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  1. How good is 39 out of 42 considering my first half term prediction of G11? Considering I still haven't gotten my first semester report. Breakdown: Chem HL --> 7 Bio HL --> 7 English HL --6 Spanish SL --> 7 Business SL --> 7 Math SL --> 5 Take into consideration * I was supposed to get a 7 for english, but according to teacher he intentionally didnt give 7 to anybody to make us work even harder *eye roll* * And math applications had an avg of 3 of the whole grade, due to which many students (also me) will switch to math anal
  2. Hey everyone, I am currently an 8th grader in the United States, and I am taking Spanish 1 online. The curriculum which I use is called PEAK or FuelEducation (one of the two.) Spanish would be my third language, as I'm fluent in English and my mother-tongue. It's been difficult learning it online, to say the least. The curriculum isn't structured very well, and it is hard for me to get a grip on a lot of the basics of the content. I plan on taking Spanish for my SL in high school. Will I be OK in the long run? I think that I am a hard worker, and most things also come easy to me, which I
  3. Sooo, I just had my ib math studies world exams and I was wondering that worst case scenario if I were to get a 3 in both paper 1 and paper two but got a 5 in my IA could I still be able to get a 4 as my final math grade?
  4. Hey! My biology IA is predicted at a high 4 low 5, I am trying to get a 6. However, If I keep a 5, will I still be able to get a 6 overall if I do well in my exams? And how much is the IA weighted in contrast to the exams?
  5. Hi there! I am in G12, and now an applicant mainly targeting top 20s for chemistry+graphic/industrial design dual degree or design major (which means I am choosing chemistry as a second major at second year of college) My stats are okey: 720R, 780M, 110 TOEFL, 760 chem and 740 math (gonna retake probably) However, I have a 3.7~3.8 cumulative UW GPA with a 34 out of 42 at last semester in IB. (The average of two semesters is 36) Scores are really not my forte. I do have good ECs and a strong art/design portfolio (my teacher said that my portfolio has the level of work of an
  6. Just incase anybody wanted to know the average grades/scores that students internationally receive in IB, I've found a PDF with statistics from IBO - this is the most recent PDF I could find and the statistics have been taken from the May 2016 session. I've listed the page numbers of some information depending on what you may want to check - Page 9: Extended Essay statistics Page 10: TOK statistics Page 16: Statistics on number of points awarded to candidates Page 17 to Page 22: All subject grade distributions (including mean grade + % of candidates r
  7. Hey guys, So I have received feedback on my final IA grade, however my teacher says that they need to review it with other teachers... Is there a possibility it could go up? because I believe my teacher is a harsh marker and that it should be at least 1 point higher.. Thank you
  8. Hey all, I just got my IOP grade for English A SL. I got 22/30 a grade 6. I was told that the grade does not matter at this point, only the points since they are added to the IOC points next year to get a grade. I also understand that the IOP is 15% of the grade and the IOP together with the IOC is 30% (right?). Anyway I knew it would be hard to hit a 7 but I am not really satisfied with what I got, I was expecting more. Is a 7 still within reach for my final grade? Need some motivation, I feel like this is a bad grade. I haven't had literature before the IB and it took me up until now to
  9. Hey I was just interested in how can your grades change from first to last term of first year? What's the highest that you can change? For example, is it possible to have a 7 in the end if you had 5 in the first term?
  10. So I've got the general grades of each subject, but I was wondering how I did in each of the individual aspects of the subject (for example the IA of Biology, or the Paper 1 of Biology). Do we get the results of each individual work or do we just make do with the general grade?
  11. If one gets 7's on the IA's and 5 on the External exams --> what will the final score be?
  12. Hello, Does anyone know what the grade boundaries for the new TOK course are? Our presentation and essay are both out of 10 and have a 30-70 weighting respectively. Is the TOK and EE matrix the same as that for previous years where an AA or AB is needed for 3 bonus points? Thanks!
  13. Hi, I want to apply to Singapore and my grades are as follows: IB probably 37-39, SAT 2140 combined and 2070 single with 710 reading, 760 maths and 670 writing. I have a TOEFL of 105. I would say my GPA is good but I don't think any would understand it as it is a weird Turkish grading with a twist of my school as well. So I was wondering are my grades competitive enough for NTU or NUS WITHOUT a scholarship. Thanks
  14. Hey guys! Since my school's organization is extremely terrible and they've hired a bunch of non- IB qualified teachers who are poorly familiar with the curriculum and the criteria I was wondering if there s a possibility to access the criteria online somewhere? Correct me if I am wrong but I believe that there is one criteria sheet that covers all the 6 subjects and I've received a few of them last year (which I've obviously lost), and since my school is to unorganized to provide us with them I was wondering if you guys could help me out Thanks
  15. Poorguy

    IB score 30

    Hey, I got socre of 30 in Ib... I am taking gap year and trying to apply university around HongKong for 2016 session With this grade, where can I possibly go? Language A sl 7 Eng B HL 6 Chem HL 3 - Process of EUR Psych SL 4 - Process of EUR Bio SL 5 Math HL 4 I got both C for EE and TOK, which deserve 1 I want helpful advices....
  16. Hi, I noticed that the Language A1: Literature SL exam starts in few days and I want you just ask a question. Theoreticaly, if I become a grade 1 in Paper 2, but i have enough points overall to pass the whole subject, will I recieve the diploma?
  17. I got a 25 out of 30 on my IOP... is that good? On the rubric my teacher gave me there wasn't a conversion score so I don't know how a 25 fits in. I got a 9/8/8. Thank you!
  18. Hi! After my IB, I want to apply for medicine in UPCM (Université Pierre et Marie Currie). The problem is that I don't know what the requirements are. (In terms of grades) Can somebody tell me, what the average points on the IB scale are. I just can't find it on the website!
  19. Hi! I don't know, if my thread appears more than once? I make a couple of ones, but they don't show up?! Anyway, after my IB, I want to apply for the France Medical university (UPCM) - Université Pierre et Marie Currie - in Paris. Yeah, I want to know what the required grades are for the university? I can't seem to find it, anywhere on the webpage, so I hoped that you would find it better than me, or just happened to know it! Thanks in advance.
  20. Hi guys, Last time I did an FOA, I did it on part 2, and the format of the FOA was very different from what I am trying to do now. It had bullet points on each slide, and I made sure I used a lot of vocabulary I learned in class. I got a good score on it. However, I was skimming through YouTube and found an unique FOA. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzRsfO6eeIw&index=10&list=UUikzrEhZS-9ucVleDrwGpnQ It is comprised of only photos, and it is not very academic. IBSurvival users, what grade (out of 7) would you give this FOA? Do you think its a good idea to do a summative FOA
  21. Out of love for all you fellow IB survivors, I've done my research and made my notes and will post up the grade boundaries to all subjects I am aware of the grade boundaries for - apologies in advance that there are some subjects I don't know at all, or only have the HL for Group 1 English A Literature HL 1: 0 - 17% 2: 18 - 32% 3: 33 - 43% 4: 44 - 56% 5: 57 - 68% 6: 69 - 80% 7: 81%+ English A Literature SL 1: 0 - 16% 2: 17 - 30% 3: 31 - 42% 4: 43 - 55% 5: 56 - 68% 6: 69 - 80% 7: 81%+ Group 2 Spanish B HL 1: 0 - 13% 2: 14 - 27% 3: 28 - 46% 4: 47 - 60% 5: 61 - 72% 6: 73 - 86% 7: 87%+ Spanish B
  22. Hey, I came across this document with all the grade boundaries for each paper and assignment. Hope this helps! 201405_Grade_Boundaries.pdf
  23. Hi, i have just gotten my results and found that i'm 1 mark off a 6 in English HL, and 2 marks off a 5 in Bio HL. The breakdown of my English Marks are: Oral IA moderated mark: 17 (Grade 4) Paper 1 moderated mark: 13 (Grade 5) Paper 2 moderated mark: 22 (Grade 7) Written Task moderated mark: 22 (Grade 4) The breakdown of my Bio Marks are: Paper 1 moderated mark: 23 (Grade 3) Paper 2 moderated mark: 24 (Grade 5) Paper 3 moderated mark: 40 (Grade 5) Practical Work moderated mark: 23 (Grade 4) Are these marks worth a remark?? Thank youuu
  24. So, I got my Biology IA grade yesterday, and it was extremely unfair! Normally, on my paper 1, 2 and three, it get a 6 or 7, and that is what i predict I also got at the exam. But then I got my IA back, and it was like 22/48!!! I know it is worth more, because I helped some friends with theirs, and they got in the 30's. Some where made in groups, and they were in the 30's as well. My teacher graded my IA's before I handed them in, and they all got 6s and 7s. This is so weird! Is there anything I could do? I hope it is a mistake, but he does not answer my emails! The is very unorganised, and lo
  25. Hi! I'm doing HL history, and I'm just wondering what is required in order to pass? Do I need to have 4 or more on all papers (and IA), or is it enough to have a 4 all together? Could I for example have 6 on IA, 5 on paper 1, 4 on paper 2 and 3 on paper 3, and still pass?
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