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  1. FIRST is an international organization aimed at making STEM loud around the world and in the U.S. Students in K-12 compete in different levels of robotic competitions ranging from Jr. FLL for 6-9 year olds to FRC for 14-18 year olds. You can learn more at usfirst.org. Veregudmen: Congratulations! I wonder if we met at St. Louis this past week...were you on the Indian FLL team that came to Champs? I was actually wondering if your FLL team was big on reaching out to the community because our team is looking for more ways to expand our outreach internationally and we'd love to partner with you!
  2. Does anyone else do FIRST Robotics? I'm on Sparky 384, an FRC team.
  3. Thanks Guys!! So far I have 85 responses, I'll post my completed paper on here sometime in February if you'd like to read it. I'm hoping to reach 200, so fingers crossed!!
  4. Please take the following survey on Birth Order and Personality. It's for my Science IA, as well as Science Fairs this year. Thank You!! tinyurl.com/BirthOrderTraits Thanks!!
  5. Well, at this point, I'm focusing on biochemical pathways and how one lipid becomes another through dephosphorylazation, to affect a certain organelle, but my background's focus will be on how the lipid reacts and works in the chemical process. How should I change my focus to more chemistry? Do we do biochemical pathways in HL Chemistry?
  6. You could do the % of impurities in school water vs. a river nearby, and look at the wildlife from a biology perspective, and talk about lead poisoning etc. physics by examining the movement of the water, and likelihood of the lead being carried along in the river and deposited and how the lead might enter the school system while the water is traveling to it. I think Capt'n Marth covered Chemistry.
  7. I'm doing my project on lipid signalling but I have 2 topics 1) A549 (lung cancer) cells and how the production of lipids in pathways is affected by different drug treatments 2) the lipid profile of various fish oil supplements What subject would these projects be in? I need to submit my topic and subject area in september, and these are two projects I am doing in a research institution. Thanks!!
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