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Found 24 results

  1. Hey all I am uploading the Case Study for Paper 1 We have to prepare ourselves on this thoroughly Even if you could suggest the questions which are likely to appear. PAPER 1 - case study 2011.pdf
  2. I am using the green book but the difficulty of the book is really high compared to the course companion book. I dont know what to use.....can anyone give me any suggestions?
  3. i'm taking the SL business and management test tomorrow and I want to know if anyone has any good studying hints or pieces of advice? thank you!
  4. I'm not sure what i can or can't do for my internal and having a little trouble finding an appropiate topic. My teacher didn't really explain it well so im confused. I'm doing SL. I was thinking of doing it about Foxconn's suicide rate and motivation theories but im not sure if i can do it about that or what i should ehh well do. I only know it's a written commentary that has to relate to the topics we have studied and that we have to use primary and secondary sources, i would really appreciate the help I'm doing my internal on How company X could decrease their suicide and turnover rate. And
  5. I am still trying to find out the tittle for my EE. Has anyone submit an extended essay within any marketing section? I was wondering if trying to define a different marketing mix for some product was good as the main topic, I am not sure if this will allow me to suport the investigation in secodary sources.
  6. Hello all! I'm stuck on deciding the RQ of my IA. There is this business diversifying into food courts but are deciding the menu. So i want to do a market research to know what the consumers prefer and at what price. So how can i improve the question,How can the business X use quantitative and qualitative market research to decide the food menu? any help is appreciated :)
  7. i have approached a company that is launching a new product range...they told me they are stuck in the promotion...dont know what would be better.. i therefore thought to research what is the most cost effective promotional mix for company's new product range? what do you think of that...is it a good research question?how would you change it to make it more forward looking..?
  8. HI! I need some help to find a suitable topic for an Extended Essay from business? Have any of you written your EE on that subjects? Any hints? I have a huge problem with finding articles and so on on the net, concernig a company with a problem or willing to change its strategy. Waiting for your help
  9. Hey guys, i"m currently taking business Sl and I'll have to take the exams next month in May. Since I decided to start studying for my exam during the next week, I was wondering if there is any good study guide, which you can buy on the IBO website or download somewhere. The problem is that our class isn't even using a Business SL book from the IBO. I was looking in this forum at some of the downloadable stuff, but i'm not sure if these notes are for Business HL or SL. So if someone could tell me where to find a good Business SL study guide, that would be great Thx!
  10. Is the most recent syllabus the one for 2009? thanks in advance
  11. Hi all, I'm new to IB Survival, so I hope I"m doing this properly. I'll be taking the HL Paper 2 in Business and Management this Friday. Just sat down to do my first practice test, and I'm noticing that there's a distinct trend in the questions. A short 2 mark definition, an 8 mark explanation of something, and a 10 mark discussion. All this is well and good, but what sort of depth is the IB looking for here? Should each question in all be about one page in their answer sheets? I know it depends on how thorough you are, but I'm curious as to general standards. Additionally, are there any webs
  12. If anyone could give me some revision notes to study apart from the IB survival files. It would be great help..
  13. Hey everyone, I was looking for Business & Management SL past papers. I cannot find any for the new syllabus (2009 and onwards). Could anyone please post a link or upload a document (preferably with the mark schemes). Thank you very much for your help!
  14. Hey people, So the exam is soon. I have made these flashcards on quizlet and they have almost all the important definitions that we will probabéy be tested on. check it: http://quizlet.com/5519140/reach-out-case-study-definitions-flash-cards/
  15. Hey guys I just wanted to know how much in detail do we need to know the business theorists and their theories? (Mintzberg, Fayol, Handy, etc.) There just seems to be so many to know comprehensively. Would i need to know them all very well in order to get a 7 in HL? Also, in trying to study for some internal exams, I found that Business has so much content it's actually difficult to study for within a couple days. So is the only way to study for business just to being weeks in advance before the exam? And if so, does anyone have any tips to remember all the content? Thanks!
  16. Hey does anyone have some notes of the case study 2011 and also if some out have some important questions abt the case to study?
  17. I have taken B & M SL but i wont mind books recommended for HL =[]
  18. I'm working with my dad's friend since he owns a gym. He told me to word my research question as the following: "Has the weak economy caused Powerhouse Gym to consider structural changes to their business model?" He said I'd have plenty to write about with this, but I'm not really sure what he's getting at. Is this research question okay? What main points could i research into?
  19. I just got it .. thought I would share it with you guys.I hope this can become the official thread for this case study.If you have any resources on it please share. Les_maisonnettes.pdf
  20. Hi everyone I'm trying to gather some primary research information for my business internal assessment, and have created a survey. Its about Nike's promotion and advertising, and if anyone would be willing to fill it out, it would be hugely helpful! The survey is fairly short and shouldn't take more than 2 minutes, and any input would be greatly appreciated! Link: http://FreeOnlineSurveys.com/rendersurvey.asp?sid=w3q5yu0vd4r4c9j838562
  21. My theme of the project is How does conflict handling style used affect employees in different culture? First up in my introduction I am going to state and explain the theme and then state how the theme is interesting and significant. Next, I am going to take conflict situations and identify the conflict handling style used (for example forcing and compromising) Next, I am going to explain the reasoning behind why these may be used and then state how it would affect the employees in real life. Then I am going to try and compare and explain how the conflict handling style may have different eff
  22. Hello, i just started to take this subject at HL, unfortunately they don't teach this subject at our school so i have to visit a private teacher at his house 2 hours a week and he is some "Principal Lecturer" of business at some other school, where he doesn't teach the IB level though. I doubt that he knows what IB BM is about, so he gave me homework to register on WallStreetSurvivor.com and invest in two stocks and i'm supposed to give him explanation why i invested in them. There are two things 1) i have no clue how to trade stocks, i have no background knowledge. i barely know what all thos
  23. heeyy does anybody know if they are suppose to give us the main case information again for the exam?? I mean, am I going to be able to use it during my exam?
  24. I'll keep the topic starter updated with any questions that can come up about the case study. Keep all discussion about the case study to this thread only. N-Pharma Case StudyMay and November 2010 Case Study.pdf Case Study Analysis Notes: http://www.ibsurvival.com/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=920
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