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  1. Hello everyone. I’m currently working on my Extended Essay on Computer Science and I was wondering if you guys could review my research question, as I’m not sure whether it is good or not. My topic is image compression algorithms and I’m basically trying to find out whether one algorithm will replace the other in the near future, as they are similar in certain ways, however, one of them is drastically better than the other in a couple of features. The question is: In terms of lossless raster image compression algorithms, to what extent is it likely for QOI to replace PNG in the next 3 ye
  2. I am a current IB Computer Science SL student, but my class has a long-term substitute who has no clue what he's doing. Can someone please explain how the IA works and what the requirements are? I'm thinking to make a book logger so people can make lists of books they've read and books they want to read. I would probably only use Java (so no databases). Is this a good idea for the IA? Please give feedback and guidance.
  3. Hi! My research question is "To what extent is cryptocurrency a more practical alternative to cash? For anyone who can give tips, is there a better way to word this RQ? like adding an "in terms of" or using a different adjective other than "practical", etc? Also, for anyone who has done a similar EE or has firsthand knowledge and experience on cryptocurrency, please do leave a reply if you have any tips or recommended links, or if we could even have a quick chat as one of my primary resources (having a real hard time looking for any), any help would be greatly appreciated. Than
  4. The idea I pitched to my teacher was something along the lines of "To what extent will GPU and CPU processing speeds have to be in order to create a gaming experience indistinguishable from reality?" I thought of researching VR, GPU and CPU power, clock speeds, etc. But I was told that doing this exploration would have no use. What does anyone else think? I am thinking of doing something about cryptocurrency. "To what extent is cryptocurrency a more practical alternative to cash/credit?" I haven't asked my teacher yet, but I think it would lean more towards ITGS (since i'll be talking abo
  5. For the past 2 years I've been trying to complete my computer science IA based on very little support from my teacher. The class had never been taught how to code properly and more importantly how to make databases and make http requests. After lot's of struggle I have a quite poor Android Studio application that meets few success criteria of the client. I'm wondering If even with a detailed criterion B and planning stage I could get decent marks? The teacher gave the impression that without a perfectly functioning and complex programme that we would fail so all of my efforts have been to
  6. Hi guys! Recently our Computer Science teacher assigned us to find a topic and a client for our IA. I found my client who requested an android app that would let him save bills of the things he bought and track their warranty date. I liked this idea because it seemed manageable. However, when I presented this idea to my teacher he said that it is an alright idea but I don't have a chance of scoring more than a 5 for it. His reasoning was as follows: firstly, writing anything for android usually requires you to use APIs and supposedly IB tends to grade the projects using APIs poorly, se
  7. Hi everyone. I just want to thank you in advance for reading my post. I really appreciate it! I'll be writing my EE on Computer Science. At first, I wanted to compare encryption methods, but I wasn't understanding everything. Then, I was going to compare WEP and WPA networks and their security. After consulting my supervisor, he told me that my focus should be on hacking. One of my sources in my annotated bibliography explained the pros and cons of hacking in regards to technology. He told me that I could implement my research on encryption and networks. For instance, here's the out
  8. Hey guys! I've been doing my Extended Essay about the Traveling Salesman Problem, but now I realize I'm not sure about my Research Question, and by the way, not even the subject (Math or Computer Science). I wonder if you could give me some feedback on it. My actual research question is: Proving the Traveling Salesman Problem is an NP-Complete problem. I'm thinking about maybe changing it to see how a specific algorithm (the simplex one, by Dantzig) actually helped to solve large instances of the TSP. Help, please, I'm lost. Thank you in advance!
  9. These are my DP subjects: English A French/Spanish Geography Chemistry Math Computer Science As I would be taking the computer science major in University, I was planning to take CS HL, Chem HL, Math HL, and if possible English HL too. However I really want to be able to attend NUS (National University of Singapore) or ETH Zurich in Switzerland, and thus I'm still a bit confused on how I should select my DP subjects and their levels to satisfy their requirements and further enhance my admission possibility acceptance in the future. Please give me opinions on
  10. Bon Matin Mes Amis: It is currently 1:50am here, my computer science IA is currently 1 hour snd 50 minutes late.. I have emailed my teacher about submitting by the end of the day today. Would he allow me to do so?? My IAs are due 3/31/21 but its currently 4/1/21 so.....
  11. URGENT HELP REQUIRED PLEASE I want to do a world studies essay with Computer Science (which I don't study, but will at uni), but I'm stuck. I had planned on crossing it over with economics (one of my standard level subjects) and doing it on the Cambridge Analytica scandal, but my idea doesn't have enough econ in it. I would love it if there are any ideas crossing it over with any of my subjects: Maths HL, Physics HL, Spanish HL, English SL, French SL, Econ SL. I have to get back to my advisor by the end of the week!
  12. I am thinking about doing my EE in Computer Science but I am not anywhere close to a topic. I've tried to do research on good topics for Computer science but all the examples seem so very complicated that 1. I'm scared (even though in our normal Computer science classes I have no problems following and completing assignments + all other EE topics in other subjects look threatening too) and 2. I don't want to plagiarise anyone else so everything that I see and could consider I sorta dismiss. So far I've seen various stuff about cryptopathology, data compresion and data structures. Are thes
  13. Hi all. I am working on my Computer Science IA, and am worried about Criterion C- Complexity. Apparently complexity can be added by adding features into our code, like recursion, 2D arrays etc, but is it ok to add these features even if it worsens the program's performance/slows it down, but does the job? I can then talk about how it might not have been the most effective solution in the evaluation section. Would this work?
  14. I'm currently choosing courses for my grade 9 year, and I have to choose between grade 10 intro to computer studied and grade 11 comp sci (both require no pre-requisites, and both are available for ninth graders). The grade 10 course is like an introduction to fields in technology and an introduction to Python, while the grade 11 course is programming in Java and an intro to graphical UIs. I’m also taking Python classes right now. I’m really stuck and would really appreciate it if someone could help me decide which course is the best one for a grade 9 student. Thank you
  15. Hi, this is my first time creating a forum post and I might not be as specific or on topic as I need to be to get my points and thoughts across so please bear with me. Currently I am in the midst or writing the first draft for my Computer Science Extended Essay and I seem to have hit a snag. The Research Question I have come up with is: To what extent has Artificial Intelligence impacted the space exploration industry? I would appreciate it if anyone could answer a few of my concerns about my RQ: Is it too broad? If it is, how can I narrow it without changing too much, as
  16. Hi! I just wanted to know if I could do my CS EE on random number generators. The basic idea is that I will code a two random number generators in different computer languages (Java and C++) and then compare the two. My CS teacher has no idea what number generators are and blatantly said yes... So do you guys think this topic is good for CS? Thanks guys! Appreciate it!
  17. This is my 6th week of grade 11 DP and from the first week i have been taking Computer Science, our teacher decided that it would be best to first start on topic 4 that is "computational thinking" as she believes that it is the hardest topic and should be covered first, today I had my first unit test on computational thinking and i found it to be very very challenging, the quiz out of 48 marks covers purely algorithms and problem solving, will the computer science exam be purely problem solving or will there be other components such as textbook theory and such? In other subjects i believe that
  18. Title. Science doesn't exactly relate to my intended major (economics) so I'm really just choosing whichever is the easiest one at SL. Also, I'm not considering chemistry to be an option cause I'm learning it right now and absolutely hate it.
  19. Hi guys, so this is my situation. for my extended essay, i planned to go for computer science subject on something about machine learning. My research question was about how effective a boosting model was in predicting stock prices. So i asked my teacher, and after reading my outline he said that he considered this an ITGS essay. What do you guys think? Can it be used for CS? What should i alter and how to improve? Thanks. P.S. i am also unsure of this topic is too advanced for me as i am not really experienced in the R language or programming in general, but have someone clos
  20. Hello everyone, I am currently doing my EE in computer science and i just want to make sure that my chosen topic is good and i can start working on it My research question is "To what extent is the increase in processing power diminished the need for a complicated sorting algorithms in large data structures" Is the research question fine or do i change/refine it. One problem is that i found a similar question on the official IBO website. Thank you in advance
  21. I'm a month into IB and my classes so far are: HL Maths, Physics, Chemistry, and Arabic B; SL Economics and English LL. However, I've been rethinking what I want to do in the future and have been moving away from engineering/physics towards more Maths and computer science. If I decide to drop chemistry for comp sci, my schedule will be as follows: HL Maths, Physics, English LL; SL Comp Sci, Economics, Spanish AB. My school doesn't offer computer science Higher Level. I'm worried that this setup is not as strong as the first one with regards to me applying for mathematics at Oxford. Also, witho
  22. Hi, I'm starting the IB diploma next year and I am wondering what courses I should choose if I want to study at universities such as Imperial, UCL, or King's College London. I know it is greatly recommended to take HL Math if wanting to study Computer Science, but I'm really not that great at maths and I don't think I would be able to get very good results in that class. My school does not offer HL Computer Science, but they're allowing me to take an additional AP Computer Science class apart from the IB diploma. The courses that I want to take are HL Physics, HL Economics, HL M
  23. Hi, I am currently an MYP student and the time to choose my subjects for next year is coming up so I just wanted some advice on what people thought of my choices and whether I'm biting off more than I can chew. For background knowledge about my subject choices, I'm aiming to get into a CS college. HL - Math, Physics, Computer Science SL - English, Spanish, ESS I know that chemistry is traditionally a subject for CS but I'm personally very bad with the subject and I've heard that HL and SL chem are quite difficult, and considering the fact that my HL's are already quite rigorous
  24. Hi there, Recently I had a trouble with finding an OK topic to evaluate in my EE. I'm almost 100% sure that I'll be doing it in CS, hovewer, I found my previous topic inacceptable due to some financial matters. I was thinking about a topic in which I am well informed, and I found this interesting. I just don't know if it's viable. Any comments or help on directions of my evaluation would be good to see. Thanks to you all, me
  25. Hi, I was just wondering if there was a way to make a computer science a discussion thread under the experimental science section? It seems kind of wild to me that there hasn't been one made already because it's probably one of the least talked about topics (even though the IA requirements are some of the most general and overall unhelpful). Especially since most computer science teachers probably aren't the best at teaching things like IAs (at least in my experience). SO after that mini rant, does anyone have any tips for the design doc (Crit B) for the IA? (My IA is a word game (simila
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