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Found 7 results

  1. Hi! My research question is "To what extent is cryptocurrency a more practical alternative to cash? For anyone who can give tips, is there a better way to word this RQ? like adding an "in terms of" or using a different adjective other than "practical", etc? Also, for anyone who has done a similar EE or has firsthand knowledge and experience on cryptocurrency, please do leave a reply if you have any tips or recommended links, or if we could even have a quick chat as one of my primary resources (having a real hard time looking for any), any help would be greatly appreciated. Than
  2. Hi everyone. I just want to thank you in advance for reading my post. I really appreciate it! I'll be writing my EE on Computer Science. At first, I wanted to compare encryption methods, but I wasn't understanding everything. Then, I was going to compare WEP and WPA networks and their security. After consulting my supervisor, he told me that my focus should be on hacking. One of my sources in my annotated bibliography explained the pros and cons of hacking in regards to technology. He told me that I could implement my research on encryption and networks. For instance, here's the out
  3. I was doing math EE about finding the least amount of moves in a Tower of Hanoi game with N amount of disks and P amount pegs. Then, I found out that mathematical formulas are not enough and coding is needed to find the answer. Right now, my work contains a little bit more coding than math but I was able to get an answer to the question so I am thinking about adapting it to comp sci by doing something such as writing a program to tell which disk to move, step by step to complete the game etc. However, I've looked up examples of comp sci EE and my topic is very different from them as my topic w
  4. Would it be possible to do a Minecraft mod for my IA, I already have all the stuff set up to begin work, but I'm not sure how I would go about submitting it once the time comes. I obviously shouldn't send them a copy of Minecraft (as that might be illegal), but without Minecraft (and Forge) the mod won't run. So would the video be enough? Or should I just abandon the idea entirely. Any help would be welcome. Thanks!
  5. Hi guys, so I'm currently conflicted in terms of choosing my IB HL subjects and this is cause I am not entirely sure what I want to study in uni but I've narrowed it down to either comp. sci/comp. engineering or econ/business/finance. I understand that the requirements for these two courses are quite conflicting and I am wondering which combination of HL subjects would give me the most opportunities for the aforementioned courses and whether or not I should take 4 HLs instead. Thanks! IB Subject Choices: English Lit. SL Chinese B SL Econ HL/SL ?? Physics HL/SL ?? Math HL/SL ?? Comp. Sci. HL/
  6. Hey guys, I have chosen to do my EE on Comp Sci. I have chosen to do my EE on Bitcoin, specifically the Bitcoin Security Protocol. What I need help is choosing an appropriate title to guide my EE in the correct direction, I think it is extremely easy to deviate into Economy or ITGS so I just want some help whacking it into shape. My current title is "The Bitcoin Security Protocol: Does it make it a viable currency?" My aim was to talk through the encryption method, provide some research data, compare the security to a currency equivalent (Eg. Credit Cards), etc. Does that sound like a Co
  7. I haven't taken Computer Science SL or HL, but I am moderately familiar with it from my own studies (coursera, I know Java/C++/ASM, and am taking online algorithm classes). Since the colleges I'm applying to suggest I submit a paper, and they are tech-oriented, the EE seemed like a two birds with one stone sort of deal. I was thinking about doing a EE on Chess Computers, mainly, methodology of chess computers. Would it be too broad to just break down a chess computer as a system and analyse different approaches/algorithms to the problems that chess computers attempt to solve? What about "What
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