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  1. Chi squared was a part of the syllabus till 2014... currently it isn't, just to clarify. If you choose to do an off-syllabus topic, this will not have a major influence in a rough sense as focusing on something new won't increase or decrease your chance of scoring well. How well you deal with this topic (how deeply you challenge yourself with it, examples etc.), however, will. So I suggest that find ANY topic, on or off syllabus, that truly interests you. That'll give you the ability to show good reflection and play with the topic more sincerely? I guess. Good luck for this IA... one of th
  2. You'll only have to redo the IAs for the particular subject that you're retaking.
  3. I got 97 percentile this year, without doing any sort of prep course. I just bought all of the material available on the ACER and made sure that I understood the thought process behind every single question there. Imho the only section you can actually prepare for is section 3, the shapes one, by looking at all the different combinations they can possibly ask you... the ACER stuff covers that. For more advice, check out medstudentsonline.com.au - it has a lot about UMAT and studying medicine in Australia in general
  4. May 2015 1. There is no such thing as a neutral question. Evaluate this statement with reference to two areas of knowledge. 2. “There are only two ways in which humankind can produce knowledge: through passive observation or through active experiment.” To what extent do you agree with this statement? 3. “There is no reason why we cannot link facts and theories across disciplines and create a common groundwork of explanation.” To what extent do you agree with this statement? 4. With reference to two areas of knowledge discuss the way in which shared knowledge can shape personal
  5. Literature completely revolves around analysing literary works. Language and literature has an additional creative writing aspect. Choose whatever subject that appeals to you the most... both count as English A, so universities won't really mind whichever one you end up choosing.
  6. Why don't you try finding the syllabus guides (a simple google search - ib (subject) syllabus) for each of the subjects you're interested in. They have clear information about the number of papers and their respective weightings...
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