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  1. Hello, I'm thinking about doing retakes since I changed my plans and want to start studying dentistry. When I was in high school, I wanted to become a teacher but things have changed.. My question is simple: Did you regret retakes? yes or no, and why? And for those that succeeded in their retakes, how did you manage, any tips? How did you study? Anything special to keep in mind? Changes in syllabus, rules etc etc? Thanks!
  2. Guyssss Could you please comment upon a few question you remeber having on the Novemeber 2016 Business and Management exam. Specifically, are there any areas worth revisiting are there some in particular you have struggled with? Please share your wisdoooom, would be extremely helpful!
  3. Hi guys, I'm so lost and stressed about the Paper 1 case study. We don't understand almost anything and I feel I've been the B&M teacher this year. Please, if you understand something about that confusing chart from the last part, I would thank a lot any help!
  4. Hi I am a HL Geography Student and we started thinking about what we should do for our IAs today. And I was suggesting the push and pull factors of migration within an international company to my teacher. But she sounded unsure about whether we could do it or not because she apparently read some where that it is not encouraged that we do Populations in Transition. She did say that she will find out if it is a possible idea or not but I wanted to do my own research. If anyone of you have done your IA on Migration please share your experience. Also I am looking for Human Geography IA ideas
  5. The syllabus changed for the 2016 physics exams... The textbook we use in school, Oxford Physics textbook, doesn't provide much of good definitions. How are you studying for formal definitions??
  6. Hey Guys! I wanted to know how everyone found the biology paper 1 and 2! I thought paper two was really bizarre! Also, looked through the Oxford textbook, no mention of a freaking goblet cell...
  7. Hi! I really wanted all the latest subject reports. I thought by reading them it would really help the student community with their IAs, EEs and written papers. Could someone please provide a link here or post them or email them to me. Please share whatever subject reports you have, especially May 2016 Thanks so much!
  8. I need help with this problems. If you know have to do one of them please give me the answers. Thanks. ejercicios de aplicaciones de la derivada paper 1.pdf ejercicios de diferenciación paper 1.pdf ejercicios de diferenciación paper 2.pdf
  9. So I've got the general grades of each subject, but I was wondering how I did in each of the individual aspects of the subject (for example the IA of Biology, or the Paper 1 of Biology). Do we get the results of each individual work or do we just make do with the general grade?
  10. ITGS HL Students.. What exactly is the difference between a smart home and an intelligent home? Its one of the terms listed in the last page And in line 57 it is stated that some preliminary findings suggests that a smart home may evolve into an intelligent home that customizes itself to suit the behaviour of people in the house. I mean, there's some form of definition there for it. But I tried looking up some info on intelligent homes and the difference between them and smart homes, cuz I thought maybe that would come up somewhere in the exam, but I cant really find a
  11. Hello everyone, Since we have paper 3 on the 17th How is everyone doing with the case study? I've done research, but still think I'm missing some information that might be helpful for the exam. For anyone who sat paper 3s before? What is important to consider? Because I didn't sit one for my mocks, we only did paper 1 and 2 for the mock exams. And also regarding the Smart Home 2016 case study.. What have you guys included as part of your research? I mean, what do you think is important to know and keep note of for the exam?
  12. How did you all do? I was glad that paper 1 was on Gorbachev and East Germany because I studied that a lot over the school year. The last question is the only place of worry for me, because I always tend to lose marks for not citing enough sources lol
  13. Hi guys! Anyone sitting the SL ITGS exams next week? How's the revision going? I was also wondering if the examiners accept answers which are not on the mark scheme but are pretty sensible and relevant. How strict do they mark? Any ex-ITGS students have any tips? How harsh do they mark?
  14. Does anyone have specimen papers for Mathematics HL?
  15. Hi, so I just finished all my biology papers. I do have a question, how do they mark my answers? If I was asked to list one answer, yet I mentioned two, and one of them is correct, do I get the point? Also, one of the question was to suggest two reasons, and I probably mentioned 3-4 just in case. Will they still accept my answer? Thanks.
  16. My teacher told us that the IB made this new rule that Business and Management higher level can't use a formulae in the exams. Is this true?? Because other schools in my city are going to use the formulae
  17. Hey guys! Emergency help anyone knows or is the person that takes Russian A lit and who lived in China??? Please please
  18. Chemistry Data Booklet (2016) View File It's the new one for May 2016 and beyond! Different from the 2009 version. Submitter IB_taking_over Submitted 04/19/2016 Category IB Syllabus & Data Booklets
  19. Version 1.0.0


    It's the new one for May 2016 and beyond! Different from the 2009 version.
  20. Does Anybody Happen to have a list of Physics Equations that we need to know which are not provided in the Physics Equation Booklet. Xxx
  21. I have the Oxford study guide for the new bio syllabus, how useful is it? (can I simply study off of that?)
  22. Hey guys, so here's the situation. My teacher uploaded the TOK files yesterday, but I just realized that I wrote the school and candidate session number wrongly. Instead of writing 002595 as school number, I missed out one zero and wrote 02595. Also, instead of writing the full candidate session number, I only wrote the last four digits of my candidate number which is 0002. I'm really panicking, will they mark my paper? Other than this issue, everything's fine. My name, school name, etc. Even my TOK Essay itself has my correct candidate number. Thanks.
  23. Hi IBSurvivors! What is the passing grade for both TOK/EE in May Session 2016? I can't find the actual points matrix. I heard rumors that those are both C now. What you all think? Greetings
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