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  1. hi, I am currently in dp 1 studying French ab initio for the past 4 months, I find it very hard. should I shift to hindi sl
  2. Just started making Quizlets form my German class and I thought someone else could benefit from them too! I'll add more as I make more Quizlet Folder
  3. Title says it all. If I learn the ab initio language I'm studying to a point beyond what is taught at the IB through self-study, can I apply this learned knowledge to the written assessment (e.g. using more complicated grammar structures, words not in the course, etc.)? Specifically for the externally assessed final IB examinations.
  4. Hey all, I'm in my junior year right now of Mandarin AB Initio and I was just wondering how difficult the IB exam is to get a 2 or higher. I'm sort of stressing myself out like a year before the IB exams because I'm having a really hard time with all of the characters and grammatical structures, and I'm not sure whether I'll be able to do well in the future. Thanks for the replies though.
  5. My school offers 3 different Language B subjects: Indonesian Acquisition, Chinese Acquisition, and French ab Initio. Out of these 3 languages, I am only fluent in Indonesian since it's my native language, however, due to this, there's some policy restricting me from choosing it, leaving me with Chinese Acq & French ab Initio. With no prior knowledge at all regarding these two languages, I decided to choose French since it's in an Initio. With that in mind, will French ab Initio be difficult and is it a time consuming subject when it comes to revisions?
  6. Hello! As indicated in the title, I have some questions about the Japanese Ab Initio exam. If it would help, here is some background on why I might have some of these questions, but feel free to skip this. Our IB Japanese teacher is a little laidback, and most of my class was a bit too slow for the IB curriculum. So to avoid lecturing and then having 3/4 of the class not understand them, my teacher went a little slowly and explained more so the class retains information better. This resulted in us not finishing, and our teacher left us a stack of japanese notes that they said we can read to pr
  7. Dear All, Could somebody please guide me since when this change will take effect? and will it be valid for my students admitted in aug 2018? Thank You in advance
  8. Hi, I'm currently doing my written task for ab initio Japanese and I am having trouble finding sources. What are some good websites or places where I might be able to find sources? I have found several sources but they are all very kanji heavy, and my teacher says that they're too complicated and you can get marked down for using a source that is too complicated because it won't look like you understand it properly. Thanks :-)
  9. Hey Guys! I'm new to this whole forum thing so please bear with me. So a few of my classmates and I are enrolled in the Pamoja French ab initio course although, we seem to be having a few problems with our teacher. Firstly, no matter what we do none of my classmates, nor I, can please our teacher when it comes to assignments. We have tried everything including sticking as close to the rubric as possible and even going so far as to create our own study group with native speakers to try and learn as much grammar as we can to add to our written assignments but even if we use advanc
  10. Hi, I am currently in my first year of IB, I moved to France with no experience of the French language. I am currently doing French B and my teacher suggested French Initio, would this be a good option considering I don't know French?
  11. Hi, I' doing ab initio French. Is is possible to use a dictionary on the exam?
  12. Version 1.0.0


    A quick cheat sheet to revise the french tenses and how and when to use them. It contains simple tricks to construct one tense from another tense and has a note at the end which summarises the things you need to remember well.
  13. French Tenses and how to use them - French Ab Initio Notes View File A quick cheat sheet to revise the french tenses and how and when to use them. It contains simple tricks to construct one tense from another tense and has a note at the end which summarises the things you need to remember well. Submitter IBTopper Submitted 09/19/2016 Category French  
  14. Hey guys anyone need a pen pal for french? Im currently taking french Ab! Also anyone needs an english speaking pen pal? Im also available!
  15. I'm on my second year of Ab initio German and I am struggling. My class last year was really relaxed and I have a different teacher this year that expects me as well as the German B students to be fluent in German. I get these crazy hard assignments when I can barely write a properly structured paragraph in German. I have extra textbooks and resources to help me but i'm nowhere near the level of the work my teacher gives. Any tips and advice please?
  16. Hi all! I'm taking Spanish ab initio and my teacher isn't very helpful in class.... Anyone with some tips to offer? I would really appreciate the help. Also, would anyone like to be (omg) pen pals with me??? I would like to practice writing in Spanish and would anyone who is good at Spanish be willing to help me check my grammar and stuff? I can return the favour!!! I speak English (of course), Mandarin and Malay for those who are interested. Thank you!!!!!
  17. Since I cannot see any other topics for this subject, I thought I'll start one. How was your French AB Initio Paper 1? For me it was good, although I am a little doubtful about my answers to a few questions.
  18. So i have no idea what to do. I can barely speak in or write any spanish. I think i will fail. Anyone with access to things that could help me PLEASE post it ASAP. Any tips or tricks or things to focus on please let me know. Thank you.
  19. What are the most common paper 2 prompt topics? Im trying to focus on 3 topics in detail so i can be able to pick one on the exam and do well on it.
  20. Hey guys, I'm looking for someone that I can do language exchange in French with in order to prepare for the French ab initio oral exam. Feel free to use this topic as a platform to find language exchange partners for other languages as well!!
  21. Does anyone know what exactly the papers and the IA in French ab initio are going to be like? We haven't gone in depth in class over this. We've only breezed over the topic of the exams, but we've been focusing on actually learning French. I've been able to write about a page in French before I just blank over what to say next so length isn't gonna be a huge issue I think. Does anyone know what the exams are like though? And the IA?
  22. Hey everyone - I've been giving heaps of tips lately for people's French studies, so I've decided to make a master post, filled with everything that I can think of which has helped me over the past two years (sorry for my lack of accents, my laptop doesn't like inserting them in!) So firstly, get hold of a past exam (SL/HL/ab initio - whichever you're doing). Look at paper 1, and the sort of language you need to understand, and the type of questions you're going to have to answer. Then look at paper 2, and see what you need to write about, how much you need to write, and the sort of lan
  23. How exactly do people feel with an online course in pamoja for ab initio courses? I want to do well in ab initio cause it starts in the beginning, so are there any tips for me? How many hours do people study for ab initio on average? What is the exact syllabus and how do we prepare for the finals?
  24. I'm doing a little better in french due to some help from the wonderful people on here. I do have a severe vocabulary problem, however. I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how to learn lots of vocab, verbs and their conjugations without just writing each word 5-10 times. Thanks!
  25. Would anyone be willing to tutor me just a bit every once in a while over Skype in French? Even if you're a language B or even an HL student, it's better for me to know more than less, you know? (: Thank you!!!
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