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  1. My classmate sent me this for tomorrows exam and I found it to be most helpful, so I wanted to share it with you guys A good way is to discuss the following for both prose and poetry: · The five W’s – What? Who? When? Where? Why? · Ambiguities · Diction · Imagery · Tone · Mood · Structure · Pattern · Voice · Syntax Prose-specific: · Plot · Narrative point of view · Characterization · Chronology (Use of time) · Setting · Paragraphing Poetry-specific: · Layout · Stanzas · Metre · Sound Organization of Time: 30 minutes – Read the passage, over and over again until you feel confident about the pa
  2. So far I have gotten a predicted grade on my EE and it was an A. I wrote mine in History on the Olmec Civilization Apparantly the lowest predicted grade in my school was C (Small school in Iceland, there are 13 IB2 students so... ) and I also got predicted grade B for my TOK essay :')
  3. I personally have been diagnosed with depression, panic disorder, social phobia and ED-NOS (eating disorder). I am not really past all these problems but I do know how to deal with them. At the moment depression and social phobia is something that does not bother me much, as I have kid of gotten past that. These days I deal with my eating disorder which goes up and down, some days better than others, it's ridiculously difficult to get these sort of things back on track and I have many physical problems caused by the long term effects of it, however my panic disorder is getting increasingly wo
  4. Paper 1 - Be prepared to answer some questions on unseen prose and poetry - be ready to comment on literary features in detail Paper 2 - pick 2 of the works studied in part 3 and re-read/re-study in detail and make detailed notes and practice on old exam questions before hand. I am also taking my English A1 final next week (only HL) but I am not so stressed because there isn't so much material to study for it so if you know your works well a 6 should not be so hard to score. Good luck!
  5. I really love Black Metal, but I also listen allot to drone, doom metal and stoner/doom/sludge. My favorite bands at the moment are Deathspell Omega, Peste Noire, Amesoeurs, Absurd, Moss, Thergothon, Black Sheep Wall, Plastic Gods etc
  6. I absolutely love reading, which is good, since I am aiming at a doctor degree in literature. I really love classic literature. I must say that my absolute favorite at the moment are: The Metamorphosis - Franz Kafka The Master and Margarita - Makhail Bulgakov The Five People You Meet in Heaven - Mitch Albom Hamlet - Shakespeare Phantom of the Opera - Leroux Various short stories by Edgar Alan Poe + a billion more. I am currently collecting books for my own personal library consisting of rare, beautiful or classic books.
  7. I think it is terrible. I cannot for the life of me understand why in the world people like this trash! Perhaps, I have a "snob" taste of literature but I think Twilight is terrible. In my opinion, it is badly written, shows little talent for writing, the vampire concept is completely ignored which is understandable since the book is written by a mormon which has no prior knowledge of vampires. I didn't manage to read the full book, but what I read, was terrible enough. If you guys want REAL vampire litterature, I urge you to check out Anne Rice.
  8. Well, in my school the IBers are sort of split in 2 groups. Since my school is the only school that offers the IB program or any sort of education in english, the IB students are split in 2. There are the ones that seek the IB because they have book smarts, the ones who have lived abroad and are more familiar with learning in enlish, the ones that, intelligent people that are dedicated to their education and truly wish to succeed and dream of universities abroad. Then there is the second group, this group contains those who have recently moved to Iceland or may have stayed a long time and ha
  9. I'm good at french for an Icelander that is, not like in britain when you start studiying french in elementary school though... I really think if I retake the B exam I might get a 5 max but if I could take ab initio I'd get 6 maybe 7 Need a higher score than 4 at least because I need a minimum of 35 on my diploma
  10. I took the anticipated exams 2009 in french B SL and got a 4. I am not happy with that grade, because I'm quite good at french so I was wondering two things, would I be allowed to retake it along with my other exams 2010? Is it possible for me to take the ab initio instead of B when I've already taken the anticipated as B? Need serious help with this ASAP! Thanks, Teresa
  11. How can I find a relevant knowledge issue? I've given it allot of thought and nothing I come up with is relevant enough... And the full length draft is due on tuesday and I'm totally lost... Any suggestions or step-by-step instructions how to formulate a knowledge issue?
  12. Mine is Paradoxes through subversive actions in Allende´s house of spirits and Puig’s Kiss of the Spiderwoman. Funny thing is I'm actually fixing it up right now and finishing it :/ Handing it in in September...
  13. Iceland is a part of Scandinavia as well but then again there is only one IB school there
  14. Menntaskólinn við Hamrahríð, Iceland, June 2010
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