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  1. Guys, don't know if anyone else has this problem but on my TI-84 plus I can't scroll up to see past calculations. IS there anyway to fix this annoying problem?
  2. Can you use the TI-83 (plus) calculators to create a frequency histogram with uneven classes? (we call it a frequency density graph) If so, how? (I'm not sure how to input the ranges, for example, the range is 0-30, 30-40, 40-60 etc. I have calculated the frequency density itself I'm just not sure how to create the graph on a calculator.)
  3. Hey everyone! As a current Math Studies SL student, and a TI-Nspire owner I would truly like to maximize the calculator and learn (to the best of my ability) how to use it to its fullest. I looked up videos online, but they truly didn't flesh out as much as I desired them to. If you have any recommendations or tips, please post them below to help an aspiring IB student haha! Thanks!
  4. Hey, So I have a TI84 Plus CE Calculator. I just wanted to know for my IB exam, could I just remove all the applications and programs other than the simultaneous + Polynomial equations software? (http://lo3.gdynia.pl/ofertaedukacyjna/media/calcul.pdf - This PDF from IB mentions that for the calculator I'm using only this software is allowed.) There is an exam mode which removes all these software automatically, but I would like to have the simultaneous + polynomial equation software especially for Math HL. Thanks so much
  5. Hey guys, just wondering if the Casio FX-9750GII is suitable enough for Math HL. Our school recommends us to buy the Casio FX-9860GII, but I found the FX-9750GII to be cheaper and it has almost all the functions as the FX-9860GII. Any help would be highly appreciated.
  6. Is a scientific calculator with programs allowed in an ib exam? Mine is a Casio fx-50FH, and is multiple calculators allowed in the exam as well?
  7. Im just wondering if there was any way I could have some sort of online or downloaded software of a TI-84 for Math? My calculator is with my brothers in alberta right now and I need something so I can do the homework at home. Anyone want to help?
  8. I've tried the spreadsheet method but the standard deviation doesnt seem to be correct? Or maybe I've done it wrong. Could someone please explain how to get the standard deviation on TI NSPIRE?
  9. Can the calculator TI-nspire CX be used for the IB HL Mathematics Examination?
  10. Is the TI nspire CX latest version allowed for use in the IB examinations? The calculator box and the website say two different things... The box doesnot even mention IB whereas the website says its approved for the IB. Please clarify...
  11. What's the best one for SL Math? TI-84plus?
  12. Imagine an HL Paper 2 problem like this (real example):Given a pdf f(x) = k ln(x) for 1 ≤ x ≤ 3, find the median of X.Finding k is easy enough, and then you get a problem of the formIntegral[k ln(x) dx, 1 ≤ x ≤ m] = 1/2I imagine that the expected solution is using partial integration to obtain Integral[k ln(x) dx] = k x (ln(x) - 1), then using that to obtain an equation which can be solved numerically. In this case, the problem tests both your knowledge of the definition of a median and your ability to partially integrate ln(x).However, on an nSpire, you can define a function g(t) := Integral[
  13. Hi Everybody, I wanted to ask whether one is allowed to bring TWO calculators to the IB Exams (only those permitting calculator use goes without saying), the reason being that for the first part of the course I was using a Texas Instrument handheld device and changed to a HP device for the second part, meaning there are operations I am MUCH more comfortable with using one and others I would much rather use the other for. Obviously, I would never be using both at the same time () so it would be like having one, only one that I am entirely familiar with. Thank you! Rebs
  14. Hi! I will be taking the HL Math exam soon and I am confused as to what apps are allowed on my calculator? I have the TI 84+ c silver edition. I have these apps that are preloaded on the calculator: App4MathPolynomial Root Finder/Simultaneous Equation SolverFinanceEasyData Thank you for your help!
  15. This might seem like a simple question but when do you use the "radian" mode and when do you use "degree" mode on the ti-84 calculator? When I am graphing functions, switching between the modes shows different graphs. Thanks
  16. Hello, I was wondering if there are syllabus or even instructions somewhere to use TI-83 in the Kinetics Chemistry HL? Thanks a lot!
  17. Hello everyone! This may seem a little strange, but i was in a hurry when i was solving my math SL paper two exam, and next to every question I used the calculator in i wrote "using GDP" instead of GDC (graphic display calculator) I am aware that this is somewhat weird/funny, but im really worried that the examiners will knock points off my exam for it. What do you guys think? best of luck to all of youuu
  18. Hi folks, Just a quick question: If I solve a question solely by using my calculator on Paper 2, how do I justify my answer? Should I write the command verbs or the steps I took on my calculator? This is a bit urgent. You will earn the eternal gratitude of a suffering IB student with your reply.
  19. Hi guys, do we need do know and calculate poisson distribution for the exam tomorrow ? (For Mathematics Standard Level / Syllabus 2014) Thanks in advance, G.
  20. Can anyone give me a run down of things that I should know how to do on a calculator before the math studies exam?
  21. I'm having a slight blank-out moment and I just wanted to confirm when exactly do we need to use radian and when do we need to use degrees – and when doesn't it matter? Thanks!
  22. Hello, I'm in IB precalculus, and I've been using the same graphing calculator for nearly two years now, the TI Nspire. However, I've really found many of its features very difficult to use, especially because my teacher only teaches with the TI-84. One specific feature I really would like access to is polysmlt, but I have absolutely no idea how to find/use it! Does anybody who has the Nspire have any insight to this subject? Help would be greatly appreciated!
  23. Hello people! I have seen Biology, Chemistry and Physics help threads; I figured I would create one for Mathematics too. I'm willing to help any Mathematics student with their problems or doubts. I am sure there would also be some other helpers, so if you have any Math question just post here unless they are questions regarding IA tasks. Questions regarding IA tasks must be posted in the correct IA threads and not here. Questions from textbooks, worksheets or even past year papers may be asked here no matter whether they are for Math HL, SL or even Studies. Please also include which Math level
  24. guys, i wanted to know if this calculator would do for MATH SL: TI-84 PLUS silver edition. i used some casio one before but the normal distribution functions weren't working.. please check this link and let me know if this will do for sl math. http://education.ti.com/en/us/products/calculators/graphing-calculators/ti-84-plus-silver-edition/features/bid-specifications thanks
  25. guys, does anyone know much about the CASIO fx-7400G PLUS? i have some important questions to ask.. i don't know how to work with some of the things and so i wasted a whole class today.. i guess i'll mess up half of this unit if i don't figure this out..
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