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Found 14 results

  1. Want to share the title of your extended essay? Or perhaps need help choosing one? This is the place. Psychology - The Psychology of Road Rage: A discussion of psychological explanations of road rage and policy implications.
  2. Hi, so my essay has for title "An investigation of shear thickening material in military purposes." I am almost at the finish line, but there are still some things that are trying to kill me slowly. So in my essay I have to study the viscosity of shear thickening fluid called cornstarch, as a way to model liquid body armour used in the military. The first "step" of my ee is to first establish the shear thickening property of my liquid. TO do this i dropped a metallic sphere into a cylinder filled with the liquid and measure velocity of fall and velocity through the liquid. This allowed m
  3. If not, will I lose a certain amount of marks for my essay?
  4. Hi! I'm having a bit of trouble narrowing down my topic. I have two but i can't decide which one would be better. 1st one : "Compare and contrast the views of the Northern Vietnamese and the Southern Vietnamese on the war." I came to this idea when I tried to do some researched and asked an elderly family friend and he said he couldn't give me a definite answer since the views were so different. The 2nd question is one im having trouble on since i can't really think of a question or focus one, but i want it to be about the refugees themselves, like maybe to what extent did Vietnamese refugees
  5. Hey guys! I'm in the 1st year of IB diploma program. Sometimes it's very challenging for me, both in psychologically and physically. I want you to comment my EE topic -- HISTORY and research question. My research question is "How it's described in the battle of Karbala to achieving victory while being oppressed?" The battle of Karbala is the fight between Imam Hussain (grandson of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ) and Yazid (the ruler). Yazid forces Hussain to obey him and accept his authority, but Hussain in his respond says that tyranny is far from us and henceforth rejects the request. Afte
  6. My word count is 4300 with all the tables, graphs, table titles and graph titles.. Should I cut down 300 words or keep it as it is? So eventhough the tables and graphs are included in the main body, they aren't counted as words?? Thank you very much for your answers, I was just confused by my supervisor who saaid I should put all of the graphs and tables in the appendix...
  7. Hi, I know I'm starting my EE late (rough draft is due this Friday ) (I'm fine not having my draft turned in on time, I write fast and I write research papers pretty well once I know what I'm doing) and I'm having trouble narrowing down a research question. I've always been very interested in the Chilean coup, US involvement, Pinochet's reign (benefits and injuries) and international denial of Pinochet's violation of human rights during his time in power. I feel like if I try to undertake all of those tasks my essay will end up too narrative. Should I pick one and try to find opposing sides:
  8. Hey, I`m doing my Extended Essay in Chemistry. Do you guys think my research question is specific enough "To what extent is the ascorbic acid concentration of Solanum tuberosum (red potato) altered by different cooking methods the following: baking, boiling, steaming, and microwaving." Also does the IBO care if I format using Council of Biology Editors (CBE) or MLA. The guide just says those and others are acceptable. Thanks!
  9. Hey guys, I have been working on my Extended Essay, and I would greatly appreciate it if I could get some thorough advice on how I can make my paper great! Regards, Kenneth *Perhaps I should change my title to: "How is A Song of Ice and Fire a series that emasculates the masculine?" What do you guys think?
  10. My EE is due in about a week which is concerning the Samurai's influence on Japanese culture specifically in relation to Lt. Hiroo Onoda's endeavors in the Philippines. (is it too specific?). I just can't get an outline together for this in order to effectively start my EE. I could even use some help to improve my research topic/question. I would really appreciate any input or help especially on the outline
  11. I'm really struggling to write my BIo EE. I've read some advice telling me to structure it in a similar way to a regular bio IA but some criteria, such as explaining why you chose the subject, is so hard to put in without my essay falling out of structure. Does anyone have advice as to how to order and structure my essay? Thank you!
  12. Hi, I am doing my EE on History > Tiananmen Square Incident 1989 > To what extent was the Chinese Government’s censorship towards the Tiananmen Square Incident of 1989 responsible for the resulting change in America’s foreign policies towards China? I'm wondering if the topic is too broad or narrow, any advice/comments would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  13. Hi everyone! This essay, like many people, has given me loads of trouble. I'm almost done (THANK THE LORD) and I'm going through the rubric for my subject (history--- real risk taker here...). My IB coordinator gave us a list of EE points you can't afford to give away and it says in the formal presentation bit: 'Do you have a title page, table of contents, page numbers, illustrative materials, quotations properly formatted, citations, works cited page?' I was wondering if I needed illustrations for my essay. My question is whether or not the data accrued from Nazi human experimentation was sci
  14. Hello everyone, I've decided that my subject of research for the EE will be Business and Management and I will be focusing on the acquisition of Motorola by Google. I plan to talk about the success/failure of the acquisition and what it means for future products from Google and changes to their business plan (their focus from software to hardware) So my official research question is: Will the acquisition of Motorola by Google change the focus of Google's product portfolio in the near future? Here are my questions regarding the EE: - Is 'near future' too broad? Should I set a quantifiable time
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