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Found 9 results

  1. I need to come up with a question for my business IA but just can't think of anything the business I am focusing on is a business called A-MAP helppp:( https://a-map.net
  2. Helloo!, I just just started writing my research proposal and I am kind of stuck in the methodology part. If I were to collect primary resources, should I stick with one method, like interviews. Or would it be better if I do more than one?
  3. Hey guys! I'm in Business sl and I am doubting a little about what my RQ should be. I want to do my IA about motivation, possibly centered on my mother's business (it's a pretty big school chain, and currently in UK and Spain.) and the motivation of their teachers. I am not sure about how to center it. My main ideas: How could Company X improve the motivation of their teachers in its spanish schools? Should Company X implement Y theory (Pink's, Maslow's...) to improve teacher motivation in Spain? I'm stuck!!! Please help
  4. “How should ______ limited utilize new technology within their promotional strategies?”. So far I have decided to use a decision tree and PEST analysis, but I cannot think of any other qualitative or quantitive methods that I could use. I know that's the IB recommends that we use 3 to 4 so I was thinking of using one method from unit 4 and possibly 1 from unit 3. If I could have any recommendations It'd be greatly appreciated.
  5. Hello, fellow sufferers of IB! I'm absolutely freaked out by my upcoming business IA. I'm very nervous and my hair is going to turn grey soon. The only thing I've managed to accomplish through my 4 hours brainstorm, was to find a company of my fathers friend. It is a transport company focused on buses going from city A to city B. The only issue that company is facing is a fair number of competitors. I'm thinking of how should I formulate my research question and here are my thoughts: "Which methods can company X use to beat their competitors?""How can company X outstrip their competitors?"
  6. I am too worried. I have to start my IA soon. I don't know if I can choose a sole trading business for this. Because so far I have only seen examples of incorporated businesses and limited companies. So I am unsure if sole trading business is fine. I have to start doing my research soon. Guys please help or suggest something. Please!
  7. I'm about to start making my Business HL IA and has started to gather few information about a particular private company interested to invest in "green" energy power plant. A brief background of the company: 1. It will invest around USD 1M - USD 100M. 2. It can only develop one power plant as of now choosing from developing (solar panel, water, biomass, geothermal) power plant. 3. It has a dilemma in choosing the best site (Manado, Bali, Padang, Surabaya) because each site has different geographic and natural resources PLUS social issues brought by the resisting people in the community as 10
  8. Hey guys. I am currently doing my business IA on the topic Human Resource Management. My RQ being, (1.)"should business X change into a more formal organizational structure to solve low staff morale?". The main solution that I am trying to suggest is whether this business should take on line managers for HR since the business I am analysing about is an informal one and the owner multi-manages all aspect of the the company including finance, HR and production, esp HR. In a sense, the owner of this company acts as HR recruiter, manager and supervisor and oddly, the business does not have line ma
  9. Hi! So I've been working on my IA for about a month already. And let's just say there's not much progress since I really don't know what I am suppose to do and the teacher aren't very helpful either. My topic is 'To what extent is the biodiesel fuel self-generate helps Chumphon Cabana Resort & Diving Center to achieve their business objective of cost reduction?' Basically, the resort I am doing research on are having this brilliant cost reduction method by producing their own bio-diesel fuel to use for their yacht and stuff. I want to look into how much they will save from this cost reduct
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