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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there! For my Biology IA, I'm thinking about doing a database investigation and investigating the relationship between a country's literacy rate and HIV infection rates. My only worry is that it is not related to the biology syllabus enough to get a good mark? I have seen the tuberculosis and HDI exemplar and that got a good mark but the syllabus relation wasn't always obvious so do you think this would be an ok topic to explore? Thanks in advance
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Bio IA about how cooking affects vit c concentration in brocoli
  3. Hi, Just wondering whether random/systematic errors are required for a bio ia? my teacher simply said "compare" them but I'm not sure how I would do this. Would this be similar to a chem IA (which I've done), so I'd have all my calculations listed out?? Also, I don't really think I can find a literature experiment for my IA...
  4. Im planning on doing either effects of different glucouse concentration on cellular respiration (CO2 production), or effects of different substrates on cellular respiration (CO2 production) using glucose maltose fructose sucrose. I will be using yeast to create the CO2. Teacher wants me to branch this idea and take it to a more unique level. My questions: 1. I know that this is probably overdone, but I am struggling due to lack of creativity to vary this simple (?) experiment procedure and make it unique enough for the reader. 2. Is it acceptable to state that my curiosity came from
  5. Hi everyone, My Biology IA is based on the rate of photosynthesis and I will be discussing about its limiting factors in my background information and their affects on the rate of photosynthesis. Most of my knowledge comes from IGCSE, or from an online teaching/textbook-course thingy called Kognity. Would that be citeable? As you can only access Kognity pages if your school as registered. An example Kognity page is this: https://isb.kognity.com/study/app/biology-sl-fe-2016/molecular-biology/photosynth-core/limiting-core/ Also, is this link citeable? Because its basically a docum
  6. Hello, I am finishing up my IA and I realized that I have two dependent variables. My question is "to what extent does the concentration of copper sulfate affect seed germination" my independent variable is the concentration. But I have both the root length and the shoot length as my dependent variables, is that a problem or is it fine? Should I take one out and do just one? Thanks for the help
  7. I'm thinking of doing my IA something along the lines of the effects of pesticides on the growth / metabolic processes of algae, I haven't really decided yet. But I'm concerned that this topic already has extensive research, or that it has already been done numerous times before, and I didn't just want to do an IA changing the concentrations of pesticide on algae. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas or tips as to how I could make it more original or interesting? Perhaps changing the type or brand of pesticide, something like that? Any help would be appreciated, thanks! This is pretty urgen
  8. I got the data, organized it, plugged it in to create graphs, calculated the SDs, and all of my t-tests in the end passed? Yay! So my lab worked. But what do I put in for the conclusion if everything passed?
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