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Found 14 results

  1. Hey, I just want to be sure that I'm not in over my head when I transferred from a public school to a charter, that offers IB. I usually have good motivational tendencies and coping with depression off my female monthly event, but I realized that I had not taken into account that my depression is exacerbated greatly during that period of time. I think that my emotional stress every month grants me a disadvantage that will not prove fruitful if I stay in the program. I do well in all of my SL courses except Biology because the teacher rushes everything, usually not telling us a
  2. I am a certificate student and currently taking IB Chemistry HL, Biology SL, English SL and Math SL. I feel like l'm taking all the core subjects in IB but I won't get a diploma since I am a certificate student. I'm planning to study medical science but would certificates for these courses also help getting into competitive universities? I mean I don't regret taking certificate courses but some other full ib kids tell me that my choices are stupid :(
  3. Hello everyone, So i am doing extended essay in psychology and my research question is: to what extent does childhood physical abuse lead to later violent or criminal behaviour? So I've to make outline of my essay and plan my essay. I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions about the argument posed by the question. I was thinking one could be violent and criminal behaviour and the other could be contrasting behaviour like shy, avoidant, socially anxious. Please tell me if i should change something or give me more ideas? Thank you!
  4. Hi guys, I know its will be sound crazy but I really dont know what to do, I feel confused((( When there was a time for subject's choice i didnt know what profession i want and choce that, which are most interesting for me: HL-Geography, Language A (belgian), English B SL- Biology, Math, French ib initio i dont know about what i thought about when chose these subjects, there are so different and i dont know what i will do when i'll graduate, i mean which faculty? I know this is a serious program and students choose it because they know who they wanna be in the future, probably
  5. I am suicidal. I am an IB student from Vietnam, and this is my second year in the program. My classmates and I will be taking the exams very soon in May of 2013. Ever since I joined the IB, I felt a certain state of dull nerves, one might say, that have continued for nearly a year and a half now. I joined the IB never fully realizing the academic and social pressures that it entails, and the amount of stress, pressure, and expectations was too much for me to handle. I broke down. I constantly have feelings of guilt, helplessness, and sadness, and thoughts of suicide have crossed my mind. I sel
  6. Hey People! I'm currently doing a psychology EE on depression and prevention in relation to cognitive behavioral therapy. I'm having trouble with determining a "right" topic. My supervisor says to find a narrow topic that allows you to go into depth, but not too broad where there is too much to cover. I initially wanted to compare two types of therapy in preventing depression, but he told me to go even narrow. So now I'm stuck with cognitive behavioral therapy. My current topic that I'm thinking of is: A comparison of cognitive behavioral therapy and cognitive behavioral family thera
  7. I am currently working on my extended essay and my research question is: To what extents can the factors, that make women more vulnerable to depression, be due to biological factors or social factors? One of my problems is that it's a bit hard to find sources, especially psychological journals since most of them must be purchased, otherwise only the abstract is shown. Does anyone have a good advice for finding helpful sources? Thanks, Aida
  8. Sunber123

    I need help

    Hi, I am a Gr.11 IB Student in in Canada. I have never been really good at math, I barely got an 83% in Gr.10 HL math. For all my past tests, I have received nothing over a level 4. I work very hard and I don't miss any homework, I do all the adequate studying, but I still receive a 4. I recently got a 1 and 2 on my calculus and curve sketching tests, 2 tests which worked so hard for. I have a tutor, but it really does not help, because I can get help on the questions I want, but a tutor can't really teach me to be smart. I want to leave IB, but I really don't have any other friends in other
  9. Which poems are best to compare by Sylvia Plath and Anne Sexton. I would like to focus on the theme of depression?? Thank you
  10. Guest

    Will I Be Ok? :(

    Hi I'm about to take the IB Diploma Program and I'm so nervous! I don't know everything about the program, and I don't know exactly how to nail it. I just know that I'm hardworking and eager to learn, but I don't think that is enough. The last school I went to has Vietnamese as the majority of the school and I didn't even fit it despite the fact that I'm a Vietnamese myself! The new school I'm going to are full of foreigners from all over the world. Not only so, I just recovered from severe depression, OCD and psychosis from two years of battling against them. What if the IB stress is
  11. Hi everyone! So I'm considering two choices for my future education - IB in a new school and A Level in my current school. Could you help me with my decision? First of all, I'm a recovering depression sufferer. I'm still on medication but the dosage is being decreased by my psychiatrist. I'm craving for some changes. Second of all, I'm in the top five of the class and the teachers really like me. I love learning and am hard working. I do well in social science subjects, languages, sciences and musical extracurricular programs while math and sports are my weaknesses. Third of all, I'm g
  12. I recently decided that I don't want to do my EE on English, but Psychology. I'm interested in the abnormal psychology, particularly with disorders such as anorexia, depression, bulimia, etc I want to study something that I can write a lot about. Potential EE questions: 1. To Analyze etiologies in terms of (biological, cognitive, and socio-cultural ) factors of anxiety disorders, 2. To what extent is an eating disorder more likely to occur in a girl as opposed to a boy? 3, To what extent are Americans over diagnosed and over medicated when it comes to depression? To narrow i
  13. 19 downloads

    Empirical Study Worksheet: How Depression is Different in Men, The Genain Quadruplets, and Depression in Women
  14. (NOT HI) To what extent do you agree or disagree with these statements: 1. The period of reconstruction in the U.S. was a success. 2. What was the Import Substitution Industrialization and how did it benefit Latin America during the Depression. I have to write an essay tomorrow on one of these two. I am terrible at remembering facts. Is there anything you suggest would be MOST IMPORTANT to include in my writing? Thank you!
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