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  1. So I did not get a Diploma by one point, but I plan to either get my Physics and Chemistry papers rechecked or I will re-sit the exams. But the confusion I have is if I do retake my exams, will I be given a Diploma or will be a certificate? And does anyone know what the certificate looks like? Does it have the score? I really can't understand why the score came out to be so awful?
  2. I have a friend... (again) who plans to switch his subject is Economics SL a better option or History SL?? He plans to go to univ. in USA....
  3. I have Physics at SL along with Biology and Chemistry at HL. I currently have seven subjects because I have all three sciences. Do I really need to take physics or can I drop it and concentrate on the other six?
  4. They say practice makes a man perfect, but how should i practice math is the big question. Any advice on methods to practice? I tried using the textbook and khanacademy.org but the result aren't what i expected.
  5. My friend has studied Hindi from first grade and now he's confused if he needs to take Hindi at the HL or is SL okay?
  6. Out of the four options: Topic 7 Statistics and probablity Topic 8 Sets, Relations and groups Topic 9 Calculus Topic 10 Discrete Mathematics Which is the easiest???????
  7. So far Madame Bovary and The Unbearable Lightness of Being!!!!!!!!!! both of them are nightmares!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. I generally fall asleep by three am but after four or five days i have a breakdown and I crash for atleast ten to twelve hours. My saturday afternoons are my sleep-in sice i have school on saturday too. Its bad for my health i know but its best to study at night for me because it becomes real quite......
  9. I really don't like math but my college requirement expects me to take math at least at SL. I don't understand a thing that goes on in class although i take tutoring sessions for extra help. The weird part is that i managed an A in my IGCSE math for tenth grade and now I just dont get a word of it. Advice please.....
  10. Just concentrate and try and do your homework when its assigned!!! or else deadlines are going to make you sleepless...... I'm not trying to scare you.... just saying from experience!
  11. I'm in my year one and I have to decide on my EE subject, but the biggest problem for me is to decide between History or English. I would enjoy doing either of them so I can't decide..... Help please!!!!!
  12. what topic are you doing for Paper 1??
  13. My Physics teacher asked us to do a design experiment over the winter break and i have no clue whatsoever about what has to be done. I am supposed to figure out the effect on gelatin due to different temperatures. Am I supposed to make the jelly and do the experiment??? Please help... If you can post links to follow on to it will be really helpful!!!
  14. Even I plan to medicine... I'm keeping my option open for India so i have: Bio HL Chem HL English HL Physics SL History SL Math SL French Ab Initio
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