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  1. 5 downloads

    Example essay on the analysis on "Preface to Twenty Volume Suicide Note" IB DP 11
  2. How to analyse this webpage? Kindly help me https://news.un.org/en/story/2019/07/1042411#:~:text=Subscribe-,Over%20820%20million%20people%20suffering%20from%20hunger%3B%20new%20UN%20report,realities%20of%20'immense'%20global%20challenge&text=Although%20the%20pervasiveness%20of%20hunger,per%20cent%20of%20the%20population.
  3. I have an essay due soon. I basically have to write about Tom from the Great Gatsby. What do i need to know about him? Give me as much information as possible, and your thoughts on him. What is his role? Purpose? Maybe a bit of context (his past)? All help is appreciated.
  4. Hey guys! My class recently did a few in-class Paper 1 samples, and I did absolutely horribly in them! I seem to always get the wrong main idea and impression of the poem that we get, and the teacher told me they were not convinced by the examples I used to back-up my main idea. So I was wondering! Does anyone have any tips for analyzing poems you have never seen before? I already am aware of the "Read the poem at least 3 times before analyzing" rule! What can I do to be as close as possible to the real main idea? Are there any works that you guys can recommend me t
  5. I wonder if you have ever felt like me, but right now I feel like I am dabbling on the floor with life getting sucked out of me. Our teacher chose a collection of particularly symbolist, post-modern stories for detailed study and tasked us with studying it in the summer. It is so symbolic that it takes hours only to read thirty pages, and honestly, I have begun to question all this literary analysis enterprise and its purpose. I wonder if any of you found a way out of creating a totalising system of meaning within a literary text or employ the same methods as me.
  6. Hello, We are doing a novel study on Chronicle of a Death Foretold, and I am trying to analyze two quotes that I found from the novella. They include... "By the time Ibrahim Nasar arrived with the last Arabs at the end of the civil wars, seagoing ships no longer came there because of shifts in the river, and the warehouse was in disuse." "General Petronio San Roman, hero of the civil wars of the past century, and one of the major glories of the Conservative regime for having put Colonel Aureliano Buenda to flight in the disaster of Tucurinca." How would these quotes bear si
  7. Hi, So I am 2 months into my IB program (1st year). I take English A LaL at Higher Level, and I was wondering what it really takes to ace this subject (a 7)? I would love it if you guys can give me some tips for getting a 7.. What kind of flair or analysis is required to get to that top band? P.S: My teacher told me that she never met a person who got a 7 in this subject in her career (except for 1).
  8. Hi, is there a specific structure/layout to be followed when writing the a HL biology IA. My teacher says to put the titles as the IA is marked (like titled sections of Personal engagement, exploration, evaluation...etc) but i feel that this is not the correct or general way to do it. Also, would they mark you down for structuring it that way, as it takes away from the general structure of a lab report? thanks in advance.
  9. Hey, Does anyone have or know where I can find a list of experiments that we need to know for the 2016 May exams? Thanks!
  10. Hey, I am doing a lab on the effects of temperature on the enzymatic affects of Catalase, and I am trying to find a way to analyze my data. I have means of the reaction rate for each of the temperatures (10, 20, 30, 40 ,50), but I am confused on how create some analysis on them. If you could give me some tips that would be great!
  11. Could anyone give me advice on an FOA presentation? Any ideas I could use? My topic has to be about the media and related to advertisements, speeches, political cartoons, bias in articles, etc. I was thinking about doing a political cartoon which has to do with sexism? Also, how would i talk about the cartoon for 5-10 mins? Thankyo
  12. How does this question sound? "To what extent did that attacks on the twin towers on September 11, 2001, change the United States security policies?
  13. Hello, I am sure some of you writing your exams in the next few months or the next year will find this helpful. I am writing to ask how to further improve my poetry analysis skills before the exam. When I read a poem, here is how I approach the commentary: 1) I read it again 2) I look for the main idea 3) I note down any aspects I see fit the following categories: speaker, setting, structure, tone, title, themes, literary devices 4) I then construct my thesis statement, and essay outline 5) I write my commentary I have read through many past HL and SL poems and done some analysis on the
  14. Hey everyone, I am planning on doing a commentary on a campaign for my FOA, but while I was writing my proposal I discovered that I am not quite sure of the difference between a commentary and an analysis - can you guys please help me out here? o: I have to upload my proposal tomorrow...
  15. I'm writing my first official commentary on microeconomics. I'm confused about the boundary between analysis and evaluation. Can someone explain to me with a specific economic concept, like subsidy, please? If my article talks about a government imposing subsidies for agriculture and it also mentions the subsidies are expected to exacerbate the overcapacity in the agricultural industry, what should I write for the analysis and evaluation? In this case, this is what I think: Analysis- supply curves shifts downward (because of subsidies); demand shifts to the right (due to increase in populati
  16. Hey guys, what's going on? I've (finally) finished my EE draft, however my supervisor said that there was no analysis. My EE is theoretical, about quantum mechanics applied to a pencil. What is meant exactly by analysis? There isn't any data to work with. I outlined a relatively common approach to the problem, similar to the method I originally used to solve it. After that first solution, I evaluated why it was fundamentally flawed, and then proposed another solution that gave a different answer. I evaluated and concluded based on that. Could you guys tell me where exactly does data analys
  17. Hi guys, So lately I've been working on my History IA, my question is "What was the role of the CIA in the Chilean coup?" but I'm having some trouble with section D. Some examples online that apparently received 4/6, 5/6 and 6/6 for section D all seem to analyze the evidence but my teacher says we should talk about the reliability of each source and whether or not we can trust it. Which should I follow, so far I have noted that we/can can't trust a source but he says that should be the primary thing in section D. One side note, what does the criteria mean by "the significance of sources in
  18. I decided that this area is the only one I am strong in, and I am very eager to help people (simply because I have nothing else to do), so I would like to share my Bible (that I wrote) about media literacy analysis with the IBS community. Enjoy ! --> You need to know a little about the news agent that you received your article from. Read some other articles of theirs and see if they are biased or not. This is not very necessary but very very helpful. --> Look at the title. Sometimes that tiny little phrase will structure the half of your analysis, so it is important. It gives you a littl
  19. Hey! Could anyone please help me with analysing this poem? I'm not confused about the overall message, i just need to go into deep analysis of it which im finding hard to do. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! The Poem is, The Answer by Bei Dao Debasement is the password of the base,Nobility the epitaph of the noble.See how the gilded sky is coveredWith the drifting twisted shadows of the dead.The Ice Age is over now,Why is there ice everywhere?The Cape of Good Hope has been discovered,Why do a thousand sails contest the Dead Sea?I came into this worldBringing only paper, rope,
  20. I know that this section is worth the most marks, and is probably the most crucial part of the IA, but im really finding it difficult to know how to start. What would the best layout be for the analysis section. Could you use the TEEL (topic,explanation,evidence,link) method or is there another way? Any help would be appreciated.
  21. Hey guys, I have to write an analysis essay on the Scarlet Letter, and I don't know if my topic is good or not. I need some advice! It would help if you're familiar with the work but I value all opinions! So in the book, Hawthorne strategically capitalizes certain nouns, for example: "He had been driven hither by the impulse of that Remorse which dogged him everywhere, and whose own sister and closely linked companion was that Cowardice...", etc. My essay is about how Hawthorne uses this technique and makes these words into "characters" through personification to show the effect of sin on the
  22. 6 downloads

    Notes on poetry analysis both for written and oral commentary. (It's Turkish)
  23. hey, i posted a similar topic before but i'm doing it specifically on P1 now because i just went through the guide again. for the previous syllabus, they had to write commentaries, whereas we now have to write a literary analysis.: http://ibpublishing.ibo.org/live-exist/rest/app/flat-tsm.xql?doc=d_1_a1lan_tsm_1105_1a_e so i wanted to know the difference between a literary analysis and a commentary. and if someone has examples that would be even better. even if the analyses were your own, it'd be helpful. i found this but i'd apprectiate comparing more: http://ibpublishing.ibo.org/live-exist/r
  24. Version Final


    My final extended essay on the theme "Tragedy and the Common Man" by Arthur Miller, exploring his three plays: "Death of a Salesman", "All My Sons" and "The Crucible". I got an A for this Extended Essay, i hope it guides you well
  25. We're currently studying a few books in IB English HL and our teacher often assigns us a small part of The Crucible to analyse at home. We weren't really given example essays to look at or taught these skills. It was just assumed that we should know, and we share our answers in class sometimes. I feel that this learning method isn't benefiting me and I'm not improving at all, I learn better by example. Does anyone know where I could get good literature text analysis? I'm also open to other suggestions that can help me improve, thanks in advance!!
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