'm supposed to be starting my extended essay soon (I'm in my first year of the IB diploma), and I want to somehow compare Stalin and Hitler. I want to see (maybe) how their abusive fathers impacted their ruling styles? But I'm struggling to come up with a good essay title! If you have a suggestion for an EE question, please let me know!!! Also if you have any other suggestions about this topic, (german/russian history)- it doesn't have to be about their abusive fathers, please let me know down below!! Thank you
  11. Hi, everyone I recently found out that i do like GEOGRAPHY a lot ! especially, human geography, global warming, international issues and sustainable thingy (not the mountains, maps &rivers...) I also like to learn geography in class, enjoying to find a bunch of information on internet just to write the essay response homework. (interesting stuffss ) But the problem is i dont know anything about the course that applies to it i went to some universities' websites, but i still got no clue ( So.. pls give me your advices about what is the right course i should take at the right university
  12. I'm very worried about my english January mock exams. ( I'm not a native speaker and my english skill is very poor with a 4 on all of my reports for english SL, but for the actual tasks Ive done over the year, there were some 3 including as well So that, I now really NEED your guys helps and advices on how should I prepare for my Eng SL paper 1 and paper 2 mock exams that are coming. Thank you so much in advance ! Ps. I take ENG literature SL...
  13. Hey guys! I have been doing the IBDP for about four weeks, and I couldn't even study a bit. I need help with finding a study plan and actually sticking to it. So guys how many hours do you think that I should be studying in a week? I need to start studying since we've learnt a lot and we have exams in two weeks!1 Help!! Oh god im so stressed:( And I also need advice for studying for ESS. Do you have any revision tips on that? I seriously need help Guys, I would really appreciate your understanding
  14. Hello everyone, I am currently up to the phase of subject selection for IB next year. In Australian Year 10 Maths, I get consistent As but I don't get 100%. As you probably know, HL Maths has a fearsome reputation. I really would like a 6 or a 7, but I realise that this might not be a realistic goal. I have gotten better at English, which would be the alternative HL, but I am not sure how I would fare and everyone expects me to take Maths HL. Please help...
  15. Hey, so im doing my psych IA on Bransford and Johnsons 1972 study. I regret choosing it because i feel like i could have found easier. Anyway haha im having trouble with the statistics part of the IA. I SUCK at math like crazy and im having loads of touble. i dont know What to do or how to do it. i am HL for it has to be inferential. someone help please
  16. Hola, I'm not a native speaker, but I would like to have a rather dedicated and passionate native speaker, or anyone who is very fluent, to help me out because I've always loved spanish but the writing is sorta killing me in a sense. So all thats left to do is get a spanish buddy, since my teacher is little to no help at all. I do prefer to text because I am not on social media, but I wouldn't mind creating a Skype if necessary. Pretty much any time of the day is good for me. So please if you are willing to be my buddy please PM about it. Además, I would also like to expand my horizon on the
  17. guys i need help I have changed my math hl topic 6 times and am still unable to work because math is not understandable I am supposed to be smart I am top of my stupid class BUT I still don't know how to do my math exploration... how do you explore math? what do you do? can someone give me steps? It's about differential equations.
  18. Anyone who knows, or has an idea, on how many words I should put in my plan of investigation? Its just first draft but still.
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