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  1. FIrst, does the word count include the headlines and subtitles in the text? Then I know it doesn't include tables, however in one table which I have the control variables has app. 200words, should I calculate these in the word count? Lastly are the calculations included? I don't mean the numbers, but rather in some parts (the calculations are in seperate text box) eg. ''the percentage is calculated in the following way...''. There are maybe 30 words in all of the calculations, so not many, but should I still count these?
  2. Yes, it's true everyone thinks in a different way, so generalising can maybe get in the way. However, this is part of your knowledge issue, discussing what shapes our point of view. I think this topic is really good and you need to remember to keep it related to ToK and discussing problems with knowledge. Also, don't worry about your opinion being different from other people as this is directly related to your knowers perspective. Feel free to message me if you need any more advice! Thanks for your comment, it was helpfull! However, would the knowledge issue then be better if it would for ins
  3. Kira chan: Thanks for your comment! Yes, I noticed now how I have repeated the things:D But of course I won't repeat them in the presentation, I will arrange them better, this is only the plan. But I dont know is that then too big topic? I mean, because every women thinks in a different way, so it's hard to ''generalize'' my opinion. Hard to explain:s. But nice that at least you liked my the topic! Since I really find the different cultures interesting:D
  4. Hi! I’m having my second tok presentation soon, and as my first one was really bad (10/20 points) I would really like to have some opinions what do you think about my second presentation's topic and the plan generally:). As I really would like to succeed this time. Real-life situation: http://www.marieclaire.com/world-reports/news/forcefeeding-in-mauritania or other similar news, how in some culture women are forced or do something, as they are viewed then beautiful. Knowledge issue: To what extent does our culture define what we view as a feminine beauty? → first I would tell my own defi
  5. Hi, So basically I have a dual citizenship (Finnish and Australian). However, I have lived my whole live in Finland, and I have never visited Australia, but now i would be intrested to apply Australian universities. So, am I considered being international or domestic undergraduate student? I didn't find any information on the internet .
  6. Thanks for the answers!! They were really helpfull to help me decide what to do:) At the moment I'm all the time more and more considering making the second, percentage, but to make sure I will do both of them. BUT, how to calculate the percentages? So should I calculate the percentage changes for every repeat? And from these the mean value...? As then from these values I could calculate the uncertainties easily. Or should I just calculate one percentage change from the mean value, but how can I then calculate the uncertainties? And one more question, e.g. if I have the values, 80, 75 and 70
  7. Hello! I have question about my biology EE (prev. topic here, i didn't want to add these question there also as it's old + this question is about what to do with my data) and at the moment I don’t know what to do with my data now: what graph should I use. So briefly I have measured how the cows heart rate changes when grooming (first I measured the rate, then groomed, then measured again, groomed again, and measured again). In my experiment I have two subgroups; heifers and cows, and in one subgroup is five animals. I repeated this experiment five times for one animal. Now I have justcalculat
  8. Thank you Sandwich for the answer, it was really helpful and gave me a lot of ideas which I can use on my EE:). When I first planned my EE, my original idea was to use all our cows, but then I came to the conclusion that I just don’t have enough time. As we need to keep the fans on all-the-time during summer, and when I'm measuring the heart rate, they need to be off, and when they are off the air inside the barn gets bad so quickly (and this then will affect my mom's work). But I really like the sub-set idea, only if I have the time and chance I will do with all the cows! ...or at least with
  9. RandomPeersoon : My mom owns a small farm, and we have app. 20 cows:). That is the reason why I'm doing this EE; I spent my whole summer at home plus I will be working in the farm. I will keep constant the environment, time of day when I'm doing the measurument, and that is why I have only five cows, they all are born in the same year and are approximately same size. Actually, they are heifers still, so no one of those five haven't gicen birth to a calf. (one more reason why I won't succees with my EE, how I'm supposed to keep the environment constant in reality??) Like I said my supervisor d
  10. Hello everyone! I'm doing my EE on biology, and it's going to be animal experiment. My topic is ''effect of grooming on cows'' and basically my plan is to groom cow and measure the heart rate before and after the grooming --> does it change and how. I've couple of questions considering my topic + I've some other questions, and I would really be happy if someone who knows more than me could answer for me:) 1. First of all, I have read all the animal ethical infos, but I still want to make sure that is this topic acceptable? It doesn't cause any stress on cows, as I know that they like groomi
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