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Found 11 results

  1. Consider f(x) = 2kx2 – 4kx + 1, for k ≠ 0. The equation f(x) = 0 has two equal roots. (a) Find the value of k. Anyone know the answer? I'm confused of what to do... i know that b2-4ac=0 but it doesn't help a lot because 16k2-8k2=0 8k2=0 and that doesn't work... Thank you
  2. Hey everyone! I'm currently in the period of time to choose my topics and making proposals for the Math IA and I'm currently choosing to try do a research on Badminton. I really love Badminton and have been playing it since i was a child so i really love it and i am very interested in it. But i need some help on ideas what i can do research in the ideas for Badminton. I hope that anyone can help me by giving a little idea or anything that can help me with my Math IA. I need help cause i'm not that great in Math. And i did found some relations between math and badminton.
  3. Good day to everyone. I was hoping someone could guide me a little with my Math IA. I planned on doing it on 'Curve Fitting', where you know you have a Curve, or a logo perhaps to be more precise, and you to try to find the mathematical expression to plot the same. For example, if you see the attached screenshot, courtesy of Wolfram|Alpha, you can see a batman logo for which an equation has been provided. How does one get these equations? If I have a particular logo in mind, how should I go about, or what method or technique can I follow to get the equation? If someone could provi
  4. Version 1.0


    My digitized, handwritten notes for HL Maths Core. Probability notes have not been included due to difficulties with the uploader.
  5. Could anyone in Math HL/SL explain to me in brief, how to identify domain and range of a particular equation. Any good method to easily identify them Example:- f(x)= 1/x+2/x+1
  6. If I am asked to list the functions of life carried out by all organisms (including unicellular organisms like Paramecium and Chlorella), would the tasks of the 7 functions be the same in all cells? For example, if I know that most metabolic pathways happen in the cytoplasm in Chlorella, is that fact apparent for all cells? Also, just to clarify, are prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells greater than plant and animal cells? For example, can a prokaryotic cell further specialize into a plant cell? Or are prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells completely different than plant and animal cells? Thank you.
  7. 43 downloads

    Title: Deriving an alternate generalization of the trigonometric substitution method for solving cubic equations My extended essay in maths, which is on solving cubic equations using algebraic methods, with considerations of complex numbers and their behaviour with different functions. This essay scored 30/36 and an A overall.
  8. Hi Guys, I needed some help with the Functions Unit, especially graphing functions without a calculator and finding their reflects in y = x or their inverse etc. I usually have problems in functions that involve an Asymptot or turns into an asymtot when you graph their inverse etc. Any suggestions on how to tackle these kinds of problems? Also, any tutorials both visual and text based will be really appreciated. Thanks!
  9. Yllat

    TI-84 Plus

    Hi guys ! I was wondering do you have any tips on how to use fast and efficiently TI-84 Plus ? I have this problem that even if I know how to calculate for example intercept and then I make another calculations I immediatelly forget how I calcualted the intercept before and I am not able to calculate it again ;( Hope you will help me
  10. 40 downloads

    A concise overview of the Functions sections in the Math HL syllabus. This document is made to aid in review and exam preparation. Feel free to contact me if you find any errors or have any suggestions.
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