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  1. It does depend on where you want to end up. In the US, there are certain (some would say more prestigious universities) schools that would like to see you challenge yourself with harder courses like Chem HL, but in the end, medical schools will only look at your unergraduate courses to see if you're qualified. Even if you take Chem HL or Bio HL in high school, get credit in college, and apply to med school, medical schools still won't take these scores. You're gonna end up taking them over in undergrad anyway. But if you're concerned about two sciences and an art, I'd say yes. My school didn't
  2. Better to be safe than sorry! Is there any way you can get in contact with the teacher that moved?
  3. I certainly hope not! This kid's got his priorities mixed up
  4. Um, no? Plagarism and what are you even reading? Joke, right?
  5. At a US University, pre-professional programs, such as pre-med, don't really care at all what math you take. Really, the type of math you take may matter to a certain university as a whole (ex: Harvard versus a state college, private versus public most of the time). Does that make sense? In a university here, you'll be part of a program or major, and your academic advisor will help you get the actual maths and sciences that you need for an actual professional school, like med school. Honestly, it doesn't matter if you take Chem HL, Math HL, and Bio HL all at the same time. Med schools don't ca
  6. Study the syllabus! That's the most important thing to do in your two years of work. Just follow the guidelines the IB already lays down, and you'll be A-Okay. Obviously, do practice exams too. That's all you really need!
  7. A university in the states; as in the U.S.? If that's the case, normally acceptance isn't conditional, so you should be fine. I'd talk to your university.
  8. Definitely! I've taken practice tests for paper 1 and I've always scored lower. The Spanish teacher from my school and the other IB Spanish teacher from a nearby school both feel like paper 1 for SL students is still above our level; it's not exactly An accurate measure
  9. Same. The only topic I was comfortable answering was the customs and traditions. I felt like I droned on and on though! I had a fellow classmate do the technology one, with robots, and he started talking about how robots would take over the world and destroy our race 😂
  10. Chemistry- predicted an A! I kayaked out in my local bay for three weeks, took samples from a natural stream and a human made dead end canal. I then compared the two and tested for Nitrate and nitrite differences. It's local and I was passionate about it! If you put some Personal connection in your EE, it definitely helps.
  11. The schools listed above, however, only accept HL credit at 5 or above! State schools accept almost any subject at any level if you get 4 ish or better.
  12. I was accepted into Engineering at the University of Southern California in (well duh) California. I also got into Georgia Tech, and Tulane University. I was wait listed at Chicago and St. Louis. My stats? 31 ACT. 3.9 unweighted GPA and 4.4 weighted. Killer extracurriculars though and 2 jobs. U.S. Unis care a lot about everything other than grades! None of my acceptance letters listed that I had to actually get the diploma.
  13. So is the issue getting access to the materials you need? I would talk to your teachers, or maybe you could turn your stuff in the day before you leave. It might be extra work, but that would be needed to pull up your grades and compensate for the lack of materials! Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines! That's what IB is all about!
  14. My school introduced the EE before I was even in the program (10th grade) and had us work on it that summer. I had absolutely no clue what I was doing. Frankly, I had no clue what I was doing for a while. It was only around the end of my junior year that I started getting things together. That said, I didn't even work on it until the very beginning of my senior year, with my school's deadline being in Ovotber! It was stressful, but I made it through a Chem EE (water quality in a nearby bay). I didn't work on it for two years like the teachers stresses and I'm still predicted an A. I wouldn't w
  15. Prose piece by Hazzard! There was so much to talk about, and I found that the poem would have been lacking for me. Out of my class, I'm the only one who did the prose. Very interesting!
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