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  1. Does anyone know when ib examination schedules for may 2013 will be released?
  2. Hey, Just one quick question. I have been going to an international school for 5 years now and by the time I will go to university 6. It is a completely english speaking school. I am now taking the IB and my english level is English Lit HL and after the first year my grade is a 6. I do want to apply to the UK for engineering. Will UK universities still ask me to do the TOEFL? Donato
  3. u could compare uk and us feminist movements. for example how they achieved the right to vote. i think they both took place in similar time periods which would be convenient and both are definitely seen as the history by the ib i remember doing something in his history about the uk suffragettes and there was a lot of stuff
  4. Hey, According to my Cambridge undergrad prospect in the back for highly desirable it says that it means "subject required by most colleges". It also says that Highly desirable is "a level further mathematics and/or a physical science". I do not know what your other IB subjects are but I think that if you do Physcis HL you will be fine. On the computer science page it also says that "applicants for computer science with mathematics may also be asked for STEP Mathematics. I checked in the back and the only college that "may" ask for STEP examinations is Magdalena College. So I think that ss lon
  5. Hey, I am planning on doing my Extended Essay in Math. After doing some revision on my previous choice of topic I came up with a new topic: The geometry of GPS navigation My research question would be: What is the role of mathematics and geometry in particular in GPS navigation? Would that research question be specific enough? Or do you have any ideas for improvement or refining it? My approach would roughly be looking at triangulation, explaining with diagrams how it works and what role it play in GPS navigation. Then I would look at trilateration and how this helps Would including how speed
  6. Doing a Math EE is generally only adviced if you do Math HL, but if you really want to do Math you still can. Probability in general is a very popular choice amongst Math EE students. I am not sure on the Monty Hall Problem but the problem itself is interesting although I would say not enough to base an entire EE around it. Dealing with gambling and probability in card games often tend to have to simple Mathematics as in the Math EE you should investigate Mathematics that are new to you. This is only my judgment but if you want to make sure talk to your supervisor. A general good source for id
  7. In Physics Math is generally regarded as a tool and you need Math for almost all kinds of Physics. I guess that your EE topic for Physics lies outside of the Physics syllabus and therefore you require Math that is outside the standard Physics Maths and therefore I would say it is ok. Anyways as long as the Math aids in proving/verifying/answering your research question I would think that it is acceptable. Just on a side note I am planning on doing my EE in Math and it will be Physics related, and I will try to focus on the Mathematical concepts.
  8. Well yes it is somewhat a combination of Physics and Maths, but I would rather do it in Maths as I am not planning to carry out an experiment and I was thinking of probably doing some modeling and as you said focusing on the mathematical part. I have seen that sample EE before, but thank you. You are suggesting to model my essay around some sort of mathematical concept, which would be a good approach, but I can't find any. Would you by chance know any?
  9. Hey, Although I have identified an idea on which I would like to base my extended essay in math, I still do not know how to formulate my research question. The idea being that I would like to investigate how a sniper has to project his shot with different variables: a) distance to target b) speed of wind c) gravity d) altitude difference e) speed of target f) acceleration of target obviously while taking into account more variables the formula will become more complex and difficult. there are many other variables like temperature which are difficult to take into consideration I thought that on
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