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  1. I got full marks in my EE It was for English Literature A1.
  2. TZ2 options A and C. What did people think of the last question on the option c graph, about how to use uv lighting in the food industry.....
  3. 500 I would have had more if my coordinator didn't enforce the 20 hour max rule....but still I'm happy.
  4. Yeah I did it as well.... my worst nightmare was that I was going to walk into the exams and find a haiku or something like that. I was happy with the paper
  5. My class had the same reaction. Our problem was that despite for doing parts of the topics, for instance the WW1, we had not studied the American intervention in the WW1, which made it difficult for us to really answer them. We had studied 6 or 7 topics which is on the P3, and almost all of them were twisted in a way that we could not answer them properly without having done quite a lot of self-studying beforehand. It was the same for our class as well. We found the Alexander question good but then we had no direct knowledge about any of the others. I ended up answering the alliance systems q
  6. Thanks anyway, but they aren't in my syllabus.
  7. Hi everyone. For my Math IA I need at least 60 IB students to complete a survey, because it's based off grades and hours that change over time please only complete it if you are on your summer break now about to start your second year of IB. Basically my IA question is: How do the number of CAS hours obtained by a Year 12 IB Diploma student reflect in their IB Predicted Grades from May 2012? I've attached the survey but I'll also add a typed up version. If you could just put your answers in the comments/ message me I'd be extremely grateful. Thanks Predicted Grades for each subject with SL/
  8. So I know loads of people struggle getting the 150 hours - maybe a I go to a strong CAS school but a lot of people in my year have 200+ hours. I myself have 500+ hours. How many CAS hours do you all have?
  9. This links to IB Guides. It has every topic by syllabus points with diagrams and everything. A fantastic resource! http://www.ibguides.com/biology/notes/working-with-data?PHPSESSID=e9b45f8cac40939e7ba857b1d9a5561f
  10. I feel that both may be a bit narrow as there is little you can answer for each. From my experience I would use the first question but change it to: Based on the French Neoclassical standards of decorum, how should the character of Tartuffe in Moliere’s Tartuffe behave and how should the actor of Tartuffe prepare to play this role? I am predicted a Level 7 for my research investigation and my title is worded very similarly. If you need any other help just ask
  11. Hi everyone I was wondering if anyone knew of good history notes outside of IB survival because I and probably a lot of you aren't VIP members. I would be looking for a good set of: Spanish Civil War notes World War One and World War Two notes and any others pertaining to Route Two I can offer Imperial Russia Notes, Russian Revolution Notes and Communism in Crisis (Russia) notes via email to anyone who would like them.
  12. Hi Julie! For some reason I couldn't quote in the reply. I've done a lot of the same topics as you however my teacher isn't that good at giving us notes/ information. You you be willing to email me any notes - namely Spanish civil war? I have a good set of Imperial Russia and Russian Revolution notes as well as some half decent Communism in Crisis ones. If anyone else needs these notes I would be happy to send them to them as well!
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