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  1. For Economics Extended Essay , it's very important to use data before starting you need to make sure that you have data that would help you talk about this. Also our teacher tells us that we must come up with a theory of our own.
  2. Value Added Taxes are indirect taxes added to products on the price of purchase affecting consumers especially the poor but it doesn't affect the producers and so they won't vary their supply greatly to such an action and so not having an impact on economic growth. (This is on the short run)
  3. Also look at their offers , Make surveys , ask people why they chose the center they chose, See the history and the length of time each center has been operating for .
  4. When I was in IGCSE we would write in pen and draw diagrams in pencil, I think it would be the same thing
  5. Thanks for this- it actually seems pretty decent Every letter is capital again A post before the lovely warning I Got :')
  6. Why Do You Persist In Capitalising Every Beginning Letter in Every Word In The Entire Post? It's Extremely Distracting And Now That I'm Writing Like This To Prove A Point, It's Also Extremely Annoying And Difficult To Keep Up And Slows You Down Considerably When Typing. Also, Why The Large Font? Just Why? You Do Realise That None Of What You Say Has Any Emphasis Whatsoever Because Everything Appears Emphasised For No Good Reason. Just Voicing My Thoughts And General Curiosity. I've been writing like that for too long that it's automatic, it takes longer not to press shift
  7. I Checked The Sample Chapter And It Actually Looks Good. Have A Look At It http://store.ibo.org/download/50305IBMathsHL05.pdf
  8. Well You Will Have To Give More Importance To The IB But That Doesn't Mean You Can't Watch Cricket. You'll Be Able To Watch It But Not Every Single Match Only Watch When It's Very Important Or When You Have Nothing. You Just Can't Not Have Fun , You'll Never Do Good If You Don't The Trick Is About Balancing Your Time
  9. Liliii



    This Is A List Of French Vocabulary That I Found. Hope It Helps You
  10. All I Could Find Is This :/ Hope It Helps IB French B course guide.pdf
  11. Take Everything Slowly . If You Keep On Stressing Yourself You WON'T Do Good. Don't Make Getting Into IB Your Main Aim Because If You Noticed You Were Doing Better In 9th Grade When It Wasn't On Your Mind. Just Don't Think About IB For Now
  12. I Would Advice To Get This Study Guide It's Amazing
  13. In Our School We Use Only The Oxford Course Companion The One That Has A Picture Of Dyes On The Cover And It's So Helpful. It Also Comes With A CD That Has Summaries On Each Chapter
  14. I Am In IB 1 Taking Math Hl , What's Happening To You Is Pretty Normal. In Our Class Only 3 Out Of 15 Passed The First Test. Just Keep On Practicing And You Will Get Better.
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