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Found 21 results

  1. It has been about a year I have been studying IB in my school but my school doesn't have any Japanese teachers. Me and my parents have been searching for so long but we couldn't find any. Please help me I am in desperate need of a Japanese ab initio teacher.
  2. Hi, I will be starting IB DP next year and I've been facing some issue with my choices for group 2. My choices were French and Spanish. I've studied French for 3 years, and now I am at phase 2 and still, I get 3s and 4s. But the reason why I get such grades is that I don't care about French and honestly I don't like learning languages. On the other hand, I have Spanish ab initio that I've never learnt in my life. Moreover, I heard that Spanish is one the easiest languages in the world and is quite easy in the IB. Thinking this through, even with myself weak at French I was thinking of choosin
  3. Hi everyone, thanks for reading this. I am making my extended essay in Group 2, English B,but I've had some complications with my topic, at the end I decided to make it about the movie The Giver by Lois Lowry and my RQ is "To what extent does the English language get affected by the “non-cultural culture” which is presented in the film The Giver, based on the book by Lois Lowry?" I know an EE in Group 2 must "develop students' knowledge and understanding of the target language and culture." like it says in the EE guide, so I guess I will have to modificate the question to relate it w
  4. I am considering doing my EE for a Language B (likely Japanese, or possibly Chinese). However, exemplars have proved to be more than hard to find. I would really like some personal opinion on this potential choice. If anyone has done an EE in Group 2 before, advice would be greatly appreciated. Also, if anyone has access to some Japanese, Chinese or English Group 2 EEs, I would really appreciate those as well. Thanks a lot
  5. Hello IB survivors/ surviving! I have chosen my Research Question quite a while ago but I have been changing the era (the time limit) so many times and I'm not sure if it is better to keep it within a range of 10 years only or expand it more. Also, I'm not so sure how I should go about approaching the question - the introduction and the arguments. How many arguments am I recommended to have? Is it okay if I use the PEA (Point, Evidence and Analysis) approach here? I'm aware I've just asked a 100000 questions but I really need some help because i have about a month until my fi
  6. Hello everyone so I decided to get started with My EE in German B and got a little stuck picking a topic. My original idea was to do something about the Hitler Youth (it's goals and the way that they were educated), however I figured this topic was way too broad. I then decided to talk about the evolution of the German language specifically how the influx of immigrants coming to Germany has shaped the language of the German youth nowadays? ​ Would this be an acceptable topic or is it still too broad? If so, how could I possibly narrow it down or reformulate it in order for it to meet the c
  7. Hi, I want to write my EE on a piece of French literature (probably a novel) but I don't know what book to write it on. I don't really like the French books I've read so far enough to write the EE on them. Any suggestions? I guess I'm looking for books that are not super well known but are still very good and have a lot in them to analyse. I'd also prefer that they not be too long (like over 400 pages) because it takes me a while to read in French. Thanks!
  8. Hi, so I'm currently a 10th grader who studies in International School Manila and I'm planning to take IB next year. I've already made my choices for most of the IB groups however I'm having trouble choosing a subject for group 2. As I am taking A English Lit. SL, I am now trying to choose a course for my 2nd language. Being Filipino, I am fluent in the language however I have also been studying Mandarin Chinese for around 8-10 years coming from a Chinese school. Would you think taking Filipino A2 would be more beneficial for me as I would obtain a bilingual diploma or would taking Chinese
  9. Hi, I've been living in Germany for most of my life and so I speak German almost fluently, because of this I decided to do my extended essay in German B. I was wondering if any one had any adive for an EE in language B (not necessarily German). I want to do it in category 3, baised on a single text but I'm not sure how much research I am meant to do outside of the text I am using. As I have been told that the EE should be primarily about research but that a category 3 language B essay is focused on annalysing a single text, I'm not sure what research I need to do. If anyone has any tips they w
  10. Hi guys! I am going to start my DP program in next academic year. My nationality is Indonesian so Bahasa is my first (mother tongue) language. I have chosen Bahasa A Literature and English B as my group 1&2 subjects. Should I replace English B with English A Literature? What are your advices? Thanks!
  11. I'm a bit confused between HINDI or FRENCH!! I'm not able to decide on those 2 subjects. ANY suggestions onto what to choose. THANK YOU
  12. Hi everyone, So I'm currently working on an Extended Essay in Italian B. At the moment I go to school in Italy near the border with Slovenia and I wanted to do an EE about minorities in Italy and the topic I decided on with my teacher was comparing the treatment of Slovene and French minorities in Italy. So the research question would be something like: "Is there a significant difference between the way the Italians treat the Slovene minority in Friuli-Venezia-Giulia and the way they treat the French minority in Val d'Aosta?" I would look at the number of Slovene and French schools, their
  13. Okay, so I've just recently begun the extended essay process. I am considering doing my essay as a group 2 essay in Spanish. I have thought about many topics but am having trouble narrowing them. If I were to write my essay based on the dictatorship of Franco, in Spain, what kinds of cultural aspects could I focus on to keep it as a group 2 essay? Thanks!
  14. Hi, I was thinking about doing my EE in French (Group 2). Analyzing French Literature is too hard for me and anyway, I don't like the idea of it. What I want to do is something related to French culture and society. Unfortunately, neither do I live in a francophone country nor am I close to any francophone countries. How does the IB expect me to analyse French culture without actually being in a place with active French culture? Can anyone offer some advice or help? Also, if anyone has done a non-Literature French EE without needing to be in a francophone country, please post your topics here
  15. Hello everyone, So, I was thinking about doing my EE on Alice in Wonderland, as a part of category 3, however I found it quite difficult to find an appropriate topic. I wanted to write about something I find interesting, and changed my mind about Alice in Wonderland. Here's my idea; The impact of the tv show Doctor Who on the British society. Obviously, I am going to work on that sentence and turn it into a proper research question. Could you tell me if it is suitable? How can I narrow it down? Or is the idea bad? Thank you so much.
  16. Hey guys! I'm struggling in picking my group 2 language choice. I'm vacillating between Chinese B SL, Chinese ab initio or French ab initio. I've been learning Chinese for almost 3 years however, my studies were kind of limited as I had a horrible teacher in my previous classes. She didn't even speak English! Anyway, some people say that Chinese ab initio is too easy, it's like simple things like "Ni Hao" and really basic Chinese. I know basic Chinese and I can usually understand what people are saying, it's just the responding back part that I need to work on. I was thinking of going to Chin
  17. Firstly does anyone have any links to German Group 2 extended essays? (DaF) I can't find any online. Also could someone explain this please? I have the following list of accepted cultural artifacts: I've seen some Group 2 research questions about the effect of immigration, but many more that focus on interpreting newspapers or music lyrics. (In the general culture category; not the language/culture section) Would the analysis of an issue that affects the lives of people in the target country be OK for this essay, using newspaper articles, televised reports, interviews, adverts, hist
  18. Hello everyone! I have to decide what subject area I want to do my EE in and stumbled over the possibility of doing it in Classical Greek. I've studied this subject in my previous non-IB school for 4 years but my current school doesn't offer it. Generally it seems that not a single person on this planet has ever taken their EE in that subject. If you did, could you help me answering the following questions (I read the EE guide) ? Thank you very much! - What does the syllabus of IB Classcial Greek look like? - How much is the EE in Classcial Greek based on language itself? To me it seems pretty
  19. I'm currently a sophomore and in the middle of selecting my IB choices for next year. My dilemma lies in group 2. I don't know whether to choose French B or Vietnamese A1 (standard level either way). I'm a Viet, but to be honest my Vietnamese really isn't that great. I can easily write literary commentaries in English, but I struggle to do the same in my mother tongue. This is really a big problem cuz Viet is only available at A1, which focuses heavily on literature analyses and all that. I know Vietnamese A1 has a really high percentage of students getting 7s, but I highly doubt I belong to t
  20. If I choose to do my EE on Group 2 (French B), does that mean I would have to write the essay itself in French? As well, are these good/narrow/deep enough topics (if at all )? Which do you prefer? To what extent has Bill 101 influenced the prevalence of anglicisms in Québécois French? How does the use of anglicisms compare between different age groups in standard and Québécois French? Any help is greatly appreciated, merci!
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