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  1. Hey hi!! hahaha. Idk if people got the scale factor wrong bc they were careless, but I didn't find the phrasing that good?? Or maybe it's just me though.
  2. Yup agreed that p2 was demanding... Couldn't even prove the f inverse for the last question. And couldn't do the integration in section A too.
  3. I got the scale factor wrong too, put 2. )-: But the rest of paper 1 was quite okay. Paper 2 was quite bad for me, couldn't do the integration, and prove f inverse for the last question.
  4. Hi, I want both actually! (: If you have only one, it's okay. Oh sorry! Is what I've given you not correct? (I don't do Bio just looked it up) Hello, I'm actually looking for the mark schemes, not the grade boundaries. Kanata zero is sending me already (:
  5. Hi, I want both actually! (: If you have only one, it's okay.
  6. Hi!! Does anyone have the soft copy of M13 BIO SL mark scheme? for all 3 papers. Would really appreciate it if you could send it to me (: I cannot find it online. *Sorry if this is in the wrong section
  7. Overvalued just means that the yen is set at a value higher relative to its equilibrium free market value. I don't really remember already too! Hmm... actually we sort of have the same points, right? JUst that it might be phrased differently. (Advantages of having a high exchange rate = disadvantages of depreciating the currency!!) It really depends on the question, if the question was phrased 'consequences of having an overvalued currency' and 'consequences to depreciating the overvalued currency', the answers would be phrased differently... I honestly can't remember already. For May 2013
  8. Anyone here SL Lit? Can someone please explain to me why would an illegal immigrant even try to pass through an immigration... (prose)
  9. For the japanese yen devaluation/depreciation of overvalued currency (is it?) - for part d), i just picked out what the said benefits would be (i.e exporters like the mentioned ones would increase exports blah), and what other countries said about it (e.g depreciation war thing?)- forming my discussion for advantages and disadvantages. Conclusion was that they shouldn't depreciate. I added about business confidence as advantages but i wasn't sure if i discussed it correctly. For MNCs, is it about FDI? I wrote benefits like tax revenues, increase in employment of LDCS... and disadvantages li
  10. Giffen goods are a specific type of inferior good with few close substitutes and the expenditure on the good takes up a large proportion of consumers’ income, i.e basic staple food which takes up a significant proportion of the poor's income. So when there's increase in price, the poor will face a fall in real income and they'll purchase more of inferior goods like rice. So the demand curve of a Giffen good is upward sloping.
  11. Paper 1 - questions were very BROAD (i.e discuss why govt may impose indirect tax) and very odd as there were no questions about theory of firm -- totally got trolled. Paper 2 - I found this the trickiest out of all 3 papers. Especially definition of business confidence - I don't recall ever learning how to "define" that. And also, I talked about business confidence in part (d), wasn't exactly sure if the analysis was right. Paper 3 - IT WAS TOO EASY. Especially the calculations. Basic math. But i'm afraid the grade boundaries for a 7 would be really high.
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