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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Guide snd syllabus for History in spanish.
  2. Hello, I'm thinking about doing retakes since I changed my plans and want to start studying dentistry. When I was in high school, I wanted to become a teacher but things have changed.. My question is simple: Did you regret retakes? yes or no, and why? And for those that succeeded in their retakes, how did you manage, any tips? How did you study? Anything special to keep in mind? Changes in syllabus, rules etc etc? Thanks!
  3. I'm struggling with the wording of my question and I desperately need help. I am doing my EE in world religions, about gender in Baha'i and was wondering if this question would work? Any help would be amazing To what extent is gender equality an important principle in Baha'i?
  4. Does anyone know in what way the new history IA (2017) is different from the old one? And what exactly stays the same? Would really appreciate it!!
  5. Hey Guys, I haven't seen any news about the new IB History curriculum that started in the May session 2017. Was wondering if it was any different from previous history courses, and what advice any post-IB students would give to those sitting History in November!! Cheers
  6. Hello there! I'm currently struggling with the tok essay , i chose the 5th prescribed tittle 'the best explanation is the simplest explanation' .since it is necessary for the maximum grade to have ''a sustained focus on knowledge questions connected to the prescribed title—developed with investigation of different perspectives and linked effectively to areas of knowledge and/or ways of knowing.'' this is not clear enough since i read reports about the tok essay that said many students didnt use knowledge questions properly , plus we dont have anyone that can help us with tok in the
  7. hey guys, so im finished and done with this years ib exams. i just wanted to know how everyone found the TZ1 HL math papers? especially p1 and p3. Compared to last year's papers, i think we can get a relatively higher bell curve, so i'm trying to see how everyone found it.
  8. Hi! I would like to ask you how did you find the may 2017 exams in physics. I think that were more difficult than may 2016. Also, in which case someone fails and need to go to november exams? Finally for which reason should we be examined in 2 exams in a day (for example Physics and psychology were examined the same day) ? Thank you
  9. Hey guys, I would just like to know your thoughts on the Math SL exam.. TZ2.. I found paper 1 pretty alright.. kinda did some dumb mistakes but paper 2 I found it to be harder in my opinion... especially the last probability question was kinda tricky.. What do you guys think? Will they lower the grade boundaries?
  10. Hey guys, Just like to know your thoughts on ESS paper 1.. Ess is that type of subject where you don't know what you wrote is correct or not, its kind of hard explaining.. Anyway how do you guys think you did?
  11. Hi guys, The May exams are here and I just want to wish everyone the best of luck for them This is the final stretch! Who else will be taking the exams? Are you guys ready, and how are you feeling about them?
  12. https://ibb.co/bss4gF https://ibb.co/mtsFov https://ibb.co/gtZvov https://ibb.co/iMwVMF https://ibb.co/eFozFa Hi all! This is a package of questions for Standard Level Students. I've collected some interesting questions from the past paper, hope you will enjoy the question. These are the questions that are very 'trendy' for the recent papers. Emphasis on Vector and Calculus has been put on for SL. Please do attempt and share your opinion. I'm more than happy to answer for your questions. Good luck!
  13. Hey guys, I was wondering, for the ess exam, do we need to have exactly what the markshcheme says, i.e. the exact way it has it worded for answers which are not definitions? Or can our answer be different than what it says, but contain the main points.. if that makes sense.. Thank you
  14. Hi guys, so basically I am going to take exams in May, but I am worried about Biology. Even though it is just SL, I still cannot find myself to like it whatsoever - I tried to watch videos online, visit webpages like BioNinja, where it is pretty simple, but I always found it too boring and either fell asleep or studied a different subject. I have English A HL LL, Czech A Literature and Geography HL. These are quite simple and I do not have to study for them much. Math Studies I basically revise, do past papers and use the questionbank. German B is also okay, and I find if fun actually. I
  15. Hey guys, Exams are one month away, and I was just wondering, for diagrams do we draw these in pencil or pen? My teacher hasn't really told us specifically how we should draw them.. I was just thinking that if it was in pencil, how would the examiner be able to see it since it gets scanned and the writing lines on the paper are thick.. Thanks
  16. Hi all! I decided to upload a pile of questions. Please leave a comment on questions you'd like to verify :)! Today I chose some of questions I love from permutation/combination. Thanks for checking it out!
  17. Hi! I like this question as it deals with compound angle AND factor formula. Please enjoy and discuss your answer :)!
  18. When did/will you guys start studying for the 2017 exams?
  19. Hi! Here is for Thursday Question on Topic 4. Please share your thoughts. Thank you! http://imgur.com/a/OmBlI
  20. Hello, Does anyone have ESS Specimen paper for 2017 ?
  21. Hey guys, So I have received feedback on my final IA grade, however my teacher says that they need to review it with other teachers... Is there a possibility it could go up? because I believe my teacher is a harsh marker and that it should be at least 1 point higher.. Thank you
  22. Discussion for the May 2017 TOK prescribed titles: “It is only knowledge produced with difficulty that we truly value.” To what extent do you agree with this statement?
  23. Does anyone have the 2017 IB Biology specimen paper?
  24. Hello, I am currently doing my final year and have been assigned to do my spanish B WT. I was just wondering, since my task is 424 words and i think the max is 400, is it a problem? Thank you
  25. Which title do you think is the Best??? or wich one did you chose???
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