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  1. I have my first rough draft of my math IA due in one month, and I am having trouble understanding if my topic is too simple, difficult, or vague for a Math IA, I would appreciate some advice. NOTE; I DO NOT TAKE PHYSICS, NOR WILL I BE TAKING IT. I realise many people say I should take on a topic that involves physics if I don't take it or completely understand the concepts I am using from Physics, but I have no choice. My math teacher told me I can't change my topic, so I'm stuck with it! My idea was to maximize the success of a volleyball serve using the concepts of projectile motio
  2. My last topic was too complex for me so I decided to change it to something simpler but I'm having hard time developing my ideas. I'm planning to do my math IA on something about projectile motion and baseball using calculus. My current idea is "what is the most ideal angle for a batter to hit a home run with the least force possible?". I know that I will take air resistance into account, but I may neglect drag force caused by wind as the calculations may be too complex. Also, I'm not sure if I should include the calculation for momentum of ball-bat collision or not as it may be too physics-li
  3. I am thinking of doing my IA on the optimum volleyball net height based on average player height? My teacher has given no guidance, so I'm not sure if this is even somewhat doable. Does anyone have any thoughts or advice? Thanks!
  4. Hi I'm wondering if anybody can explain the reverse chain rule to me? I don't mean the whole U-Substitution thing, I mean the "shortcut" way. The formula is ∫f'(g(x)) · g'(x) dx = f(g(x)) + c. Also, we haven't learned calculus and trig or calculus and logs yet so please just use basic equations in any examples. Thank you!!!!
  5. I want to do my IA on music (maybe modelling curve using chords) as I am a violinst and a struggling IB student. My interest in both maths HL Calculus and music has bought me till here to do a IA on it. But as of now I am lost about how to start and then go on. And how far is calculus involved and will the IA be a success. I have no idea how to look into this topic and what should I apply it to could I get any advice, resources or any procedures? Please clear my confussions.(much needed of surviving IB🙄)... Thank You!!
  6. Is finding the derivative of trigonometric/circular functions, like the sine and cosine functions, part of the Math SL syllabus? Is this the level of Math SL or is it more advanced? I'm thinking of doing this in my calculations for my IA. Would it work?
  7. Basically, I thought I had some really good mathematics in my IA but it turns out that one of my equations was wrong and I can't use that method anymore. However, I still want to show that I have understanding of complex mathematics and I don't want all the work I did to go to waste (I integrated a really gross equation with decimals by partial fractions). Would it be okay for me to present the entire process I did ("I started with x method but I realized it didn't work") so I can still show that work, or would I just seem like an idiot for not realizing the equation was wrong and still puttin
  8. Hey guys! So I had an idea about my math IA and discussed it with my teacher who seemed to like it but I still have some concerns. My idea is essentially modelling newtons cooling curve and then use calculus to turn that curve into a linear equation and use linear regression and squares to find the line of best fit however I feel that the idea is not complex enough and does not go "beyond" the HL syllabus as I have seen with some other IAs
  9. PLEASE HELP. For my Mathematics HL IA I was planning on calculating the Earth's perimeter, radius and then calculate the Earth's curvature using no technology. To calculate the perimeter I need to measure the shadow length of an object in two different locations at the same time. In or Der to not deal with having to do measurements on a second location, I decided to pick the date as 21 of December and the location somewhere on the tropic of Capricorn so I know that the shadow length is zero and I only have to take into account the shadow length of my stick. (I live in the North hemisphere
  10. Hi guys, I have a question on Calculus and it has two sub-questions. It would be great if any of you could help me solve this. Sub-question 1, do I equate the equation to y equals something and then solve? And I have no idea on how to solve the second sub-question.
  11. Hey my first draft for my math ia is due tomorrow. Any suggestion what to do? Or a good explanation what you are supposed to do in a math ia. Our teacher did not spend any time explaining at all and I am lost. I was thinking maybe something with architecture, tennis or something somewhat related to calculus or probabilities. Please help!!!!!! thanks:)
  12. Hey guys, So for my HL Math IA, I stumbled upon vector functions after looking at one that suggested cycloids, which led to brachistrone curve, I'm not 100 sure as I didnt read much up on brachistrone curve itself. So I liked looking into vector functions, and looking into the calculus with vector functions. So I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on what I could investigate more specifically using vector functions and calculus of vector functions
  13. Hey guys, I need help for choosing a topic for my mathematics HL exploration.I really liked the topic differentiation and i found it easy so should i work on something related to it? Or something else?
  14. Hi, I have been trying to do my maths IA (HL), and I did think that I found a reasonable topic. So basically my topic is related to spirographs (maths behind it to be precise). I was initially planning to find the area of the figures of hypocycloids. But then I realised it is already all over the internet. This then seems to be unoriginal (or do you think its fine to proceed?). Now that it looks unoriginal, I decided to twist it a bit and find the hypocycloid consisting of a circle rolling inside an ellipse. But the problem here is, this requires stuff like curvature and elliptical
  15. Hey All! I just wanted to check, if a question asks us to integrate a function using integration by parts, do I strictly need to follow the formula booklet's formula for integration by parts, or may I use (the significantly faster) tabular integration by parts method? Also, does anyone have any specific tips on deciding whether to integrate a function by parts or use u-substitution? Thanks in advance!
  16. Hello. I need help deriving this equation using the quotient rule. I'm having difficulty reaching the correct answer because I've no idea what I'm doing wrong. Quotient Rule: (u'v - v'u) / (v2) Equation to derive: (2x-3) / (x2) What I did: u= 2x-3 v= x2 u'= 2 v'= 2x *sustituted into equation to get: -( 2x2 - 6x) / x4 The answer should be - (2x - 6) / x3 What am I doing wrong?
  17. Does anyone have the MATHS HL Papers (1, 2 and 3: Calculus option, preferably) for NOVEMBER 2015? I'll exchange pretty much any paper (2015 May or November) or previous years, if you need them, in BIOLOGY, CHEMISTRY & PHYSICS HL all papers. These are very rare! Thanks! Rebs
  18. Hi, I am trying to come up with a topic for HL math. I wanted to do something on calculating the area of revolution of irregular shapes. At first I was thinking to get the area of revolution of different water bottles I have at home (since I am a coffee person, I have a lot of starbucks thermos). I thought it was a good start, but I need an extension (the actual exploration) and I need help in coming up with this. I wanted to do the surface area of the thermos through the revolution, but that would end up being too similar to the IA from a student in the previous year and I know my teacher
  19. I'm taking math hl and i wanted to know does it cover the portions of calculus ab or bc? I will be taking the extended option as calculus.
  20. #2 (2 pts) A window in Prof. Xu' ss office is shown in figure (A) below, y = f ( s ) where f is given by f (s) = 5 sin ((π/32)(s^2 + 16)). Every evening, before she leaves her office, Prof. Xu draws the curtain (see figure (B)) over the window. Every morning she draws the curtain open, starting at time t = 0. If she draws the curtain at the rate of 0.8 ft / sec, find the rate at which the area of the exposed part of the window' s glass is changing when t = 4. ​not sure where to start, dont need answer needing guiding help thx
  21. misstery_

    Topic help

  22. HI GUYS! This is kind of urgent so I would really appreciate some feedback. The epsilon-delta definition of limits has now been scratched from the syllabus right? I'm talking about the Calculus option - Math HL. Sitting my paper in 3 weeks. Thanks a lot.
  23. Guys, kind of in a situation at the moment. The Nov 2015 (my session) exams are only 6 weeks from now and we're still kind of trying to finish our Calculus Option coverage. We're almost done, up to Maclaurin and Taylor series topic so only two more to go. But I still feel it doesn't leave us a whole lot of time to revise and familiarize ourselves with the questions and stuff. So does anyone with experience have any advice for me? I would really appreciate it. Also what would be the best approach at studying for P3 right now? Many thanks!
  24. Hello, I am currently a senior at my high school and in my junior year I passed the IB Pre-Calculus with a B and I thought that I would move on to AP Calculus since that is what other IB students who took IB Pre-Calculus junior year went to. However this year I was put into IB Math Studies and was confused. I actually wanted to do Calculus in high school so that I can understand it before moving on to college, also I thought that AP Calculus looked stronger on my resume than IB Math Studies since I am focusing on studying engineering in college. But, as I though about it more is IB Math St
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