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Found 19 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am studying self-taught Arabic A in school. I need to find an Arabic book that has similar global issues, plot and themes as the novel Burmese Days by George Orwell. My Oral exam is very soon so please I am in desperate need for help. The major theme in Orwell's book is imperialism. Any suggestions are very helpful!! Thanks!
  2. I am moving next year to another country in which they do not have Arabic speakers, therefore not a lot of people would sign up for Arabic A. I want to take Arabic A, English B HL, Bio HL, Chem HL, Business, Math analysis SL. At the school I am going to, they offer SELF TAUGHT Arabic B and Arabic ab initio (SL). I could take Arabic B self taught, as I already had experience with Arabic A in MYP, and its my mother tongue, but taking Arabic A is easier to get a 7/7 than in English A. I need helppp from current IB Students or past IB studentssss. In addition, this school offers French A which is
  3. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    This is the textbook we are using for the Arabic ab. initio.
  4. Hello, I'm looking for an IB Arabic A literature online tutor . Does anyone know any?
  5. Hello, I am doing Arabic A literature SL self taught and was wondering if anyone have any resources that can help me? I couldn't find past papers and marckshemes so if you have that and can help, I will appreciate it very much also if you have some guide on how to write the WA or have a an example of a WA. literally anything would help. Thanks in advance
  6. Hello all, Arabic is my native language and i will be doing my EE in Arabic B because i take arabic BHL, which the IB coordinator at my school suggested. My supervisor suggested a topic that she said was really good and would get me a good grade hopefully an A. the thing is that i dont really know how to write an EE in arabic. what do i write first? what do i write in the introduction? in the abstract? can i use online resources? Please Private message me if you can help me and ill give you my topic maybe you have good knowledge in it.
  7. Hey future ib colleagues, I’m the next victim of IB! Its that time in my life where I actually have to think about what I want to be in life. I HAVE NO IDEA. Teachers are commanding (I’m over exaggerating a bit) subject choices for IB. I chose subjects that interested me other than actually dying and trying to figure out what career I want. Here it is: Higher level: Chemistry Arabic Psychology Standard level: Math English Physics can people who took these topics give me advice? Also what career can I get out of these choices??? Help!!!!
  8. What subject's are you guys doing and what are you planning to study at university?? personally, I'm doing HL: - Biology - Chemistry - Geography SL - Maths - English Arabic I'm planning to go into dentistry (starting IB in September, i might swap geo with english)
  9. Hello! I'm a tenth-grade student planning on doing the IBDP for my junior and senior year. As we are beginning our second semester soon, we are required to pick out our subjects for IB. I had a couple of concerns as when I told people about the subjects I'm intending to take, they said I would face a hard time. I'm hoping to study engineering at university, hopefully, either chemical and biomolecular engineering. I'm also hoping to get into a top university as it would help me so much! The subjects I'm planning on doing are; -Physics HL -Math HL -Chemistry HL -Economics HL
  10. hey! guys i need your help, i want ideas for my written task! its in arabic but you can give me any idea in english or point that may lead to idea thank you so muchh
  11. Hey, Currently I am half-way into my first IB year. Now, I am seriously considering if I should swap my French B HL course for Arabic A Self-taught: Literature. Why, you may ask? Apparently, the uni I am applying to requires Arabic A (within the Diploma), however, our school doesn't offer it. How difficult would a literature (SL) course be without much tutoring, keeping in mind I will get rid of French HL.. Thanks!
  12. Hi everyone, I cannot find examples of EEs in Arabic whatsoever!! I need to see/read one to see format/layout and check everything, it is quite different from English. Please post a link or PM me or even share it here if you have information, Arabic is so underrated it is both sad and stressful.
  13. Hi fellow IB-ers, Anyone doing Arabic A literature? if yes what do you use to revise and how do you revise? I found NOTHING on the internet for this subject.. NOTHING!!
  14. I'm debating between two EE questions, one for a biology EE and the other for a group 2 language EE (Arabic)! I take both classes at HL level and my biology teacher is a new IB teacher, this year being her first year to teach IB Bio and she's the only supervisor I have as a choice if I pick Biology. Meanwhile, in Arabic we may not have the best teacher but the scores are relatively higher in our school with arabic. My arabic question: Does Nagib Mahfouz in The Thieves and Dogs share the same point of view on Egyptian Society as Muhammad Haykal in Zaynab? Bio question: To what exten
  15. I`m starting IB in a little over a year and I was wondering if it was a good idea to spend my free time learning a new language, and then take it ab inito. I would just pretend I have never studied the language before, and then BOOM! on the test I would get a 7, I would probably be ahead of the class for 6 months or something, at least. I just think it would be a good idea to lighten the heavy workload of IB a little bit. Would this even work?
  16. Version PDF


    This is the official IB list for Arabic language A
  17. Version PDF


    This some suggested books if you are doing Self-Taught arabic. It is hard to make up your mind so here is some intresting suggestions
  18. Hey guys, Originally the written task for language ab initio had to be supervised by a teacher and HAND-WRITTEN. However, just very recently I heard that it has been changed and now we have to type it? Is this true? Responds are very much appreciated! Thankssss
  19. Hey there So yeah, I'm about to embark on my IB2 journey in about a day and I'm feeling really stressed out since I didn't put any effort(on purpose.. didn't want to stress myself out) into IB1, so I didn't get good results. This year is all different and I plan on putting as much effort as I can into it, hopefully getting the grades that I sought after. My question is, has anyone else had a similar experience? What grades did you get on your diploma and what sort of tips would you give me? Thing is, I'm starting to feel stressed from worrying too much, and I believe this will help give me co
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