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  1. My friends and I mostly just stuck to cramming off of Accelerated Study Notes last minute. Yikes. Good luck!
  2. yes. hehe, actually- the IB's pretty easy if you manage your time well WITH THE EXCEPTION OF MATH HL If you aren't good with time management, you aren't going to have fun (like me). Make sure you have a way to organize yourself, some people use terrible stickynotes, some people use Wunderlist, and others (like me), use Google Calendar. Also, take a look at the Pomdoro technique for working, it's awesome! I recommend it to everyone who complains about not being able to do work, and it works wonders. My experience... pretty awful. I procrastinate way too much, end up not getting anything done t
  3. Hi! Like others have said, seriously- enjoy your time, especially if you're good at maths. Though if you're really keen on starting, I think you should start on some of the harder topics that you won't have time to study for during your year. I'm referring to trig- this happened to me, heh. I think you should start taking a look at trig, it won't help till you actually get to the trig module, but when you do get there- it's going to be a real help if you know what you're doing. Then again I could be biased, but only two people in our year managed to get over 70% for that one, dear god. Take
  4. As a soon-to-be computer science major, for most top tier universities to consider you, this is probably the only 'requirement'. I say 'requirement', because schools in the US don't require anything, but applying to a place like, I don't know- MIT with a 5 in Maths SL for Computer Science isn't going to get you anywhere! HL Maths (score a 5 or above) or SL Maths (score a 7) - if the admissions process is holistic at the place you're applying to, then you'd be fine if you got a high SAT math score and didn't achieve those grades in the IB courses. However, if HL math is a scary prospect to you,
  5. A graphical calculator is probably more important in maths studies than it is at HL, haha- you're going to need it a lot for plotting regressions and doing stats. It's definitely going to be very useful to you. The one our school suggests and the one that the majority own, is the Ti-Nspire (not the CAS version). I personally love mine!
  6. One of my friends is taking Spanish Ab Initio and he's doing really well. I'm taking Italian Ab Initio and it's absolute hell. In my opinion, as long as you have a tutor available for your Spanish Ab Initio, go for it! Note, it sounds easy- but it's actually a lot of work. HL language B is pretty hard, most of my friends take Mandarin B SL because B HL is way too hard. If you've studied French for 5 years, I'd say go for Spanish Ab Initio! Good luck!
  7. why do you get to school so early? My bus gets to school in 20 minutes, public transport takes an hour an 20 minutes. And my bus gets here pretty early, because I don't know. :'(
  8. 6:08: Alarm rings 6:30: Actually get out of bed 6:32: Have a shower 6:38: Get dressed 6:42: Have breakfast 6:46: Realize I'm late and leave 6:53: Get on bus 7:24: Get to school 7:24-8:30: Reddit, Facebook, Twitter 8:30-9:45: Lesson 1 9:55-11:10: Lesson 2 11:10-11:30: Reddit 11:30-12:00: Lunch 12:00-1:15: Lesson 3 1:15-2:05: Usually a meeting / break 2:05-3:20: Lesson 4 3:26: Realize I'm late 3:28: Get on bus home 4:02: Get home 4:05-4:30: Collate notes / procrastinate 4:30-4:45: Eat something 5:00-6:00: Work / Talk to people 6:00-7:00 Either continue to work, or go run 7:00-9:30 Work / Procras
  9. Like others have said, no IB subject is truly 'easy', but for mere observers, some combinations look more impressive than others. I'm a bit of a computernerd, too- so I've faced some similar issues. I've spoken to our uni counselor about some similar issues brought up / have heard him talking about some of the subjects you have on your list, so I'll regurgitate to the best of my ability- Business Management is seen as a 'soft subject.' Psychology 'isn't a lab science.' -- He then went on to talk about how a girl was rejected from Cambridge because she took Psych, when she needed a lab science
  10. In contrast to our class, yes! We've handed in 7 commentaries (I'm guessing this was all just practice), further oral stuff, and a written task 1 draft. We also started reading some poetry and a book! Then again, I take lang/lit SL.
  11. unicornication

    4 HLs?

    I have a friend who takes VA @ SL, she gets something like 4-6 hours of homework every lesson! Which is... A lot (to clarify that statement: she's very hardworking, and so it's 4 hours of actual work, LOL (I can spend 4 hours procrastinating away on like 5 math questions aha!)) . I wouldn't take it at HL, it doesn't help in terms of like, a university combo unless you take Math HL or Physics HL as well as Visual Arts HL (for something like architecture.) Bio+Chem HL is manageable, and that's probably all it takes for a doctor (mainly Chem!) IMO, you should probably knock down VA to SL. Our sch
  12. If you're not applying to any top tier schools that want students to "challenge themselves by taking the most rigorous courseload possible" you should be half okay. The other half involves your field, as long as you're not going for engineering, mathematics, sciences or economics, you should be fine too! Oh and of course, do well on the math section of your SAT! Good luck!
  13. No IB subject is truly 'easy', but in general some are seen as 'softer' than others. HL B&M, HL ITGS, SL ESAS are seen as 'soft' subjects, I wouldn't know of their difficulty! Though if it helps, I take SL B&M and I'm finding it pretty easy. As for Math SL, an anecdote. I've been taking Math HL for about a term, and last week I was helping out a friend with Math SL and from my perspective, it's actually very, very, VERY easy. But she found it pretty difficult, so again, it's really not something we can tell you. I wish Math ML existed, LOL. Also, Math Studies is probably easier than SL
  14. Being the ginormous tech nerd that I am, this was the highlight of my month when they first released the concept video. My god. Google glass is INCREDIBLE. The reliance on technology is not a worry to me, because that's what it's there for! The kind of doors Google glass will open up for us, incredible. Just this week at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) Oculus just released their "Rift", gaming glasses - imagine a world where glasses run on the open-source software that Google glass runs on! We'll get gaming glasses, casual-wear glasses, and all sorts of brilliant things come out of this. I fo
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