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  1. I don't think it makes a difference where you study. I would recommend applying to US universities only if you can score well on the SAT with minimal studying. The chances of being accepted into an Ivy League are slim anyways so why waste so much time studying for that test when you can be studying for IB?
  2. Almost all universities in the US require teacher recommendations and although the importance does vary from school to school, it is generally an important part of your applcation.
  3. zexing

    IA Help

    Thank you for the advice. My teacher just told me that my topic seemed a bit broad but I was confused on how to narrow it
  4. Everyone at my school has to take HL English Lit. A lot of people had to take HL Biology because they needed the credits to graduate.During IB1, HL History was mandatory but now people are switching to SL or dropping it completely. Math classes depended on what level you're on. Lots of students took theater or visual arts because we need at least one year of art to graduate. We're free to choose most of our classes (unless it's a graduation requirement) Why I chose this particular subject combination?: I want to major in Economics so HL Econ is there. HL English is mandatory. HL Math- I got pl
  5. zexing

    IA Help

    Do you think my topic/questions is okay for the IA? How did British influence support Hong Kong's economic rise during the 20th century?
  6. for math, i would look over what is covered in the test (the concepts) and review those. practice tests! the best way is to do practice tests and released questions to get a better sense of the type of questions that are asked.
  7. Required/My plans Researching for EE/Rough draft done Picking a topic for History and Math IAs/Rough drafts started & possibly finished Rough draft of the Written Assignment For English, I would just work on the written assignment and try to get a draft done by the end of summer. For Chem and Bio, I would recommend going over your notes & possibly re-writing them? It can help you retain all the information you might lose over the next 2-3 months
  8. Granada Hills Charter High School, 2014 first IB class ever (:
  9. zexing

    Oxford OR Cambridge

    i heard that you can't apply to both so they can limit the number of applicants that's also, i believe, the only exception to the 'any 5 unis' rule
  10. i haven't pulled an all nighter but it's only my first year seems like most of those come from IB2 when IAs are due
  11. English Lit - HL Math - HL History - SL Physics - SL Economics - HL Mandarin - HL xdemonxchocox (don't ask...made this years ago)
  12. syllabus-wise, AP would be easier since there's less material and it's kinda more straight forward. the tests, i would say, are easier than the IB papers
  13. from my experience with mandarin, SAT II was much easier than SL. i think 700+ might be equivalent to a 4/5 you shouldn't have a problem getting 650+ on SAT II if you feel comfortable with SL
  14. thank you so much for your input. i originally planned for just sex and politics but i added identity to give me an alternative to talk about
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