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Found 8 results

  1. My chem ee is researching a substance contained in red wine. One of my teachers told me is inappropriate because the school does not allow any alcohol. But I still want to keep this topic concerning whether research on red wine will affect my grades.
  2. Hi everyone! i'm a hl chemistry student, and i'm struggling with my EE. the topic of my ee is investigating which tea has the most amounts of antioxidant using redox titration. now i have my raw data collected but i'm struggling with the uncertainties. what uncertainties (not including equipment) am i supposed to include when outlining the results of my titrations? the structure of the ee is a big struggle for. because i know that people can still score high points on their ee for having a proper structure, even if their scientific knowledge is poor. anyway, I'm confused ab
  3. I'm doing a Chemistry EE where the question will be something like: How does the pH and organic solvent used for the synthesis of nylon 6, 6 affect its efficiency? However, I will be synthesizing the adipic acid and adipoyl chloride along with the actual nylon. My mentor suggested to put some things like that in the appendix to stay within the word limit. He suggested to also put the chemical safety information in there, too. This caused me to just wonder: how much can go in the appendix? I know that the essential information should not go in there, and a lot of students lose points because th
  4. I have now contemplated writing my chemistry extended essay on the iodine clock reaction and see how different catalysts affect the activation energy of the reaction. The reason for me choosing this topic is quite frankly due to its simplicity, the accessibility of the equipments and tools needed and that I already know the background theory. I do however wonder whether this experiment is too simple or too unoriginal for an extended essay, seeing as the iodine clock reaction is one of the most demonstrated reactions in chemistry classrooms and countless investigations have been done about it.
  5. Hi everyone, I am doing a Chemistry EE on the oxidative stability of biodiesel, but it's seriously time consuming. In the next 9 weeks I will have do several titrations every after school. My supervisor/Chemistry teacher told me to do 5 repeats, but I rather do 3 given the limited amount of time. So will I get penalised by the real examiners if I only did 3 repeats instead of five? Thanks
  6. Okay, so I have to pick my Extended Essay subject soon. I'm confused between History and Chemistry. I've doing well in both, but I don't know much about what a Chemistry Extended Essay requires. ANy help would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Hi! I'm very stuck on a chemistry equation, after having done a back titration. Here's what I have; Mass Calcium Carbonate used: 2g Accurate volume NaOH; 4.5 cm3 Amount of HCl used: 40 ml HCl solution made up to 200 ml with distilled water CaCO3 + 3HCl = CaCl2 + CO2 + H20 NaOH + HCl = H20 + NaCl Moles NaOH used: 0.00045 Moles HCl in 20 cm3 of mixture; 0.00045 moles Moles HCl in 200 cm3 of mixture: 0.0045 Moles HCl originally added: 0.08 moles Amount HCl used up: 0.0755 Moles CaCO3: 0.03775 1 Mole CaCO3: 100g Mass CaCO3 reacted: 3.775 g % purity= 188.75 I know that it can't be 188.75 % pure. S
  8. i want to do my extended essay in chemistry im not sure if this topic is too common or not 'good enough' by the way i think i will enjoy so please dont give me answers like listen to ur heart and do what you think is right What role do acids and bases play in everyday life and do they affect our health as humans?
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