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  1. Hi I had a question about my theatre independent project. I want to create my own workshop and present it to an audience. For my topic I was thinking about doing Improv. I really enjoy Improv theatre and was wondering if that would be an appropriate topic to create a workshop on? I wanted to know your opinions so please post below if you think it is a reasonable topic. (I don't want IB to get irritated with it or label it as too easy of a topic) Thanks In Advance
  2. well i have already wrote my essay on the prompt....but am having a hard time trying to write a conclusion/counterclaim. I guess what I meant to say is what counterclaim could I tie into my essay, against Science and History, to prove what Hitchens is talking about. I was thinking along the lines of axioms (math) or maybe ethics. any thoughts
  3. Hey guys I need help ansering this may 2013 essay prompt. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks I know that shifting the burden of proof is used. Focusing on Science and History as areas of knowing. Then using sense perception, reasoning and consensus gentium as ways of knowing.
  4. I am working on my theatre research investigation. The question is: How would the director utilize the puppeteer, the shamisen, and the chanter to execute a traditional Bunraku performance for the characters Oboshi Yuranosuke,and Ko No Morono in Kanadehon Chushingura (The Treasury of the Loyal Retainers) by Namiki Sôsuke? I was wondering is it ok for me to include history as to what the role of each element is then tie that into the actual performance on stage...can I mention blocking because that is also an important part of the stage setup for Bunraku. What would be the best format for my es
  5. www.easybib.com is also a really good citation site.It cites books, websites, magazines, etc. In all formats
  6. Hi guys My E.E. is due very soon (almost a week)! I was wondering is it valid or ok for me to upload it onto ibsurvival.com as a post for anyone to read and give me any sort of feedback to help me revise/re-edit it? I have written the essay so to me everything flows, but i want others opinion on how it sounds and if they have any other ideas that I can use. Thanks
  7. Swamibaps

    IB History

    Hey guys. I am currently in my senior year taking HL IB history. I was wondering if anyone, who did really well in the history exams, had any advice on how to do well on the exams. I don't want to have to wait till the last minute and cram all the information into my head. I was wondering if anyone used a particular studying method that was really helpful in scoring well for the exams? Any advice for the History exams would also be really helpful. Thanks in advance.
  8. Thanks Emy Glau-ski very helpful advice. ps. I do love spanish, the language is so intriguing and I really do enjoy it. So how did you study to do SO WELL on the spanish exam and recieve a 7 even though you weren't a native speaker. Any studying tips.
  9. Hi everyone I am a full IB diploma student and have a few questions about how colleges look at my senior year classes. I just started my senior year and have already completed all the a-g requirements and credits needed for high school. (If I wanted I could graduate already, but I want the IB diploma so still need to go through my senior year). Senior year I am taking all the IB classes that I need for my HL's and I have two free classes. I have a Teacher Assistant one period and I decided to take spanish 5 IB and get an extra certificate. But its been a month now and I think that spanish 5 i
  10. these tips are very useful...but i have another one. When reading the book its helpful to always carry a pencil/pen and mark up in the book as you read. ANYTHING that catches your attention or the teacher mentions, take brief notes on the side of the book where the margins are. Also underline key quotes, its helpful when writing essays that needed lots of quotes to provide support for your thesis. these tips are very useful...but i have another one. When reading the book its helpful to always carry a pencil/pen and mark up in the book as you read. ANYTHING that catches your attention or the t
  11. the idea of the tutorials would be considered appropriate for CAS, just make sure to talk to your coordinator. They usually tell you where to draw the line. But the driving idea is probably not a CAS activity. For action you have to be involved in some type of activity that requires physical action. Whether that be sports, walkathons etc.
  12. I was wondering for the summary of evidence portion, is there a certain number of citations we should have: minimum or maximum? Also are those the same citations we have to use for Part F? Thank You
  13. Well what I did was for service I went an volunteered at a local hospital...it was benefical in the sense that I wanted to get a better feel for the medicine field. I got to work in different departments and felt like I had a better idea of that realm. I would definitly have to say take part in something that you are geniuenly interested in. CAS is really about expanding your borders but that doesn't mean that you can't do it with something you already like. I have never actually helped on a proffesional level like a hospital so it was surely a new and eye opening experience. I will have to sa
  14. Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me out....I am doing my extended essay on William Faulkner's As I Lay Dying and Gabriel Garcia Marquez's Chronicle of the Death Foretold. Initially my advisor told me to relate the two through magical realism, but I found that a little too narrow to write 3600-4000 words on. I changed my question and it is: To what extent did William Faulkner influence the writing style of Gabriel Marquez? That isn't too broad right, since I am answering that question with the use of the two texts. Also I was thinking of adding Leaf Storm by Marquez because it has A
  15. so saying that should I sign up for an account on the common application website?
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