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  1. URGENT, Guys, can anyone tell me the word count for ESS IA, or how much can be the appropriate word count for it??
  2. So I'm in DP1 and M23 and I'm having trouble choosing between HL Chemistry and HL Physics. I'm about 1 1/2 months into IB at this stage and I'm just so confused. I'm currently taking HL Chemistry, Maths AA and Economics with Global Politics, Spanish ab initio and English LangLit at SL. I'm looking to study economics at uni but I also have a small interest in Computer Science which I want to explore to see if it's for me. This would be my only science but it would be at HL. I've heard that Physics is better for what I want to do but I'm much better at Chemistry in general. I got a 9 for iGCSE C
  3. What is Nature of Science? It seems like the IB is beginning to ask more and more questions on it in the exams. Is there anything that I need to know or understand for it? I know that you can just use some common sense and logic to answer these types of questions, but is there any way to prepare?
  4. Hello fellow IB students, For my design technology IA, I am trying to redesign a 3D printing multi-material upgrade. You don't need to necessarily know all that much about 3D printing to participate in this survey. Any data that I can get would be very helpful for market analysis https://goo.gl/forms/n8lBQgttCI68h5e12 Thank you very much!
  5. Hi, I am learning physics HL. And my school has provided me with Oxford 2014 Physics Course Companion by David Homer and Michael Bowen-Jones, but I feel it misses out some topics or content as per syllabus. So is there any better book? Please suggest...
  6. Okay so I have to turn in a group 4 research question by Friday this week and my group members haven't been helping me at all. Right now we have an idea going with how sustainable biodegradable, paper and plastic materials are compared to each other. Basically just testing how long it takes each one to decompose and see which one goes faster. But that's not a 5x5 design and we only have 2 months so we can't really use that. Please help me out. I cannot carry this project on my own and I'm swamped with other things I have to do. So please drop some research questions. We have a really broad top
  7. Hi guys, I am in the process of selecting a topic for my extended essay. A bit of background of my school: I study in Denmark, and my school has a moderately equipped lab. So, I will be able to carry out most of the experiments necessary. I could however, potentially, use a virtual lab. So far, I'm interested in doing my extended essay in Biology (I do HL Biology). And I'm aware that I must come up with a research of my own interest. At first, I thought I should just do another plant-based research or something to do with ecology. But, now that I think of it, there are o
  8. Hi everyone, I'm really confused on what the Group 4 project is...Are we supposed to do an experiment? Do we write a research paper? How many words do we have to write? Is it a presentation? All the instructions are really vague, so I don't really understand what we're supposed to do.
  9. When I was listing various topics for my IA, I realized some of these topics have very simple procedures. Will my marks reduce, due to a simple procedure?
  10. Can someone give me an idea for exploring a chemistry topic of climate change affecting marine life. It could be a research topic or an experiment (or both)
  11. Hi guys, I am writing my EE in chemistry, I'm examination seassion May 2017. My teacher has said me not to write an anbstract, which is said to be ommited starting my examinations session. This is propbably due to the change in syllabus for group 4 subjects. I didn't find anything in the internet about the lack of abstract, albeit I am acknowledged that there is a new EE guide that starts up from May 2018 exams that does not longer require abstract. Should I attach abstract or not?
  12. Hey guys! I hope you can help me out. (If you dont wanna read the back-story, just go to the ***) So our first draft for the EE is due tomorrow, and I'm done with it! YAY However, the word count is WAAAY beyond 4000! I did an EE in biology which was generally about caffeine and its effects on reflexes; for that I did an experiment, got data, analyzed it and discussed the results... like you would do in any other science research paper. Once done, I looked at my word count...... it was 8,314 So I read the IB guideline about what is included and what is not included i
  13. Ok so as the title implies, I am confused as to exactly what defines a chemistry IA. Recently my Teacher has got me started thinking about EE topics, but because my EE plans are mostly for bio, i decided to reserve the EE Chem ideas for my IA instead. What I am thinking of doing is measuring glutamate concentration in tomatoes after drying, HOWEVER I also know this sounds very biology. I have asked many chem/bio and chem/physics students about the defining lines of chemistry and the most I have gotten is "if you titrate it its chemistry :P" but obviously this is not the case. So I c
  14. What would happen if a school did no group four projects?
  15. Okay so, I'm doing my EE on Chemistry, and I have really no idea what I want to do for my topic. I really want to do my topic on something that is related to plastics, but I have no idea what specific thing/property/idea that I want too look at. I'm pretty sure that my independent variable would be different types of plastics. Please give some ideas as to what I could do. Thanks!
  16. Hey guys So Ive kinda sorta decided on my EE topic. RQ- identifying the effect of caffeine on the growth rate of gut bacteria like lactobacillus.acidophilus and lactobacillus._____" (havent decided which species to take rn) Is this too simple for an EE? Will this take 40 hours? I know i can pull off some graphs/tables but is this too generic? And also, will it stretch out to 4000 words? Thanks
  17. So I was wondering if anyone knows where I can find the specimen papers for the 2016 specification. I've found the biology one but can't seem to find the one for D&T. Any help would be much appreciated.
  18. Hey guys! I'm working on my group four project and I'm a bit confused on how to determine the difference between raw data and processed data. My experiment involved testing heart rate in sprinting and in jumping jacks to determine which raised heart rate the most. Our data mainly consists of the different heart rates per activity for the different people involved. Can you tell me what the process data would be for this type of experiment?
  19. Hello guys, thank you for reading this post and please help me if you have any ideas. I decided to do a Biology EE, and the topic is "Observation of the distribution of different types of Cirripedia (a type of shell like insects living on rock shores all around the world) on the rock shore of Bondi Beach, New South Wales, Australia." In this investigation, I will observe six types of cirripedias, and see where do each of them settle down on a rock shore. Some specific questions in the EE could be "Are there any regular patterns of the distribution of different types of Cirripedia on a rock sho
  20. Hey! My group 4 project is coming up in a week's time and my group and I cant think of anything for the science of kitchens. I thought about doing something about how the enzyme amylase breaks down food but i cant think of anything for the chemistry/physics aspects of the Group 4 Project. We also have the option of having our project be about the science of garbage/waste so if you can think about any ideas for this it would be appreciated too!
  21. So I have been told that there is no word limit for IAs...but I don't know why, one of my IAs is 5,000 words (the other ones are around 4,000). It is probably not recommendable because it is really time-consuming, but can you actually get penalized? I mean, should I go back and summarize it or get rid of sections?\ Thanks a lot
  22. So we have just been given our groups for the group 4 project, but I have no idea what would be a good idea. How do you take the three sciences and put them into one project? Also if anyone has ideas for this, it would be amazing, thank you so much Our central topic is : Earth and the Environment or something along the lines of the environment
  23. Hello! Unfortunately my school does not offer the science classes that I would like to take (Physics HL or Chem HL), but I'd still like to take one of my group 4 classes as an HL. That being said, the only two options are Bio HL and Computer Science HL, and Bio is absolutely not an option (I'd give the teacher an F--- if I could!). However, while computer science sounds interesting to me, I have absolutely no experience or knowledge of this subject whatsoever and I'm a bit worried about signing up for it. For the moment, I'm signed up for IB Physics SL, Business HL, and Economics HL (among
  24. Hey everyone! In a couple of weeks I need to submit my course choices for the DP programme and I'm still stuck on what to choose as my Group 4 subject. Currently I have: Group 1 - English A HL Group 2 - French B SL Group 3 - History HL Group 4 - Bio or Chem SL Group 5 - Math SL Group 6 - Economics HL I am happy with all of my other choices but I keep switching back and forth between bio and chem. I am planning to study something along the lines of law, politics or international relations at university, thus I don't have a need to take science. When I studied Chemistry in Grade
  25. My school has just recently included IB courses in our curriculum (less than 3 years), and we're working on our Group 4 project. Because it's a new program, we only offer IB Biology and IB Chemistry. Because our school doesn't offer more courses, is it still necessary to have other disciplines other than Biology and Chemistry?
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