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  1. so its not true? Of course not. Unless the outside of the box was specifically marked as "Do not write here", the IBO understands that handwriting styles differ amongst people and that people have different ways attacking questions. The papers are sent by express courier outside of your school and nobody has time to scan each separate answer.
  2. Speculation is the mother of all evil.
  3. Please continue any discussion in the Exam Discussion forum when your 24 hours are up.
  4. It's a bit obvious. Open your SAT prep book of choice, time yourself and do a few essays. Doing them in stimulated timed conditions is bound to help you improve. Get your hands on a couple of exemplars if you can to see what the markers think are good essays and try to model your answer on the structure of the exemplar.
  5. Sorry to burst your bubble there, but I didn't even complete GCSE Maths (but I was predicted an A*) but I still managed a 5 in Math HL (a close 6 if I may add). It's completely subjective. Are you good in Math(s)? Do you like Math(s)? If you tick both of the boxes as yes, then go for it. I like Math(s) so I've even done a couple of engineering math courses at university despite not being required to. If you don't like Math(s) then do SL because without any sort of motivation, it's very hard to get a good grade (this is true for any subject).
  6. Yes. Technically, you are not to discuss the exam with anybody until 24 hours after. It won't unless your facebook privacy settings are essentially open. However, my IBC specifically said to not go posting stuff on facebook or emailing people. Not that I would've, but that's the warning we were given. I think the most you can say without divulging contents is acknowledging the finish of an exam. Anything else, such as the exam was easy or hard or the exam was long, is taking it too far. Better to be safe than sorry. Lastly, what's done is done. There are no time machines in order to go back
  7. Haven't heard anything about a change. The syllabus would probably change for 2015 (since the last change was in '08). Even if they were changing it, mathematical concepts won't change because the mighty IBO is changing their syllabus.
  8. Stats is definitely easier. If you have TI-83/84, you can do all the T-tests, Z-tests and confidence intervals on the calculator. It makes life so much easier. Type 1 / Type 2 errors are a bit more difficult to understand I thought because they are ever so slightly confusing. There's hardly any probability on the option paper. Lastly, make sure you understand how to recognize all the different distributions. I found this book really useful when I did the option: http://mathspot.co.uk/productsmathspot/HLstatsoptbook_v1.pdf
  9. You should know that that's the least of your problems. You need a bachelor's/undergraduate degree first before being eligible to apply to any medical school in Canada. There is a workaround to the permanent resident clause if you're willing to complete your undergraduate education in Canada too.
  10. Sure, if you get more than a 90% on both papers. Is that possible? It's highly unlikely. Do your best, don't think of the number at the end. If you put in all the effort you possibly can, there's not much more you can do except pray to your God of choice for the IB to not screw you over with an exceptionally difficult question or passage.
  11. Automatic generated message This topic has been closed by a moderator. Reason: Thread is being used to discuss exams. No discussion allowed about anything related to exam matters until 24 hours have passed. If you disagree to this action, please report this post, and a moderator or administrator will reconsider it. Kind regards, IB Survival Staff
  12. When I did Business, I just understood everything and that helped recall something in the exam. Yes, Business has a lot of information and content in the syllabus, however it's all fairly related and if you do have a business mindset then it's not that difficult to remember it all. I certainly didn't find it difficult. If you do have problems remembering all the material or have problems applying it towards questions, I'd go through it all a few weeks before. Never leave anything for the night before unless you're very sure of the material. As far as theorists go, you need to be aware of them
  13. These are all categories of staff. A member of staff starts out as a mini-moderator, and if they're reasonably good at what they do or want more responsibility, they go up to Global Moderator. Supervisors are former Global Moderators who have been here for a long time and were really good Global Moderators (I have been a member of this site for nearly 4 years now, pretty much since the inception). Administrators were the original co-creators of the website. Super Administrator aka Graeme, is the person who came up with the idea and created it with the help of the admins, and is responsible f
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