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  1. Depends on the science, for bio you can look at the reasons why things decompose and the importance of this in relation to the environment. For chemistry you can pick a decomposition reaction and figure out an experiment to do with that (rate or something similar). Not too sure about physics though...
  2. St Margaret's College, Christchurch, New Zealand, Nov 2013
  3. I have never tried it but I have heard http://www.khanacademy.org/ is good.
  4. Hi, my TOK presentation is :'Is it morally justifiable to deny religious practice?' I am doing this and focusing on burqa ban. I am currently having trouble finding specific examples of when women wearing a burqa have n prejudiced against in a major way. Can anyone please help me? Thanks
  5. Medical problems that are treated with diets? E.g IBS is treated with low FODMAP diet instead of laxatives and anti-diarrhea medicine. Medicinal properties of dark chocolate? Either that or the natural remedies. Could look at chemical similarities between the natural remedy and the prescribed chemical remedy. That would be chemistry though.
  6. Banned for starting geography assignment late at night.
  7. Our theme is pizza. I do all three sciences, one group member does physics and chemistry and the other just does chemistry. We are doing things like cheese squishing, pizza dough centrifuge and bacterial cultures of different hams.
  8. Lots of little social activities such as rock climbing and ice skating. These don't require a weekly commitment and are usually very fun so maybe even if you don't like sport you'll like these
  9. 1) Paris 2) Spanish ab initio [although I am learning japanese and russian for CAS] 3) English 4) PM me if interested
  10. A: I don't know. Maybe a child that was murdered and the parents were going crazy about it. Q: Favourite social networking site?
  11. Hi, Just wondering if anyone knows about markers preference to case studies and experiments in science EEs? I am doing mine in biology and I came up with the idea of 'The effect of polyphasic and biphasic sleeping patterns on concentration'. When I presented this to my supervisor I was told that this is a good idea, but would only be limited to a case study due to time limitations [and other limitations] of trials. Other people in my year believe that case studies will score a B grade and less but never an A grade. Is this true?
  12. Nope, my hair is brown. NP has already completed IB
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