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  1. Hi, I’ve been thinking about my maths IA and I would like to do it on area optimisation. I would like to relate it to city/urban planning. I was wondering if there was anyway to use inscribed and circumscribed polygons in a circle to show area optimisation and then using L’hospitals rule to prove the proof. How would I relate this to city/ urban planning? And would this work as an IA topic ?
  2. Hey guys! I was looking around for textbooks for HL Math and I was wondering which one of the four I should buy? 1. Pearson http://www.amazon.co.uk/Pearson-Baccalaureate-Mathematics-Diploma-International/dp/0435074962/ref=dp_ob_title_bk/275-7064412-8084468 2. IBID http://www.ibid.com....097_mathematics 3. This textbook by Peter Smythe http://www.amazon.co...s/dp/1490915710 4. Oxford http://www.amazon.co...e/dp/0199129347 Any input will be appreciated! Thanks!
  3. Hello Everyone, I am a graduate of the IB on MAY 2018, and I had always been a student who was pretty good at math. I did MYP, and slid through it with 7s all along in Math. I then was told by my teacher that Math HL would be suitable for me and that it would be a good challenge. At that time I thought, yeahh but I will just go in and prove that its easy. My first Sequence and series test, I got a 3, and was in terrible shock, I had never seen below a 7 in years in Math, and the MATH HL IB CLASS had a first test given to me that was a 3. I continued and it seemed like after I had a talk w
  4. I'm a month into IB and my classes so far are: HL Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Arabic B; SL Economics and English LL. However, I've been rethinking what I want to do in the future and have been moving away from engineering/physics towards more Maths and computer science. If I decide to drop chemistry for comp sci, my schedule will be as follows: HL Maths, Physics, English LL; SL Comp Sci, Economics, Spanish AB. My school doesn't offer computer science Higher Level. I'm worried that this setup is not as strong as the first one with regards to me applying for mathematics at Oxford. Also, witho
  5. What jobs require HL math? Does medicine require HL math? Or does it just look better to have
  6. Hey, so I just made my choices for DP. HL: Math, Physics, Chemistry SL: English lang & Lit, Biology, Dutch self taught. I have a strong background in all the subjects and I need most subjects for university. But....... Did I seriously just kill myself? I mean will I have to stay up until 4am every single night? Is it even doable? Peace out!!
  7. I have been trying to find any idea at all, I want to do it on Calculus. I have tried looking online for ideas but I never really know how to go about doing it on that topic. For example, I saw something on e but I could not think of what to do, the site mentioned that its infinite series contained both sine and cosine, but I couldn't see where I could take that. I appreciate any input or ideas, thank you.
  8. I was thinking about doing my EE in HL maths and found some interesting topics like Rubik's cube permutations, golden ratio and beauty, what 'e' is, what 'π' is, and so on. One of my hobbies is coding (I also do HL computer science and know python), and on one website, someone said that you could involve coding in your EE. How exactly is this done? Has anyone done this before? Thanks, help is always appreciated!
  9. hey guys, so im finished and done with this years ib exams. i just wanted to know how everyone found the TZ1 HL math papers? especially p1 and p3. Compared to last year's papers, i think we can get a relatively higher bell curve, so i'm trying to see how everyone found it.
  10. I recently had my first HL mathematics mock exam on topic 1 of the curriculum. It followed the same pace and style of the final exams. Despite preparing pretty well (and for a long time), the test caught me by surprise, and didn't go well at all. The pace especially was very hard to keep up with. From all of you people, I'd like to ask, what are some ways to get better at doing the hl maths exams, how to better prepare for them, and please feel free to give any tips and tricks in general. Thanks!
  11. So I'm currently thinking of my ib options and wanted to take the following: SL English Language and Literature SL Chinese B SL environmental systems and societies HL Physics HL Math HL Chemistry and I just wanted to know if you can take ess with 2 other science subjects? It's either ess or history and I don't see myself doing history anytime in the future. ess seems more helpful but i'm just really confused on whether or not I can take 3 science subjects in total? also I wanted to know how hard I will have to work if I'm choosing those 3 HL subjects? From what I've he
  12. Hey hey hey I'm planning to get a head start on HL Math by working my way through a textbook over my summer break. I currently have PDFs of the Pearson textbook, Cambridge textbook, and H&H textbook. Which one is the best for a clear, thorough introduction to math for a person who is quite nervous about HL math and can a) explain the material clearly (I don't care if its a long explanation- it needs to be good), b) provide lots of practice questions and c) have challenging questions that can test my abilities, similar to ones on the exam? Or is there another textbook that is bet
  13. Hey All! I just wanted to check, if a question asks us to integrate a function using integration by parts, do I strictly need to follow the formula booklet's formula for integration by parts, or may I use (the significantly faster) tabular integration by parts method? Also, does anyone have any specific tips on deciding whether to integrate a function by parts or use u-substitution? Thanks in advance!
  14. Here's how you can maximize your predicted grades: Use past papers and past exam questions. The IB mark-schemes and therefore your teachers will give as much credit to style as to substance. So make sure you read and practice all past paper questions for your upcoming tests. The style in which answers are written is crucial to getting all the marks. Often, you may know what the question is asking for but only a concise and effective communication method that is often specific to the IB, will get you the full marks. You can get more marks by knowing the style in which questions are answered
  15. http://www.ibsurvivors.com/new-blog/7hlmaths I would really recommend every current, and prospective, IB student to read this blog post. Are you going to make 2016 your year? What steps are you going to take to bettering yourself? Is this going to be your year? I know it is.
  16. Sorry, I had to use an image converter to post this because the forum wouldn't let me use a certain image extension.
  17. Hi guys! So I have 2 ideas for my Math IA: 1. Tumor growth rate. Hence, it will require mathematical modelling, in particular, topics like calculus and logarithms. I have already researched on a couple of models that are being used. However, my problem comes with this: How do I move ahead? I need an objective to work with for my exploration. With the models that help to calculate the rate of tumor growth in vivo, what can I actually "explore" in order to move ahead with my project? 2. Examining 2 epidemiological (mathematical) models (Reed Frost and SIR) on two real life epidemics (The
  18. Hi guys, what are some good workbook/guide book for HL math, the questions in my textbook are too few so I wan to find a workbook that consist of HL math question and possibly with some guidance. Thanks in advance!
  19. Hi Guys Right now i am about to graduate from 10th grade. Next year I am an IB student.I am taking HL PHYSICS HL MATH HL ENGLISH SL CHEM (these 4 are the ones that i need information) I can't find enough resource about what i might need so i wanted to ask you what are your essentials . And I don't know what kind of folder or binder organization i should have. Also i heard that they assign homework for summer .Did you guys had homework?
  20. Hi! I will be taking the HL Math exam soon and I am confused as to what apps are allowed on my calculator? I have the TI 84+ c silver edition. I have these apps that are preloaded on the calculator: App4MathPolynomial Root Finder/Simultaneous Equation SolverFinanceEasyData Thank you for your help!
  21. Hey all! I was hoping that some of you could help me with my HL Math IA, or 'exploration,' as it is now called. I wanted to do my IA over the maths of music, but I've had a really hard time a) finding a topic that might be considered 'sophisticated' enough for HL b) coming up with a rationale/ aim of the investigation. I'm really kind of confused as to how I am supposed to frame my work. Anyway, I think I may have finally found a topic that is interesting, and technically in the HL math syllabus. I was thinking that I could look at the geometry involved in music composition. Take, for instanc
  22. So my school hosted an EE workshop today and after slamming a bunch of information into our heads we have less than 24 hours to hand in our EE proposal. Naturally, I'm still a bit leery on what would be a good idea to do. I'm thinking about doing a Math EE, and this is what I've thought up so far: Topic: The measurement of angles through different systems Research Question: Are popular contemporary angle-measuring systems more useful as mathematical tools as compared with now-defunct or less popular systems? Now I've looked through some Math EE Reports of previous years, and I've noted that m
  23. Hello! I am a Pre IB student and am aiming to take HL Economics next year(I wanted to take Business and Management but our school doesn't offer it). Is it relevant for me to take HL Maths? I am interested in international business/relationship and communication. Considering my current Math grades I think I am competent enough for HL, hopefully. Please share your experience, what does universities look for even? I am confused...
  24. Currently, I am taking Math HL, Physics HL, Business HL and French SL, English SL and Economics SL. I chose math and physics hl so that i would be able to go to the UK to study engineering in university. Im struggling in math hl and dont feel like its for me. My first question would be what combination i should change to, as i also heard that business was not a respected subject by universities. my possible combinations are as follows: HL: Physics, business, econ SL: math, english french or HL: Physics, Econ, english SL: Business, math, french my second questions is about universities. i
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