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  1. Hi. I'm really confused as to whether students are allowed to use the latest 3rd edition question banks or not. Some of the students at my school use the QB's, but the program is pirated (they din't buy them). Is that allowed? Some people asked said the IBO could deny you a diploma if they found out, other people said its completely allowed. So what is it? Thanks for any info! PS: If its allowed, does IBsurvival allow posting links to sites that have the pirated files?
  2. I've heard from a lot of my friends who are taking ITGS that it's easy. But you should glance through the textbook and see for yourself.
  3. The 2nd option is pretty cool i think. You could look at Egyptian pyramids, they're really interesting. Blood splatter analysis is good too, but i have no idea what you can do with that.
  4. Jump off a plane crash. Atleast I'd have a nice long swim before I die Have you ever contemplated suicide?
  5. Well, I dont know about everybody else, but my teacher said it's graded. In any case, assume it is graded and write the essay! I was confused at the beginning too, but as you start writing it, it gets easier. Just outline what you did in class (interactive sessions about the context/culture, etc.) and how/if it changed YOU and the way you interpreted that particular play/novel/book. Handwritten's completely fine as said above. In fact, some of the IB coordinators have said that hand drawn graphs and drawings in the science lab reports must be looked favorably upon. Good luck :-)
  6. Oh sorry guys, i meant for the next IB batch, so that would be in 2014. I guess i forgot to mention that in the prev post.
  7. Hey! I've heard from a lot of people (including a couple of my teachers) that the IBO might stop the whole "extended essay" from next year. Is it true?
  8. Hi! I'm in the IB diploma in India. I'm doing the full diploma (Math SL, English SL, Spanish Ab Initio, Chemistry HL, Biology HL, Physics HL). Do you think taking the AP tests in either Biology, Calc AB or Calc BC would increase my chances of getting into a good college? I'm ready to put in the hard work, but do you think it's worth it? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi! I'm planning on doing my EE in Biology (I take Biology HL). My proposed topic is "How do hand sanitizers affect the number, and type of bacteria on a given surface?". The 'surface' could include skin, table tops, TV remotes, basically everywhere that has bacteria. I also plan on varying the concentration of the hand sanitizer. Could anyone tell me if this is a feasible experiment or not? I do not have access to a private lab. My school does have a well equipped lab though. Also, i wanted to know different methods in which I could tell the number of bacteria in a given sample. All help is
  10. Hi! What are you guys doing for your math exploration topics? Could anyone suggest a few to me? I really don't know what to do. Thanks! ______________________ IB makes me wanna
  11. "Chemistry" by John Greene and Sadru Damji. Best Chemistry Book EVER!
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