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  1. I am not really good at physics, I chose astrophysics and medical physics and i found them okay , they are not that hard.
  2. No, except for two equations, which are: heat capacity equation and PV=nRt both of them relates to thermal physics, also there are some similarities between topic 8 in physics which is Energy, power and climate change and Environmental option in chemistry.
  3. HI I am doing Physics HL and I have about one month left for the FINAL EXAM. I am not really good at it; I feel that my average grade is 4, although my predicted grade is 5. We know that you have to practice a lot of past paper questions to get a good grade, but what if I start studying it really hard from now plus doing a lot of past papers? Will this help at this moment to get a high grade or not really? Because sometimes I feel that physics needs to be practiced and studied step by step not all at one time! Thanks
  4. Wave phenomena is kind of easy but you i think there are some concepts that you might need someone to explain it and then you can get into it easily. If are going to study the options by your own I encourage you to choose astrophysics, it is not easy, but still easier than Quantum physics and nuclear physics and takes much less time to finish it. Good luck!
  5. Hi I’m doing Economics SL and while I’m studying from the book (economic course companion) I see that there are a lot of things and example discussed in the book that are not in the IB Economic guide 2013!! So do you think that I have to study these things and memorize all the extra examples?? Or should I just focus only on the required syllabus in the guide? Note that I’m really slow at studying. Thanks
  6. There is an app called IB Chemistry Definitions, it's cool
  7. yeah, i use it but on my computer, it's truly wonderful, it helped me in drawing my 2nd Econ IA graphs, instead of using word document shapes
  8. Oops my bad! you are right, now it's fixed, : when the central bank cuts interest rates, the consumption which is one component of AD [AD=C+I+G+(X-M)] would increase and saving would decrease, thus shift the AD to the right, now when AD shifts to the right the new equilibrium price is higher, which means more inflation, you can refer to demand-pull inflation (because inflation is caused by an increase in the AD) At higher equilibrium point, firms need to produce more because there are more people buying or consuming, as a result there will be an increase in the cost of factor of production and
  9. 1- IB Chemistry Pearson book 2- IB study guide by Neuss 3- This youtube channel http://www.youtube.com/user/richthornley 4- http://ibchem.com/IB/ibsyllabus.htm 5- Khan Academy
  10. you can use these two websites to find past papers exams: personally i prefer the first one.
  11. Are there different concentrations of Mg? Or do you mean different masses/sizes? And did you try to push the plunger by your hand just a little bit to make sure it's not sticking? I had kind of the same problem, I changed the syringe several times, sometimes it did work, a lot did not; because of this I changed the whole experiment. Because this is your first chemistry IA, you might stick with what you have and do it for practicing, one good point maybe in your IA is the evaluation, because a lot of your trials didn't work as they should be, therefore you have a lot to discuss why?.
  12. Nothing i wish i have the time to watch tv series
  13. you can talk about it wherever you feel it is suitable/ fits with your commentary, because at the end it would count as an evaluation point.
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