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Found 10 results

  1. im doing english a EE in Hemingway's short stories. i want to research about Nick adams, but i dont have any idea about research question, can anyone suggest me any ideas? ASAP
  2. So I'm doing a math EE and I my topic is stress on students and their coping habits. My problem is with the topic of my EE, I'm concerned about it because with the evidence and data that I've collected for my research, I'm not able to actually calculate any math with it. So I've come to the conclusion that I need to change the topic entirely to allow me to do some actually math in my data. I remember reading somewhere that math EE's can revolve around statistics and so my research that I've collected are mainly just statistics on student stress but I cannot do any actual math with it because
  3. hello guys! I started IB this year and i am thinking about doing my EE about latin america, but i have no ideas about what topic should i write about...
  4. it's already mid-august, and i haven't gotten much done (if anything) for my history ee. i am focusing on the vietnam war; my question is "to what extent was the ho chi minh trail a significant factor to the victory of north vietnam" i've been looking up articles and such for debates and different perspectives, but maybe i haven't been searching hard enough because there is practically nothing that satisfies my question, which has started to make me more and more anxious about completing the ee. i can't get a hold of my supervisor to help me narrow down my question and guide my quest
  5. At first, I was thinking of writing about how use of language changes in adverts in the 80s, 80s and 2000s but I can't seem to find any advertisements. I'm still thinking of doing something about change in language and slangs, but I can't figure out what to write about and I'm freaking out because 1. I can't talk to my supervisor about it for a couple of reasons lol and 2. The first draft was due ages ago. Can anyone please help me to think about something? I'm absolutely desperate.
  6. I am writing a Language & Literature Category 3 Extended Essay in which I analyze political victory speeches. My question will be "to what extent does X impact Y?", but I fear that the answer will be "not at all" or "barely." Will not finding anything hurt my essay? TLDR: LangLit Cat3 EE discovers nothing
  7. I changed the subject of Extend Essay from math to language A in the September of 2nd IB, how to write reflection in this case. Should i write the first reflection about math, and then explain that i changed it to language A in the 2nd reflection. Or should i write explain it in the first reflection to make sure that the reflection shows how i work out the final job so don´t waste too much words on the first idea . Since my languageA is in Chinese, my math is in English. If i need to write the first reflection about math, should i use English or Chinese?
  8. Throne

    EE topic

    I have come up with a new economics question about market structure, however my supervisor suggests me to stick with my first question about demand. His reasons are that one of the students are already doing about market structure (4 students pick to do Economics EE), which he afraid of collusion; furthermore, he think that there are already too many IB students are doing market structure, which I would be penalize by the examiners. Is this the case? Should I stick with my interest, or my supervisor's suggestion?
  9. Hi guys, For my Extended Essay in History I decided I wanted to investigate the question - "To what extent can the persecution of the Serbian people by the Axis powers and Ustase regime during World War II be considered a genocide?" Is this a reasonable enough question for my EE? Cheers for the help
  10. Hi everybody, I was wondering if someone could tell me if they think my Extended Essay topic is still history, or if you would say if it seems too much like an Economics essay. My topic is: To what extent have the lives of former East Germans changed since the reunification in 1990 economically?
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