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  1. All of this sounds useful, thank you guys so much!!
  2. Can you give me an example or two of the stories, and what you put on the flashcards? Both sound like they could help me.
  3. It's that I can't remember facts very well. I'll get the general idea of pretty much everything, but when it comes to details I'm lost. Dates I'm less concerned about because my teacher doesn't really care about them (and I've heard IB doesn't either?), but just like... what happened during time periods and events, what people/groups did, and how people/groups interacted. Flashcards work well for me with my other classes, but I have no clue how to make history flashcards that cover what I actually need to know and not just the bare minimum.
  4. I did before I posted this topic, and the essence of what I got from them is take notes and read them which is something I'm already doing (although, as I mentioned above, I'm going to try to start taking better notes).
  5. I've tried reading through my notes, but it's not very helpful most of the time (although I'm going to try to start taking better notes). Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Thank you for the link! And, where are the links on the website?
  7. So, I missed the day when my class talked about this time period, and I'm trying to read my friend's notes right now but they don't make much sense. I have an exam on Monday, so any help would be appreciated... just general notes/information about what happened during that time period (especially politically). Thank you!!! EDIT: I found the topics I need to know about! Agrarian Reform Communes 5 year plan 100 flowers movement Great Leap Forward
  8. If curiosity kills the cat, we'd better - we'd better teach the cat to fight back
  9. What's the difference between language and literature, and just literature? Are there more possibilities? Based off of your descriptions of the assessments I think I might be in literature, but I'm not sure.
  10. 1. Skylar 2. German 3. English Please note that I may not be able to write much, but I would love to do this so if there's another German student who isn't going to be writing twice a week or more, we may be a good match :-)
  11. What are the specific assessments? I just started IB 2 days ago, and I'm a little confused.
  12. Ah, got it. Thank you!
  13. At my school, I'm going to be taking an IB class called History of the Americas. However, I can't find a class like this listed on the IB website... does anyone know what's going on?
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