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Found 12 results

  1. SO many people say "a 7 in IB is harder to get then an A or a 5 in AP".. so then how would college admissions look at the gradings of IB on our transcript.. Would 5 be like a B+? 6 = A? 7= A++? I'm curious how "bad" a 5 would look on my junior transcript...
  2. Hey everyone So I've always been struggling with math and I am pretty sure I failed my paper two maths SL. So I was wondering how exactly will it be graded? I know I have to have at least a two as my final result but what if I passed Paper 1 with 2 points and failed paper two with 1 point and my IA was okay? If I fail one paper in my exams, will I fail the whole subject or will every grade be count together? I am pretty sure I failed the whole subject, but as I asked the Ib coordinator he wasn't sure and one of my friends who did Ib a while ago said it will be taken the average so even if
  3. Hello, When does the IB start grading stuff that you've submitted to IBIS, like the Extended Essay, TOK, IB Visual Arts material, and your English Written Assignment? etc. Does this happen before the exams are over? Like, are they marking everything now? In addition, if you, let's say get caught plagiarising on any of the above, do you get contacted? Or do you just fail your diploma? I'm pretty sure they contact you before your diploma is out to justify. Correct? Regards
  4. Hi everyone! I am starting IB next year (2017) at this stage. However, I am really stressed about the grading and the exams of it. I am doing these subjects (HLs and SLs not finalized yet): English HL Psychology HL Economics (HL/SL not sure) Biology (HL/SL not sure tossing between eco and bio for third HL) Maths SL (may drop to studies) French ab initio SL So basically, today I talked to a few IB students in the year above me and they basically said that I would be fine and they think it's a 100% worthwhile experience. However, they talked about the
  5. What is your opinion on having one test grade for the quarter that is worth 70% of the students grade.
  6. Hi! I know this has probably been asked before, but when the mark-scheme says: "Award (A0)" and " award (A0)(A0)", what does it mean? Answer this considering that: A: Answer Number afterwards means the amount of points achieved. Considering that, does that mean I get 0 points? If that's the case, then why would they even "award" something at all? Thanks in advance, Me
  7. just wondering who grades the exams. Are papers sent out to different countries or do they stay in the country i am in? Professors or teachers or random trained people?? asking because my chem teacher is stupid and doesn't accept that their are other ways methods to do things and will not acknowledge my past education. It would be nice to know if i really do need to change my habits completely (was only planning on changing methods in class and doing things differently for actual exam) or if i can find a way to get this teacher fired because she sucks.
  8. So I know that each student has the opportunity to earn 3 points from the E.E. and TOK. I do have the chart that tells you how many points you get according to your grade in each one. But I don't understand the one for TOK, I was predicted a 38 on my essay, which is A, and got a 14 on my mock presentation, which is a C. I'm still missing my real presentation, but let's imagine I get a 14. So, for the final grade is it a B? Or because I did got a high A on my essay, can it be an A? And what is the minimum (if I do get a 38 on my essay) that I have to have in my presentation to get an A on the o
  9. I have a biology EE, but my advisor said I can get switched into environmental systems because I'm more interested in ecology. I know that experiments in biology tend to get higher scores, but is the same true for environmental systems? I'm having a hard time finding something I could do an experiment on and so I'm considering just staying in biology.
  10. Hello! I have a quick question for you I can't seem to find the answer to (maybe I just missed it on EE guide? Who knows). The question is - is there a difference in expected level of EE between HL and SL students? I know that in Math IA's they have different grading systems for both levels, but are EE's all graded same, no matter what level the subject is in? I am doing English : Lang. and Literature SL EE, and not that I want to make a worse essay, but I was just chatting with some people and started wondering. Thanks.
  11. How difficult is it to achieve a 7 within a class? Specifics and examples would be most appreciated. Most interested in replies in relation to: HL English HL Mathematics HL Biology HL Pyschology SL Chemistry Ab Initio Spanish Thanks.
  12. I've just got feedback on my IA and got 15/20 I know that you count together both your IA:s into 1 grade out of 40, but then what represents what? And what would a 5, 6, 7 be? Thanks in advance!
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