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  1. Oh I see! Thank you and congratulations on your amazing score!! Btw, do you know if the component results come out on Monday along with the grade boundaries or later?
  2. Hey, congratulations to all I have a question, do we select the paper or internal we want remarked or do they remark everything on the subject we choose? For example, can we choose to have one of the three psychology papers remarked or do they remark all papers and the internals?
  3. I think they mark the first two... They is no way they will mark it all and choose your best ones.
  4. Psychology HL is definitely a very demanding subject as the material is enormous and you will have to memorize a lot!!! If you are good in memorizing you should do it but I found that two sciences HL and psych HL was tough... If you are good at languages choose a language HL, especially if you have something like english B!
  5. It's unfortunate that they put the graph for Ea on section A while they usually put it on section B...
  6. A classmate of mine put 0.7mm too but I have no idea So it's probably that! What was the answer to the t-test, it was so hard! The answer was that the mean difference was not significant or something like that! I know, it was so easy yet so hard I completely forgot to study t-test stuff...didn't think it was gonna be on the exam! I got that one wrong Yeah I had sort-of ignored the t-test... I knew there would be one question on it so i only knew the basics. I guessed that the mean difference is not significant but it was a wild guess!!!
  7. I personally found paper one to be very hard. I mean, some questions were easy, some were okay, some were tricky, and some were very very hard!! I usually do very well in paper 1 so that was kind of off-putting! Paper was not too bad, I mean the analysis questions are always tricky but this time they were okay! The rest of section A was easy and I think section B was also easy! I did questions 8 and 9 with thermochemistry, organic, rates and equilibrium
  8. A classmate of mine put 0.7mm too but I have no idea So it's probably that! What was the answer to the t-test, it was so hard!
  9. You also did evolution? Because i think the cladograms as a six marker was way too much so that was a twist!
  10. Greetings and salutations to everyone! Your impressions on Biology HL paper 3, time zone 1? I did the evolution option which I found to be a bit hard and the further human physiology which was quite easy
  11. I would have loved to answer about light-independent reaction but I had no idea about anything else on plants so I couldn't draw a leaf or talk about seed germination. And I think the last question (8) was physiology and I did that one. It was drawing a mitochondria, the adaptations of alveoli to make oxygen absorption efficient, and explaining the mechanism for ventilation. I'm from the U.S. but I don't know if we get TZ1 or TZ2, which one? Sorry for the delay! US is TZ1
  12. That's a relief!! The first ones were also with the diagrams, and the t-test... I know there was so much to ask us about and yet they spent time asking us about the structure of a snail Anyway, the pain of two years is almost done!
  13. Pretty much same here! Paper 1 wasn't that hard although there were a few tricky ones! Section A paper 2 was not to difficult, and section B was a dream! I mean, plants and photosynthesis is something you always expect, as well as genetics. I did questions 5 and 6 from section B but I was surprised as well to see that there was no biochemistry, proteins, and so little physiology! Remember the question from paper 1 with the yellow flowers and the species? What did you answer there? I answered that that they both are angiosperms because of the flowering..
  14. Paper 1 had some tricky ones like the one with the angiosperms but overall it was okay I suppose... Paper 2 was easy I think, although the section B was quite a surprise!! Almost no physiology? Strange! Anyway, I picked the one with plants (leaves, seeds, light-independent reaction) and the one with genetics (engineering and hemophilia) and blood clotting.
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