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  1. I think this blog misses a very important topic to be discussed. Retaking the IB exams. Let's talk about it. If anyone knows anything please post! I got a 29 in my finals which is really dissapointing and I am resitting 5 lessons... I get positive feedback and I'll do my best from now on! So what do you thing of retaking IB exams?
  2. I feel really useless for getting a 29 but life goes on got enough HL points for Kent and ill try there... !
  3. Got a B in BandM :)supervisor counts a lot!!!!!!!!
  4. I love business but I did the mistake to underestimate it so i didn't study so much. But I think it ws enough for my 7. Let's be realistic the questions weren't that easy but they were manageable for someone who knew business. When i saw the critical path analysis I almost freaked out.. I almost started crying but thank god it was completed so I just had to interpret it. The 12 marks question about what strategy should RDB use in the future to manage change (sth like that) was not that easy but I wrote one full page. I was dissapointed that there was no common HL-SL material Everything was HL
  5. I studied A and G and I am very mad that my teacher didn't taught us A. I learned it by myself and I think I did very good
  6. I found paper 2 relatively tricky and I think I aced paper 2
  7. Banned because you just start talking and say "banned" at the beginning of each sentecnce
  8. For me pp1 was pretty tough I think I might have messed up... But Paper 2 was great I did too good so I hope it balances... with my very good IA which can even get a 6 I think I manage a 4-5
  9. I totally agree... I think that people who new maths could have written well however I have severe gaps from previous years so I am not into complex things. However, they say that sciences this year will be tough and social sciences will be easier.... In paper 2 i did very good though. Rocked the geometry and the two statistics exercises... 3/5 for sure in pp2 and the others were half but i got many marks from there SURPRISINGLY
  10. I think P.1 was quite straight forward. Sources were clear and who has time for a nice and clear essay anyways? I think i managed to respond and evaluate the main points of the Ruhr Crisis. In paper 2 I did the question on how a totalitarian regime eliminated opposition (Stalin) and Castro's contribution to the cold war
  11. Banned for pointing out that he didn't read the red quote thingy...
  12. So what did you think? I found it hard :/
  13. Definite 7 for me! I am not a native speaker but I've been speaking English since I was a baby so this class is a piece of cake for me and it's one of my sure 7s although my prediction isn't that good . Well, objectively speaking I think paper 2 was more difficult than paper 1. Paper 1 was quite easy and in paper 2 I did the speech which was quite straight forward. My friends said the same too... Best luck to all ... XXX NOOOO don't worry! They want more or less... they don't count the words
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